Freezing Cold Spa 10K Race

This was the coldest day of the year, 23 degrees, and what did we do?  We ran a 10K in beautiful, historic, Hot Spring, AR.  It was very cold, very cold.  Kim picked me and Tammy up at my house around 6am and we headed to the Spa City, it was a quick trip, about 1 hour, but non-stop talking as usual.

We parked as close as we could to the convention center, normally it wouldn’t matter, but as I said, it was cold.  On the way to Hot Springs it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day, but the closer we got to the city, the cloudier it got, I thought it might snow, just kidding, well not really.  The sun never gave us the pleasure of enjoying the warmth of it’s rays, damn it.  We picked up our packets and we got super duper long sleeve t-shirts, New Balance back packs and some sort of nylon running vest, pretty good schwag for a 10K.  Tammy and Kim both registered for Medium, should have gotten Small, I of course registered for Small, they tried to trade, but couldn’t, when in question, get a smaller size, they usually always give out Men’s sizes.

We saw lots of people from the Cabot Cruisers running groups, including Annette, Brenda, Lisa, Bailey, just a whole big gang of them, they were there in full force.  We stood in the convention center until about 10 minutes till race time, we ran down to the start line to warm up and looped around, COLD I tell you, COLD.  We were all huddled up waiting for the start, my goal, under 1 hour, I knew I needed to keep a 9:39 pace to make that goal, but I also knew about the stupid mountain, so I wanted to go out around 9:20 until the mountain because I knew it would slow me down and it did.

First mile marker was 9:24, that’s what they called out, Second mile marker 19:10, then the mountain came around mile 2.5, UGH!  I ran about halfway up and then my heart felt like it was going to explode, oh, forgot to mention Kim and Tammy WERE behind me, I could hear them talking at certain points, but up the mountain when I was having my heart attack and walked for a few seconds, they passed me.  I had kept my pace where I needed it, but with the little walk break I was at 9:45.  Once I got my heart under control I started shuffling back up the mountain, finally caught back up to Tammy and Kim and the mountain leveled off, but I knew there was another 1/3 mile climb coming up, by the time we got to mile 4 I was around an average 9:42 pace, still had to make up some time.

Then the downhill, Kim and I started running pretty fast down the hill, it just felt good, we knew Tammy was behind us, she does not like the downhill, it bothers her IT band, we kept moving, once we got down to the bottom of the hill Kim took off.  I finally got my pace to 9:39 and kept getting it faster, in my brain I was thinking I needed to make it a little faster just in case the timing chip and my Garmin were not in sync.  So I kept pushing it, until about mile 5.5 and my stomach started feeling queasy, oh no, but we had a little talk and I pushed that stomach away, I saw a clock it said 8:55, I had 5 minutes to make it in and I knew I could do it, so I just focused on running and ran it in.  In the chute that comes up to the finish line I saw out of the corner of my eye little Patti H come up beside me, NO WAY, I pushed it some more and beat her in by 1 second, official time 59:05, YIPPEE!!  I did it!!!  Under an hour!!  My Garmin said 59:06, so it was right on the money, but also it said 6.28 miles.

In about a minute here came Tammy, she came in at 1:00:48, she did not look happy, but she did great!! First 10K for her, she is way too hard on herself, I ran this same race in 2006, my time?  1:09:XX, so there.

Kim did great too, she could have done a lot better, but she ran with both of us for most of the race until about the last mile or so, her time was 57:56.

We grabbed an apple and water and went inside, Tammy went to the bathroom to take off her IT band straps and I got a mini-massage, we then just headed out, there was no way we were winning anything and it was COLD and we were all shivering.  We headed to Benton to grab Starbucks and then to Target for our weekly shopping extravaganza.

I’m glad it’s over, I said that about a million times today, it’s just the stinking Cold, but it sucks the like out of me.

Here are my times for today –

  1. 9:21
  2. 9:37
  3. 10:24 (mountain)
  4. 9:31
  5. 9:05
  6. 8:45
  7. 8:33 (where did that come from?)

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Well done .. awesome last couple miles!

  2. Great job on the race there speedy!! I actually enjoyed not being in the cold for that one, though I do hate that I missed getting to race with everyone. I think I would have got 5th place points in my age group for the Grand Prix. Maybe next year.

  3. Great times!!, now that is extreme weather!!, I struggle here in my hometown when we get to 40 F, and look at you, running at 23 F!!. Impressive!!

    Great work!


  4. WOW! You kicked that old PR in the butt!!!! Way to go.

  5. 23 degrees. I can’t even imagine.

    Great job!

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