Winter Weight

Today on the Runners Lounge the topic is Running and Weight, how to maintain, weight loss tips, etc.

Well, I have lost weight by running, not a lot, but I never needed to lose a lot of weight.  I do have a tendency to put on some winter weight, some insulation if you will, it’s difficult for me to do a lot of running in the winter, because I hate winter, I hate the cold, I’d rather find some comfort food, or hot chocolate and a blanket and curl up on the couch.

How can I keep those winter pounds from piling on, SOUP, low-sodium, or homemade, turkey chili, chicken noodle, vegetable, anything really, I do stay away from cream based soups, too fattening, it’s a staple for me in the winter.  Also, a spring Marathon, since I’ll have to train through the winter, if I have a schedule I’ll stick to it, if I don’t have a goal I’m more likely to find excuses not to run.

I lose about 100 calories per mile I run, the way I figure it, I run 5-6 miles a day and a semi-long run on the weekend, I still can’t eat anything I want, people think I can, but I can’t.  I can throw in some chocolate every once in a while, or go out and eat an order of french fries, it just doesn’t happen very often.  I’d love to be able to buy a bag of Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies and eat them all in one sitting, not happening.

Breakfast – I eat a bowl of oatmeal or a Fiber One bar, I have pretzels for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch – most of the time it’s a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, low-fat swiss, mustard, Baked Lays and 60 calorie pudding cup.  I always need an afternoon snack, usually 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich or fruit, depends on what I have on hand.

Dinner – I have been on a fish kick, throw a piece of fish on the George foreman and frozen veggies in the microwave plus a salad.  Takes all of 5 minutes!  If I don’t have fish available I’ll do chicken with veggies, lately no salad, cause the quality has been horrible.  Sometimes for dinner or lunch I’ll substitute a Lean Cuisine Pannini and then winter comes and I introduce soup back into the mix.

Not a huge variety, but it’s what keeps my weight about the same year round, it also keeps my stomach under control, I’ve been known to have bouts of uh ohs and those are absolutely no fun while running.

Oh, and for sweets – Skinny Cows – every night after dinner.  Oh, and cookies after a race, I wish every race would have cookies for a post race snack, I don’t know what it is after a race or long run that makes a cookie so yummy, I don’t want pizza, I want cookies!

After I read this over the second/third time, I realize I’m not getting near enough fruits and veggies, so I’m going to add some sort of fruit at lunch.


5 Responses

  1. Sounds good to me!

  2. Hi Girlie,
    Sounds like you have a great plan!

    Yes, I am still on the diet, although I hate that word. Basically what I have done is changed the ratio of carbs in my diet so I eat more carbs. I have always been a VERY healthy eater, chowing down on veggies and whole grains. The only difference with this diet is I cut back on protein and oils, and eat more carbs. My energy through the day is sky high!

  3. Sounds similar to my wintertime soup cravings…..I love soup…Right now I’m obsessed with finding a good pumpkin soup recipe I can make…

  4. I love Skinny Cows!

  5. During the summer I am a fruit fanatic, its just something about winter that makes me crave fatty comfort foods.

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