Fooling myself

I’ve been trying to fool myself the last few days, I am no sick, I am not sick.  It’s worked somewhat, I took the day off Friday, which I desperately needed, Kim came to the house and we headed to the lake to meet Tammy, she only needed 4 miles, Kim needed 7 or 8, I needed none, just trying to keep up my mileage and endurance.  It was pretty chilly out, windy too, not even winter yet and I already dread running in the mornings.

The girls were all a buzz talking, I was not feeling that great, I could really tell this cold was making it hard to run, I had been up a couple of times during the night with coughing fits and my chest hurt, my legs felt achy, like when you have a fever, but we trudged on.

This was Tammy’s first time on our infamous 5 mile loop, we were excited to share it with her.  I think she really enjoyed it.  She laughed at us at the Old Mill hill, we hate that hill and she thought it was funny, she didn’t think it was that bad!  WHAT?  It’s horrible, we absolutely dread it every day.  Maybe we’re just wimps…

Kim wanted to do a little shopping on Friday, around noon she came back to my house and we headed to Little Rock.  She racked up at Ann Taylor Loft and we both got a super cute coat at Old Navy, we hit numerous stores and had a great time, I was so worn out when I got home, I collapsed on the couch, fooling myself again, I could really tell I was not feeling well.  I needed a nap.

Saturday Kim came over at 5am to get in a couple of miles before we headed out to meet Tammy and then head to Maumelle for the Little Rock Marathon Training Group run.  It was pretty cold again Saturday and windy, of course.  I really didn’t want to run, don’t know if it was the cold outside or the cold I was fighting off, it was definitely a battle in my head, should I go or stay home?  I went, it was a tough morning.

We met Tammy at Hobby Lobby at 5:30 am and headed to Maumelle, the vehicle was a buzz with girl talk, it’s amazing how adding one person to the mix bumps up the mood and volume, we were all talking at once.  When we got to the meet spot Kim ran down and signed us in while Tammy and I worked on her new fuel belt, it was not fitting right, it didn’t have enough velcro and she had to ditch it.  Before we started running it seemed like the wind picked up more and we all three had to put our jackets on, I did not want to be chilled, especially with this damned cold.  The route was pretty flat for the first 4 four miles or so and then it got a little hilly, nothing too big, but we were all complaining about something, hips, knees, feet, wind, just wanting the run to be over with.  Tammy kept reminding us that Starbuck’s was waiting on us when we were done, it really didn’t help, my legs were really hurting and my right kneecap felt like there was no cartliage left underneath, should have stayed home.

We turned a corner and there was the parking lot, yippee!!  I looked at my Garmin and we only had 7.3 miles, hmmm, looked at the route again and it looked like we hit all the turns, oh well, I was good with 7.3, so was Tammy.  Kim wanted to get in 10 for the day so she made a loop around the lake while Tammy and I walked down marked our names off and stretched, it didn’t take long and there was Kim.   Starbuck’s here we come.

After we grabbed our coffee we headed to our favorite store, Target.  We got some great t-shirts for 90% off, but not much else and then we headed home.  Kim and I had shopped enough on Friday.  Once I got home the work on my plumbing had begun, thank goodness.  I was hoping to get a nap, but the big orange machine was digging a ditch, ugh.  I stayed at my house for awhile, but I really had to go to the bathroom and it was off limits until they finished putting in my new sewer line so I went to the store, Wal-Mart to be exact, I know, I know, I hate it, but I wanted some Gala Apples and they were on special for 98 cents a pound, so 2 birds with 1 stone, bathroom and apples.  Once i got back home they were almost through with the plumbing, once again i was pooped.   I’m not sure what else I did Saturday, oh, I washed clothes after the plumbing was fixed.  I wanted to rake leaves, but it was so freaking windy there was no way.

I decided to take Sunday off from running, I needed to rest and get rid of this cold.  More coughing fits during the night, but I don’t feel terrible, just tired and achy.  It was cold out this morning, in the 30s I think, so I was glad I was out running.  I spent some time cleaning my house, which needed it,

I’ve been neglecting lots of things around here…. After it warmed up I decided to get out and rake leaves, OMG, I’ve never, ever seen so many leaves in my life, I guess that’s what I get for having so many oak trees.  I raked for about 3 hours and couldn’t stand it any longer, I was just sick of it, the front looks great, but the back, holy cow, I don’t have enough bags or energy to get all those leaves.

Tonight I’m just relaxing, I think we are running 5 miles in the morning, it’ll be cold and I plan on bundling up, I’m already ready for April or July.


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  1. I didn’t even see this post! You will be happy to know that I got some Velcro at Hobby Lobby, so my fuel belt is ready to go! Thanks for the suggestion…amazing how much money someone else’s common sense will save you!! I won’t get to wear my belt til next weekend at the 10k, since I am out of town for this Saturday’s run. I ran 5 today, and will probably try to do 5 or 6 in the am to make up for it…but I won’t push myself too much…

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