Ouch, that really hurt!

Dang it!  It really did hurt, this morning Kim and Tammy both came to my house and we headed out for a 5 mile loop, it was quite chilly, 40 degrees to start and I’m still fighting this cold.  We stopped at the lake as usual to make a bathroom break and Tammy had to shed her underwear, seems as though they kept falling down, strange, I bet her butt was cold seeing how she had on shorts!  Kim and I both were bundled up and still cold.

We were on our regular route, on Crestwood, just went over a speed bump when all of a sudden I did something to my ankle, twisted it somehow, Kim saw it happen and she said it went underneath instead of rolling it like I have before.  I went down immediately, it hurt like crazy, since this will make sprain number four, I knew what to expect, but this felt different, it hurt along the back of my ankle and right underneath the outside of my ankle bone.  I was in tears, this sucks, I was just getting my speed and endurance to a level I had never expected and now what, what does this mean?  who knows.

I sat on the ground for a few minutes just holding my ankle until the pain subsided, a nice lady stopped and asked if we needed help or a ride, that was unusual, but super nice, probably should have taken her up on the ride.  After a few minutes I was able to stand up and walk, I told the girls to finish their run, but no, they said they were walking home with me, just in case, in case what I don’t know, it was cold, my ankle did hurt to walk on it, but not excruciating, it was not swelling so that’s a good sign.

When we got to the house the girls went on to finish their run, I took off my shoe and sock, still no swelling, I put an ice pack on it immediately and took an anti-inflammatory.  It’s been a few hours, still not swelling,  which is a very good sign, maybe not a sprain, but a twist?  I do have some pain when I press on my ankle or turn it very far to the inside, I don’t know.  I’m going to keep icing it, wrap it and see how it feels tomorrow.  Not sure what I did, but we were just talking about sprains on Saturday and knocking wood did not work.  All this stupid running and training will go in the crapper if I have to be off for any length of time, I have the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon coming up on December 6th, last year I ran it coming off a sprained ankle and it was not my best performance for sure, I’m going to try and stay positive and hope this is just a small day or two of rest.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Once again, Jinxed?  I need a break, but not an ankle break, HA!!


6 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that you mentioned me taking off my underwear…geez…Well, for your info….it wasn’t near as cold as expected…Who knows? Maybe this will usher in a new era of commando running?

  2. OH no Cheryl 😦

    I was thinking of you and your ankle recently when I kind of rolled mine on a rock during a recent run.
    This morning Jane stepped on a limb or something and then a few minutes later she tripped on a bump in the road or something.

    I hope your ankle feels better soon!

  3. oh no!!!

    injuries suck!

  4. Yikes! I’m sorry about your ankle. But it sounds to me like you are doing exactly the right things. Rest and ice! Love that combo! I bet you’ll be back to good in no time.

  5. Injuries suck…..one word, R.I.C.E. Doesn’t sound too bad or it would be swelling so maybe you got lucky. Take a few days off.

  6. I only wear the shorts with the built-in undies. Take care of that ankle, I hope it doesn’t start swelling.

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