New week – New outlook

This is going to be a good week, repeat, this is going to be a good week!!  No injuries, no house problems, no bad weather, good week.

I have a couple of projects in the works, I’ve started looking at new paint for my kitchen, I had already started painting it one color and I hate it, kind of blah, so now I’m going bright, not sure which one, but either yellow, green or orange, they are taped on the wall now.  I really want my kitchen to look nice and right now I just hate it, it’s so ugly, I’ll have to fork over some bucks, but hopefully my do-it-yourself skills will help save some money.

Couple of races coming up, this Saturday is the all exciting Spa City 10K, it’s in Hot Springs, AR and it’s got a mountain to run up, no joke, I ran this race in 2006, it was my first 10K and my time was 1:09 something, which puts me at 11:00 miles, so my goal is to beat that for sure, but I would really like to come under 1 hour, but I remember that mountain and it’s not a hill, it’s 1/2 mile up and then there is another one, not quite as long, but just as bad, I’ll be able to fly on the downhill, but I could really lose a ton of time going up.  It’ll be a ton of fun though, Kim and Tammy are going too and a lot of the Cabot runners are going, from what Kim said, so we will have lots of friends to hang around with, it’s a top notch race with lots of good stuff to chow down on afterward.

My next race after that is the St. Jude Children’s Hospital 1/2 marathon in Memphis on December 6th, really looking forward to that weekend, we are going up on Friday, me, Kim and Tammy, going to the Expo, race on Saturday, lots of our friends are running the Marathon so we will cheer them all in, some, Brenda and Andrea and maybe Lisa are trying to Boston Qualify so it will be super exciting.  We plan to spend an extra night in Memphis so we can relax and enjoy the city, shopping in particular!  I talked to my Aunt Maratha, our host for the weekend and she is all ready for us!  Since I just ran the Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon and PR’d not sure what my goal is, just to have fun, this is a great race, with great crowd support and music every mile, it’s a very emotional race too, with lots of parents and sick children out on the course saying thank you!  It’s hard to not tear up sometimes when you see the little ones.

This morning we had a great run, it was a little chilly, but NO wind, woohoo, that makes a ton of difference, it was Monday and our pace was a little slow, but who cares, we were out at 6:15 in the morning running 6 miles and getting it done!!  That’s all that matters.  The ankle is feeling great, I do notice I am very cautious with it though, that may slow me down some this weekend, but I have no doubt I will beat my old time.


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  1. That sucks a little that we were “slow” this morning and I was way behind….Oh well. …I guess I should be glad I could run 6 at all….that is the most I’ve been able to do in a while without quite a bit of pain…thankful for the little things…..

    PS Guess who came home and ran another 2.5 miles today???

    PSS Really looking forward to the races with you guys and…….SHOPPING the day after Thanksgiving!! AGHHHH!

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