Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon Race Report

We did it, we finished our half marathon!  Lots of folks PR’d, including me, Kim and Brenda.  It was a good course for the most part and well organized.  Tammy our newest member in our running family completed her first 1/2 marathon and we are super proud!  She hung in there even though the most she has run is 10 miles.  Here is a great picture of Tammy and Kim before the race – Tammy on the left, Kim on the right.

Tammy and Kim - Before the Race

Tammy and Kim - Before the Race

Kim finished in 1:53:XX, me 2:04:57 and Tammy 2:04:58, yep she hung in there every step of the way, i thought she was going to give it up and start walking when we were about 1 mile away, but I reminded her she would get a medal and she kept going 🙂

We picked up Tammy at Target at 6:15 am and headed to Conway, it was very chilly outside, I never checked the temp before I left, guessing low 40’s.  It was a guessing game as to what to wear, but I ended up with capri running pants, tank, tech top, gloves and headband, it was fine.  We arrived in Conway around 7:00 and started looking for parking, we ended up at a church and then walking several blocks to the McGee Center, picked up our packets and timing chip when we found out how to get in the back way to the McGee Center, the front entrance was blocked.  We walked those chilly blocks back to Kim’s car, and then parked much closer to the Start/Finish Line, put on our bibs/chips, took some pictures, used the bathroom, talked to lots of Cabot girls – Andrea, Annette, Jane, Jackie, Michele, Lisa and Tala, I don’t know where Tala lives…

We headed back to Kim’s car to get our fuel belts when we heard the announcement to start heading to the Start line, oh boy, I didn’t want to take my jacket off, I was nice and warm.  We headed to the Start Line and got right up front, even though it was chip timing there was no start mat, so when the gun went off that was the start time.  We ran into Marda who also runs with the Little Rock Marathon Group, she is super fast and finished at 1:45, or 1:42.  She stood up front with us until the gun went off, and off went Kim and Marda, we never saw them again!

The course had a few hills, and some nice flat areas, you know how races are everyone takes off like crazy and then you start passing people.  Love it!  Tammy and I kept our pace, we were a tad bit fast in the beginning, but my goal was to be somewhere between 2:00 – 2:15, so I had it in my head that I could slow down if I needed to after the half way point, but we only slowed a bit, we were pretty consistent.

We both took some fuel around mile 5, Tammy had GU and I had some Honey Stinger Chews, I had half my bag and was good to go.  Once we got halfway I knew we could finish and we weren’t slowing much, the hills at around mile 7 were quite large, but it then leveled out in some ritzy neighborhood.  Since I had my fuel belt I never had to stop for water, I really prefer to take my own anyway, I can drink when I want and as I need it.  They had quite a bit of crowd support considering it was the Inaugural race, everyone very friendly, great traffic control too.

At mile 10 I could feel myself getting tired, going up the hills was really making my breathing difficult to get under control.  Normally I can get up the hill and then recover on the downhill, toward the end that was not happening, it was taking a lot longer for me to recovery, the downhills just weren’t enough, I couldn’t stop though.  I really could have used a bathroom stop around that time too, but I was afraid to stop, afraid I wouldn’t be able to get moving again, I had only semi-walked one time and I was trying to clip my gloves on my fuel belt, I wasted about 15 seconds early in the race.

Thank goodness for Tammy, we kept each other on pace, which really helped me, I know I might have taken a little walk break or two if she hadn’t been there.  I can’t believe she had such a good time for her first 1/2 marathon.  I hope she enjoyed it!

Once we were less than a mile out from the finish, Jane passed us, she was moving today!!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch her, and really, I didn’t want to.  She had a great finish time, I don’t know if it was a PR for her or not, as you are running toward the McGee Center you can hear the announcer and see the runners running to the finish, I could see both Jane and Tala, I think they both were about 2:02 or 2:03.  When we made that turn toward the finish we could see the clock, I said to Tammy “COME ON – WE CAN BEAT 2:05” and we did!!  Just barely, but we did!!

She seemed very happy, shoot I was very happy, my last 1/2 marathon was St. Jude’s in December of last year 2:28:55, so 24 minutes faster!!  I don’t know where it came from or how I got any faster, but apparently I did.  I now have my own record to break, I don’t know if that will happen this year when I run St. Jude’s again, right now I’m just enjoying today’s victory!

Here are our splits –

  1. 9:26
  2. 9:26
  3. 9:20
  4. 9:26
  5. 9:34
  6. 9:38
  7. 9:43
  8. 9:29
  9. 9:25
  10. 9:22
  11. 9:28
  12. 9:36
  13. 9:30
Me and Tammy - After the Race

Me and Tammy - After the Race

Tammy at the Finish Line

Tammy at the Finish Line

Me and Kim Pre-Race

Me and Kim Pre-Race


7 Responses

  1. Hey – that is AWESOME!!!! Congrats. You were so consistent. WOW! Maybe post-birth you can coach me to a PR! 🙂

  2. You said it all….I don’t even have to blog about it… I will, of course….I wore my new shirt today and even my medal…

  3. Great job on the new PR!! That’s a great time and a big PR, I knew you would do it.

  4. WOW! Fantastic!!!!

  5. Congrats. I’m in awe…

  6. Congratulations on the PR! That is wonderful!

  7. Fabulous time!!! Well done. I’m catching up on my reading. I’m so far behind.

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