Friday – Finally

Finally Friday and the Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow, am I ready?  Not so much.  Too late now, I’ll drag my booty to the start and give it my best shot, hopefully the stars will be aligned, the wind will be calm and no one will trip me!

This mornings run was chilly, 46 degrees, and windy, I was anxious to begin running just so I could get warmed up.  Kim couldn’t run with me this morning, her and hubby Ben were heading to Lead Hill to pick up a truck or something like that.  It was a lonely dark run without her!

I was feeling pretty good this morning, except for my face freezing, I think I dressed just right for once, only one slight problem, my running pants kept slipping down, I bought them last year, I’ve lost a couple of pounds since then,  they were very bothersome, I also had on a tank, long sleeve tech top, gloves, headband.  I never took off any of it, didn’t even push my sleeves up.  This was a good test for tomorrow, except I won’t be wearing these Nike pants 😦 .

Twice during my run I almost sprained my ankle, left and right, once on a crack in the pavement, just too dark, and then pulling my pants up and trying to run and just rolled my “bad” right ankle, that scared me, it rolled right under, and I thought, OH NO, I’ve done it now!!  I just kept running for about a 1/10 of a mile, no pain, I did stop to see if there was any swelling, nope, YIPPEE!!  I had not done any damage.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking, is my subconscious trying to sabotage me so I don’t have to run that 1/2 marathon tomorrow?  could be.

I just couldn’t wait to get home, I pushed it just a little, I was only running 5 miles, but couldn’t wait to get out of the cold, yes I know 46 is not that cold, but to me it was cold, I was thinking, I can’t wait for summer!  Shorts and a tank, that’s all you need in the summer, none of this headband, gloves, layers of clothing, pants falling down, and it only gets worse as winter rolls in, oh yeah, it’s not even winter yet.

Today’s run – 5 miles – 48:43 – avg pace – 9:45, pretty respectable, if I can do that for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow, I’ll be happy.  Right now I’m hoping for 10:00 mile average, that will give me between a 2:11 and 2:15 finish time, depending on how accurate the course is, meaning is it actually 13.1 miles or 13.4 miles? Anyway, that’s my goal, around 2:15.  Wish me luck!  We’ll have a good time regardless, new girl Tammy is running her first half and she is all pumped up, or she will be after the ride over with me and Kim!!  Race report tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. That would be a respectable time…I hope we can both do it….I also almost hurt myself this week or had some wierd pains come on and thought “Oh no”….I think I was jinxing myself worrying about it so much…Anyhoo, call you sometime this evening, my phone went dead and is charging…

  2. I have Nike pants and they don’t stay up either. I end up having to stop and adjust until I get sweaty enough to stay put. God….

    Anyway… good luck with the run.

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