So far, So Good!

It’s Wednesday and this week is progressing nicely.  Still a few days to go, but I’m hopeful this will continue to be a good week.

Last night I took Tammy to my running clinic in Cabot, it was the last “official” clinic until February, with the holidays and cold weather I guess we are taking a hiatus?  Anyway, it was nice to be back at the clinic if just for one night, I’ve missed it.  I introduced Tammy to Coach Dennis, he provided her with his all important philosophy print out which I grabbed an extra, just as a reminder.

Not long after Annette pulled up, I haven’t seen her since the Soaring Wings 1/2 marathon, she wasn’t going to be running with us, but said hello to everyone, then Andrea and Brenda came running up, I guess they got in an extra mile or so before the clinic actually started.  There was also a young lady there, Shelby, who I’m guessing was around 10-11 years old who wanted to run too.  Dennis talked to the Marathon girls about the upcoming 10K in Hot Springs and then we went over our workout for the evening, a warm-up run, strides, two 5-minute runs at Interval pace and a cool down run.  I think it was around 37 degrees, by far the coldest running I’ve done so far this fall season.

Tammy and I were following Andrea and Brenda, following because they are Super FAST! and it was really dark in spots, they circled back and got us a couple of times so we would know where to go, thank goodness, because I would have missed the turn for sure, it was that dark.  We had to go over a couple of wooden bridges which was a tad scary, not the bridge itself, just not being able to see, I was a little tentative just worried about the ankle.  Our warm up ended up being 1.75 miles at about a 10 minute pace, that’s pretty fast for a warm-up, but it was cold and we had to MOVE to keep warm.

We were ready for our strides, Tammy had not experienced strides before, Dennis wanted me to explain them to her, here is my explanation – I HATE STRIDES.  You start out slow then pick up the speed, turn around jog back and do it again, 4 times, yuck.  Actually it wasn’t that bad last night, I think I was holding back a bit, but Tammy was right beside me the entire time, she is much faster than she thinks.

After our strides it was time for our first 5 minute run, since we were out in the “hood”, Magness Creek, we had to watch for cars and it was DARK, I hate winter.  I thought we would make about 1 loop in 5 minutes, it’s a little over 1/2 a mile, I think.  We were off, I was only looking at the time, we were booking it, Tammy right beside me, 5 minutes seemed like forever, we were really pushing it, probably faster than we should have been running, we went past our start point both times.  The second 5-minute loop was a little better than the first and Tammy pulled ahead of me, I’m sure she could have even gone faster, oh, did I mention she is 5’10”?? to my 5’5″…. Had to throw that in there.

Coach Dennis gave Tammy some pointers on her form, not many, he said she looked pretty good, I really like Dennis, he just has a way about him that makes you feel like you can do anything, I always remember his encouragement and advice when I’m running and I guess that’s the way it should be.  We were getting cold so we said good-bye to the girls and took off toward our vehicle.  I thought we would get around 4 miles and as we were turning into the parking lot my Garmin signaled and that’s where we stopped and walked the rest of the way for a little cool down.  We stretched for just a minute and then headed back.

Here are our times – 4.01 miles

  • 10:15
  • 9:53  best 7:07
  • 8:44  best 7:20
  • 9:26

This morning Kim wanted to run 7 miles, okay, I haven’t had the mileage this month I normally do so I was game, but WOW, when we got out there it was windy and cold!!  The wind was in our face for the first 1/2 mile and it made us angry girls!  We thought about just doing a couple of laps around the lake and calling it good, but we overcame that urge and ran on.  We were pretty cold the entire run, I unzipped my jacket when the wind was at our back, but when we were running into the wind, up the zipper went, the temp was about 33 degrees, but the freaking wind, UGH!!  We ended up with a little over 6 miles, not 7, but at least we didn’t jump ship at 2!!  It was nice to get home, get some coffee and warm up.  Ready for summer.  Today was officially the coldest running day for me, I’m certain it will only get worse.


2 Responses

  1. You are an energizer bunny!

  2. Yesterday my knees were pretty sore..but last night I went to sculpt..we had a killer class, and I think it actually helped my knees and my IT Band! Yes…the cold is yet to come…I’m running with you guys tomorrow morning, and it’s supposed to be 27 degrees! Burr…..

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