Two runs, I’ll live

Well, looks like the ankle is okay.  I ran yesterday morning with Kim, 3 miles, she was doing a short run before her trip to Mt. Home today so it was perfect for me coming off my near miss with my ankle.  It felt weird when I first started running, my arch was really hurting, I wasn’t sure why, but after about 1/2 mile it eased up and we whizzed through the 3 miles.  It was perfect running weather, around 54 degrees, a little misty, but temperature wise, great.  When we first got down to the lake there were 2 girls in front of us running and then we heard someone behind us and he sped by us.  It was odd, we normally don’t encounter runners in the morning, it’s usually all walkers.  As we were approaching the bathroom 2 guys passed us too, it was really strange, we just looked at each other and said “what the hell?”.  The really weird thing is we never saw them again for our entire 3 mile run…..

Today was a solo run, not intentional, but everyone was gone or doing way too many miles for me.  Kim was in Mt. Home doing a Marathon, Tammy was in Louisville, Annette was doing a 20 miler, the Little Rock Marathon training group was doing 10 miles and I really contemplated running with them, BUT #1- it would be dark when they started(ankle thing), #2 – the route was very uneven, State Capitol up to Kavanaugh (ankle thing) #3 – No bathrooms (ankle thing, just kidding).  So, I decided to wait until sun up and run the 6 mile loop around the neighborhood, it was so windy, temperature was about 44 when I started, but the WIND!! OMG – At times it was just horrible, it felt like it was pushing me back, I hate the wind.  Luckily, I wore the right amount of clothes for once, I didn’t have to shed any and I wasn’t wishing for more, except my fingers are staying a little chilly, despite my gloves.  The ankle was fine, no troubles and my arch did not bother me at all.  I ran about 5.75 miles at a 9:55 pace.

I had talked to Annette last night, she invited me to meet her and the gang at Boulevard Bread this morning when they were finished with their 20 mile run, she was then going to come to my house to shower and go to a lunch birthday, I also had an appointment at 11am with a window guy for an estimate to replace all my windows on my house.   Not sure what happened, but the meet fell through and then her plans fell through, but my window guy showed up and gave me an estimate of 3700.00, OUCH.  That’s without the Argon gas in between the windows, add 570.00 for that, I need to do some research on that stuff.

Kim decided to switch to the half marathon in Mt. Home, good decision I say, she said it was sleeting and the wind was horrible, she didn’t want to chance getting hurt, I don’t blame her a bit!!  When I talked to her last night after I had looked at the weather I wanted to tell her to drop out of the marathon, but I didn’t know how she would take that advice, so I kept my mouth shut for once, but when I talked to her this morning I thought she was definitely playing it smart, she was miserable and there was no reason to do that to herself.  When she gets back this afternoon we are going to Sam’s and a couple of other spots.  I’m so glad she didn’t push it.


2 Responses

  1. I am feeling off today so no running for me. Good on you for getting out there.

    Home renos of any kind are stupid expensive… god my reno from August is still not done.

  2. I am glad that she played it safe too…With that in mind…I guess we all have to make decisions that are best for us in the long run…I am thinking of the Memphis half…I will probably be really taking it easy that day, so if you and Kim need to leave me, I understand…In the long run, I have to do what will keep me going and not hurt myself worse. It’s hard not to push myself to keep up sometimes and I think the Soaring Wings Half, although I am very glad I tried it, is what I think jacked me up as far as my IT Band goes. Anyhoo, I am excited about the 10K but I must say, at this point I’m just hoping to finish. My IT Band cuts me off like clockwork at 4 miles every time…I was talking to a PA here and she thinks I should rest it for two weeks…ugh…

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