It’s been a crazy few days, I’m glad it’s finally Saturday afternoon and I have time to relax, not really, but at least not have somewhere to go or something I have to do right away.  I can’t remember where I left off…

I don’t think I posted anything about me and Tammy’s rotten run  on Wednesday, Tammy arrived at my house a few minutes before 6am and we were ready to go for our pre-Thanksgiving day run, we just needed Kim.  We waited, and waited, we called, we texted, no Kim.  I was worried, we left a note in the house and headed out around 6:30am, it was probably a good thing Kim was with us, I was having a hard time doing anything, running, breathing, walking….  Tammy was having a rough time too, her foot, knee, shoes, cho-pat straps, we were quite the pair for the entire 5 miles.  We were both glad the run was over and were ready for coffee.  When we got back to my house Kim had left a message she had taken some Nyquil and had not woken up until 7am.  That’s super late for her and if she slept that late she needed it.  I was glad we heard from her, I was worried about her the entire run.

Thanksgiving Day – We decided to do our run at 7am, everyone was at my house and ready to go on time.  The weather was perfect for running we were ready to get our run in so we could get back, fire up the coffee pot and crack open the huge Thanksgiving Day paper and check out the sales ads, woohoo!!  Black Friday beware!

We ran our 5 mile loop because we were pretty anxious to get back to the house and I was again not at my best, breathing, running the whole thing is just off.  I started the coffee and started with the sales ads, we just passed them around, WOW, there were so many.  I ended up making a second pot of coffee, I think it was because of Kim’s super mug, but maybe not 🙂  Before long Tammy had to go home to help her Mom with Thanksgiving preparations and Kim was off as well.  I decided I needed to rake, AGAIN, so I spend a couple of hours in the front yard, what a fiasco with the leaves.  We can rake them to the street, but they haven’t picked them up in 3 weeks, you can imagine the piles, it’s getting pretty frustrating.  The yard looked great, it was nice out and I decided to clean out my vehicle, I know I haven’t touched it since I moved in this house, 4 months ago, it was pretty bad.

I talked to Kim to find out when she was coming back over, she was spending the night since we would be leaving the house pre-dawn on Friday, and I had a few items to prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner – Heart Health Sweet Potato Casserole, 5-Cup Fruit Salad minus the Sour Cream so i guess it was just a 4-cup Fruit Salad, and Peel-n-Eat’em Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce, no not traditional by any means, but it was great.  It was the first time I had tried the sweet potatoes, they were very simple and I will make them again.

I guess Kim came over around 3:30, i finished up dinner while she studied, we ate, then started planning for Friday, making our route, what stores would we go to, looking at the ads again.  Then Kim decided she wanted to go to Michael’s, you have to realize I am not crafty and neither is Kim, we were just chomping at the bit to go shopping and couldn’t even wait till Friday, so at some time after 6pm we headed to Michael’s, what a mad house!  Everyone dressed in there finest stretch pants, in lines that were way too long.  Kim and I did buy 1 thing each, woohoo.  It was back home to get ready for bed, we were in the middle of watching a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon and ended up in bed around 9:30 with the alarm set for 3:30am.

3:30am came pretty quickly, but I had programmed the coffeepot to start at about 3:20 so we could hear it and we were up and getting ready.  Tammy came over around 4:15, we were out the door at 4:30, off to Sports Authority for free gift cards for the first 100 people.  Kim and I both got $10 and Tammy $25.  So we all got socks 🙂  Then we were off to JCPenneys and a multitude of other stores, we came back to my house twice during the day to drop packages, by the time we got back it was about 3:30pm, it was a very long day, but we had a blast!  We had a lot of fun and got a lot of good bargains too.  It’s a tradition and I hope it continues for many years.

Today was a 12 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Group, the meet spot was the River Market, meeting there is a toss up as to where your route might be, could be up into the Heights, could be the River Trail, could be part of the Little Rock Marathon route, today, the Marathon route.   It was a pretty good run to me, I don’t know about the other girls, Tammy was having horrible foot pains and I know it was getting very frustrating for her, it didn’t bother me that we had to walk some, I’m  not in “training mode”, just along for the ride right now, and we still made good time for 12 miles, I thing we finished with about an 11 minute pace.

The weather temperature was okay today, but the wind was bad in spots which made it quite a bit cooler, but all in all, good.  I noticed for the first time today, I don’t fall apart at mile 10 anymore, I can remember lots and I mean LOTS of 12, 14, 16, 18 mile runs where around mile 10, downhill from there, I’m hoping I can just build on this 12 mile endurance and keep getting better.  Next weekend is the big St. Judes Children’s Hospital 1/2 Marathon in Memphis, not going to try and PR, just beat my time from last year, if we keep the pace we had today, it’ll be just fine.

Gosh, this was a long post, sorry for all the boring crap.  I have more, lots more, but I’ll keep it for later.


It’s going to be a doozy

I found out last night I’m going to be spending the next few weeks in Seattle, I don’t want to go, don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle, it’s a great city, but with the holidays coming up, running, stuff around here like my job of raking leaves, I don’ want to go, and besides it’s like 7 hours travel time for me. YUCK.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it, I’ll get to see my friend Allison who just moved there a couple of weeks ago, the guy I work with in Florida will be there so that will be fun to have some one to do stuff with, but running….Last time I was there, October 2007 I sprained my ankle really bad and had to take 5 weeks off from running, I was out on a loop that the hotel had recommended and had to call for someone to pick me up, I can remember every detail of that horrible day.  The remainder of the year will be a doozy!

Sunday Kim came by around 8am so we could do a recovery run after our 10K on Saturday, I could have just skipped the run altogether and tried to talk her out of it when she got here 🙂  We decided just to run a short feel better run, not our normal loop, it was like a heat wave compared to the 10K when it was 23 degrees, I think it was around 38.  We were both just in our get this over with mood, as we were running on Lakeview Drive Kim kept noticing all these dogs, we say this huge St. Bernard looking over a fence and then a cute black Lab doing the same, as we turned onto Lakeshore drive we should have known (stray dog alley) something was up, we were close to the Old Mill when Kim said “Awww look at that puppy”, he was sitting up in the yard of this house with a collar on, probably 2-3 months old and as soon as we said “hey puppy” it came screaming toward us, jumping, licking, growling, wagging its tail, running in circles, she reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil she was so fast we had a hard time catching her to even look at her collar.  Kim took her gloves off and the puppy grabbed one and took off, it was hilarious, she took off up the hill to the house where she had been sitting then came back put the glove down and grabbed the other one and did the same thing, then she would run circles in the leaves, she was the happiest most spastic puppy I have ever seen.  Her collar was too tight so Kim took it off and then she tried to put it back on, but it was too loose and she got the collar in her mouth and ran around like crazy with the collar stuck over her head and mouth, Kim had a hard time catching her to take it off, it was crazy!!  The puppy was the cutest thing and we didn’t know what to do with it, so we decided to go up to the house where it had been sitting and ask if they knew who it belonged to, it was obviously someone’s pet.  We gingerly walked up the steps, it was Sunday morning before 9am after all, Kim rang the doorbell and after a few seconds a lady in barely any clothes answered the door and immediately said “oh she got loose”, Kim was trying to explain what we were doing, but we just put the puppy in the house and left.  THANK GOD it was their puppy, I don’t know what we would have done if we couldn’t have found it’s owners, taken it to my house I guess…

When we were finishing up our run it started sprinkling on us, oh no, we are not running in the winter rain, this gave us a little motivation to move our butts and get home.  We got to my house, brewed some coffee, retrieved the Sunday paper, Tammy came by and we enjoyed the morning.

Yesterday was SUPPOSED to be a 7 mile run with Tammy and Kim, first call I received was from Tammy, she had some arch pain from Saturday and it was really still to tender to run on and she told me Kim had texted her and said she was not feeling well and was going back to bed, Hmmm, sounds like I’ll be a solo runner, not really what I’d planned for Monday, but that’s okay, I’m a big girl.  I checked the weather and I was shocked, 60 degrees, HOLY COW, there was no way I was not running today, but there was something else too, spotty rain showers and I had a dentist appointment at 9am so I had to get back in time to get ready.

First round, I had on a long sleeve tech shirt, capris, headband, gloves and headed out the door, uh oh, sprinkling rain already, grabbed a hat and took off the headband, it was barely raining so I went anyway.  I was close to the bathrooms and the bottom fell out, it was crazy, I was running as hard as I could to get up to the shelter, I did not want to be soaking wet, I got pretty wet, but not soaking and I really had to go to the bathroom so it all worked out.  I had to wait a few minutes for the rain to let up, talked to the maintenance guys while I waited and then headed back out.  I decided not to do the 5 mile loop because of the rain, I didn’t want to be out there in the middle of a downpour and would do the lake 1 mile loop a few times instead.  Well, when I got on the backside of the lake I was not feeling well, my stomach was acting up, so instead of running back over to the bathrooms at the lake I ran home since I was close to the alley and it was probably closer anyway.

When I got home I used the bathroom and I also changed into a t-shirt, shed the gloves and grabbed my rain jacket and headed BACK to the lake, it was already 7am, I had to hurry.  Back to the lake a couple of loops and back home, I ended up with 4.25 miles at a 10:05 pace, the weather was rainy, but the temperature was perfect, I miss the warm weather.  This morning, damned cold again, so I’m glad I got that run in yesterday.

Dentist visit, no cavities, but I had chipped a back tooth a couple of months ago and they say I need to get a crown, yea, yea, whatever, $400.00 with my insurance, let’s see, Christmas or a Crown?  Then I stopped at the Health department for a flu shot, and off to the Breast Center for a Mammogram where she really smashed my boobs, I mean  seriously, it was the worse one I’ve ever had, I think I’ll check for bruises today.

It’s going to be a fun week!!  only today and tomorrow with work and then Thanksgiving me, Kim and Tammy are going for a run, or at least I think Tammy is going.  At some point during the afternoon I have a recipe I’m going to try for some sort of sweet potato casserole, I’m also making a fruit salad and peel’em and eat’em shrimp with cocktail sauce, that will be mine and Kim’s Thanksgiving dinner, yummy.  We are then going to plan our attack for Friday morning, yippee, it will be so much fun, we had a blast last year, I think it will be just as much fun this year.  I’m sure it will be an early night on Thanksgiving, Kim is spending the night since I’m sure we will be out of the house by 4am on Friday, crazy huh?  Yes, but if you plan correctly and don’t get all stressed out it works out and is fun and you get great bargains too.

Freezing Cold Spa 10K Race

This was the coldest day of the year, 23 degrees, and what did we do?  We ran a 10K in beautiful, historic, Hot Spring, AR.  It was very cold, very cold.  Kim picked me and Tammy up at my house around 6am and we headed to the Spa City, it was a quick trip, about 1 hour, but non-stop talking as usual.

We parked as close as we could to the convention center, normally it wouldn’t matter, but as I said, it was cold.  On the way to Hot Springs it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day, but the closer we got to the city, the cloudier it got, I thought it might snow, just kidding, well not really.  The sun never gave us the pleasure of enjoying the warmth of it’s rays, damn it.  We picked up our packets and we got super duper long sleeve t-shirts, New Balance back packs and some sort of nylon running vest, pretty good schwag for a 10K.  Tammy and Kim both registered for Medium, should have gotten Small, I of course registered for Small, they tried to trade, but couldn’t, when in question, get a smaller size, they usually always give out Men’s sizes.

We saw lots of people from the Cabot Cruisers running groups, including Annette, Brenda, Lisa, Bailey, just a whole big gang of them, they were there in full force.  We stood in the convention center until about 10 minutes till race time, we ran down to the start line to warm up and looped around, COLD I tell you, COLD.  We were all huddled up waiting for the start, my goal, under 1 hour, I knew I needed to keep a 9:39 pace to make that goal, but I also knew about the stupid mountain, so I wanted to go out around 9:20 until the mountain because I knew it would slow me down and it did.

First mile marker was 9:24, that’s what they called out, Second mile marker 19:10, then the mountain came around mile 2.5, UGH!  I ran about halfway up and then my heart felt like it was going to explode, oh, forgot to mention Kim and Tammy WERE behind me, I could hear them talking at certain points, but up the mountain when I was having my heart attack and walked for a few seconds, they passed me.  I had kept my pace where I needed it, but with the little walk break I was at 9:45.  Once I got my heart under control I started shuffling back up the mountain, finally caught back up to Tammy and Kim and the mountain leveled off, but I knew there was another 1/3 mile climb coming up, by the time we got to mile 4 I was around an average 9:42 pace, still had to make up some time.

Then the downhill, Kim and I started running pretty fast down the hill, it just felt good, we knew Tammy was behind us, she does not like the downhill, it bothers her IT band, we kept moving, once we got down to the bottom of the hill Kim took off.  I finally got my pace to 9:39 and kept getting it faster, in my brain I was thinking I needed to make it a little faster just in case the timing chip and my Garmin were not in sync.  So I kept pushing it, until about mile 5.5 and my stomach started feeling queasy, oh no, but we had a little talk and I pushed that stomach away, I saw a clock it said 8:55, I had 5 minutes to make it in and I knew I could do it, so I just focused on running and ran it in.  In the chute that comes up to the finish line I saw out of the corner of my eye little Patti H come up beside me, NO WAY, I pushed it some more and beat her in by 1 second, official time 59:05, YIPPEE!!  I did it!!!  Under an hour!!  My Garmin said 59:06, so it was right on the money, but also it said 6.28 miles.

In about a minute here came Tammy, she came in at 1:00:48, she did not look happy, but she did great!! First 10K for her, she is way too hard on herself, I ran this same race in 2006, my time?  1:09:XX, so there.

Kim did great too, she could have done a lot better, but she ran with both of us for most of the race until about the last mile or so, her time was 57:56.

We grabbed an apple and water and went inside, Tammy went to the bathroom to take off her IT band straps and I got a mini-massage, we then just headed out, there was no way we were winning anything and it was COLD and we were all shivering.  We headed to Benton to grab Starbucks and then to Target for our weekly shopping extravaganza.

I’m glad it’s over, I said that about a million times today, it’s just the stinking Cold, but it sucks the like out of me.

Here are my times for today –

  1. 9:21
  2. 9:37
  3. 10:24 (mountain)
  4. 9:31
  5. 9:05
  6. 8:45
  7. 8:33 (where did that come from?)

American Odyssey Relay 2009

Some of you might know I’m running in the American Odyssey Relay in April 2009, I was looking on the website and I found this interview with the race director, he mentions our team name, Four Score and Seven Blisters Ago, pretty cool.  He also tells all the historic places we’ll be running.

So far, So Good!

It’s Wednesday and this week is progressing nicely.  Still a few days to go, but I’m hopeful this will continue to be a good week.

Last night I took Tammy to my running clinic in Cabot, it was the last “official” clinic until February, with the holidays and cold weather I guess we are taking a hiatus?  Anyway, it was nice to be back at the clinic if just for one night, I’ve missed it.  I introduced Tammy to Coach Dennis, he provided her with his all important philosophy print out which I grabbed an extra, just as a reminder.

Not long after Annette pulled up, I haven’t seen her since the Soaring Wings 1/2 marathon, she wasn’t going to be running with us, but said hello to everyone, then Andrea and Brenda came running up, I guess they got in an extra mile or so before the clinic actually started.  There was also a young lady there, Shelby, who I’m guessing was around 10-11 years old who wanted to run too.  Dennis talked to the Marathon girls about the upcoming 10K in Hot Springs and then we went over our workout for the evening, a warm-up run, strides, two 5-minute runs at Interval pace and a cool down run.  I think it was around 37 degrees, by far the coldest running I’ve done so far this fall season.

Tammy and I were following Andrea and Brenda, following because they are Super FAST! and it was really dark in spots, they circled back and got us a couple of times so we would know where to go, thank goodness, because I would have missed the turn for sure, it was that dark.  We had to go over a couple of wooden bridges which was a tad scary, not the bridge itself, just not being able to see, I was a little tentative just worried about the ankle.  Our warm up ended up being 1.75 miles at about a 10 minute pace, that’s pretty fast for a warm-up, but it was cold and we had to MOVE to keep warm.

We were ready for our strides, Tammy had not experienced strides before, Dennis wanted me to explain them to her, here is my explanation – I HATE STRIDES.  You start out slow then pick up the speed, turn around jog back and do it again, 4 times, yuck.  Actually it wasn’t that bad last night, I think I was holding back a bit, but Tammy was right beside me the entire time, she is much faster than she thinks.

After our strides it was time for our first 5 minute run, since we were out in the “hood”, Magness Creek, we had to watch for cars and it was DARK, I hate winter.  I thought we would make about 1 loop in 5 minutes, it’s a little over 1/2 a mile, I think.  We were off, I was only looking at the time, we were booking it, Tammy right beside me, 5 minutes seemed like forever, we were really pushing it, probably faster than we should have been running, we went past our start point both times.  The second 5-minute loop was a little better than the first and Tammy pulled ahead of me, I’m sure she could have even gone faster, oh, did I mention she is 5’10”?? to my 5’5″…. Had to throw that in there.

Coach Dennis gave Tammy some pointers on her form, not many, he said she looked pretty good, I really like Dennis, he just has a way about him that makes you feel like you can do anything, I always remember his encouragement and advice when I’m running and I guess that’s the way it should be.  We were getting cold so we said good-bye to the girls and took off toward our vehicle.  I thought we would get around 4 miles and as we were turning into the parking lot my Garmin signaled and that’s where we stopped and walked the rest of the way for a little cool down.  We stretched for just a minute and then headed back.

Here are our times – 4.01 miles

  • 10:15
  • 9:53  best 7:07
  • 8:44  best 7:20
  • 9:26

This morning Kim wanted to run 7 miles, okay, I haven’t had the mileage this month I normally do so I was game, but WOW, when we got out there it was windy and cold!!  The wind was in our face for the first 1/2 mile and it made us angry girls!  We thought about just doing a couple of laps around the lake and calling it good, but we overcame that urge and ran on.  We were pretty cold the entire run, I unzipped my jacket when the wind was at our back, but when we were running into the wind, up the zipper went, the temp was about 33 degrees, but the freaking wind, UGH!!  We ended up with a little over 6 miles, not 7, but at least we didn’t jump ship at 2!!  It was nice to get home, get some coffee and warm up.  Ready for summer.  Today was officially the coldest running day for me, I’m certain it will only get worse.

New week – New outlook

This is going to be a good week, repeat, this is going to be a good week!!  No injuries, no house problems, no bad weather, good week.

I have a couple of projects in the works, I’ve started looking at new paint for my kitchen, I had already started painting it one color and I hate it, kind of blah, so now I’m going bright, not sure which one, but either yellow, green or orange, they are taped on the wall now.  I really want my kitchen to look nice and right now I just hate it, it’s so ugly, I’ll have to fork over some bucks, but hopefully my do-it-yourself skills will help save some money.

Couple of races coming up, this Saturday is the all exciting Spa City 10K, it’s in Hot Springs, AR and it’s got a mountain to run up, no joke, I ran this race in 2006, it was my first 10K and my time was 1:09 something, which puts me at 11:00 miles, so my goal is to beat that for sure, but I would really like to come under 1 hour, but I remember that mountain and it’s not a hill, it’s 1/2 mile up and then there is another one, not quite as long, but just as bad, I’ll be able to fly on the downhill, but I could really lose a ton of time going up.  It’ll be a ton of fun though, Kim and Tammy are going too and a lot of the Cabot runners are going, from what Kim said, so we will have lots of friends to hang around with, it’s a top notch race with lots of good stuff to chow down on afterward.

My next race after that is the St. Jude Children’s Hospital 1/2 marathon in Memphis on December 6th, really looking forward to that weekend, we are going up on Friday, me, Kim and Tammy, going to the Expo, race on Saturday, lots of our friends are running the Marathon so we will cheer them all in, some, Brenda and Andrea and maybe Lisa are trying to Boston Qualify so it will be super exciting.  We plan to spend an extra night in Memphis so we can relax and enjoy the city, shopping in particular!  I talked to my Aunt Maratha, our host for the weekend and she is all ready for us!  Since I just ran the Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon and PR’d not sure what my goal is, just to have fun, this is a great race, with great crowd support and music every mile, it’s a very emotional race too, with lots of parents and sick children out on the course saying thank you!  It’s hard to not tear up sometimes when you see the little ones.

This morning we had a great run, it was a little chilly, but NO wind, woohoo, that makes a ton of difference, it was Monday and our pace was a little slow, but who cares, we were out at 6:15 in the morning running 6 miles and getting it done!!  That’s all that matters.  The ankle is feeling great, I do notice I am very cautious with it though, that may slow me down some this weekend, but I have no doubt I will beat my old time.

Sleepy Smokey

Smokey was sitting in “his” chair grooming himself when I guess he got really tired, you know when you’re licking yourself and it just wears you out…. 🙂

Smokey - I'm pooped

Smokey - I'm pooped