It’s going to be a doozy

I found out last night I’m going to be spending the next few weeks in Seattle, I don’t want to go, don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle, it’s a great city, but with the holidays coming up, running, stuff around here like my job of raking leaves, I don’ want to go, and besides it’s like 7 hours travel time for me. YUCK.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it, I’ll get to see my friend Allison who just moved there a couple of weeks ago, the guy I work with in Florida will be there so that will be fun to have some one to do stuff with, but running….Last time I was there, October 2007 I sprained my ankle really bad and had to take 5 weeks off from running, I was out on a loop that the hotel had recommended and had to call for someone to pick me up, I can remember every detail of that horrible day.  The remainder of the year will be a doozy!

Sunday Kim came by around 8am so we could do a recovery run after our 10K on Saturday, I could have just skipped the run altogether and tried to talk her out of it when she got here 🙂  We decided just to run a short feel better run, not our normal loop, it was like a heat wave compared to the 10K when it was 23 degrees, I think it was around 38.  We were both just in our get this over with mood, as we were running on Lakeview Drive Kim kept noticing all these dogs, we say this huge St. Bernard looking over a fence and then a cute black Lab doing the same, as we turned onto Lakeshore drive we should have known (stray dog alley) something was up, we were close to the Old Mill when Kim said “Awww look at that puppy”, he was sitting up in the yard of this house with a collar on, probably 2-3 months old and as soon as we said “hey puppy” it came screaming toward us, jumping, licking, growling, wagging its tail, running in circles, she reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil she was so fast we had a hard time catching her to even look at her collar.  Kim took her gloves off and the puppy grabbed one and took off, it was hilarious, she took off up the hill to the house where she had been sitting then came back put the glove down and grabbed the other one and did the same thing, then she would run circles in the leaves, she was the happiest most spastic puppy I have ever seen.  Her collar was too tight so Kim took it off and then she tried to put it back on, but it was too loose and she got the collar in her mouth and ran around like crazy with the collar stuck over her head and mouth, Kim had a hard time catching her to take it off, it was crazy!!  The puppy was the cutest thing and we didn’t know what to do with it, so we decided to go up to the house where it had been sitting and ask if they knew who it belonged to, it was obviously someone’s pet.  We gingerly walked up the steps, it was Sunday morning before 9am after all, Kim rang the doorbell and after a few seconds a lady in barely any clothes answered the door and immediately said “oh she got loose”, Kim was trying to explain what we were doing, but we just put the puppy in the house and left.  THANK GOD it was their puppy, I don’t know what we would have done if we couldn’t have found it’s owners, taken it to my house I guess…

When we were finishing up our run it started sprinkling on us, oh no, we are not running in the winter rain, this gave us a little motivation to move our butts and get home.  We got to my house, brewed some coffee, retrieved the Sunday paper, Tammy came by and we enjoyed the morning.

Yesterday was SUPPOSED to be a 7 mile run with Tammy and Kim, first call I received was from Tammy, she had some arch pain from Saturday and it was really still to tender to run on and she told me Kim had texted her and said she was not feeling well and was going back to bed, Hmmm, sounds like I’ll be a solo runner, not really what I’d planned for Monday, but that’s okay, I’m a big girl.  I checked the weather and I was shocked, 60 degrees, HOLY COW, there was no way I was not running today, but there was something else too, spotty rain showers and I had a dentist appointment at 9am so I had to get back in time to get ready.

First round, I had on a long sleeve tech shirt, capris, headband, gloves and headed out the door, uh oh, sprinkling rain already, grabbed a hat and took off the headband, it was barely raining so I went anyway.  I was close to the bathrooms and the bottom fell out, it was crazy, I was running as hard as I could to get up to the shelter, I did not want to be soaking wet, I got pretty wet, but not soaking and I really had to go to the bathroom so it all worked out.  I had to wait a few minutes for the rain to let up, talked to the maintenance guys while I waited and then headed back out.  I decided not to do the 5 mile loop because of the rain, I didn’t want to be out there in the middle of a downpour and would do the lake 1 mile loop a few times instead.  Well, when I got on the backside of the lake I was not feeling well, my stomach was acting up, so instead of running back over to the bathrooms at the lake I ran home since I was close to the alley and it was probably closer anyway.

When I got home I used the bathroom and I also changed into a t-shirt, shed the gloves and grabbed my rain jacket and headed BACK to the lake, it was already 7am, I had to hurry.  Back to the lake a couple of loops and back home, I ended up with 4.25 miles at a 10:05 pace, the weather was rainy, but the temperature was perfect, I miss the warm weather.  This morning, damned cold again, so I’m glad I got that run in yesterday.

Dentist visit, no cavities, but I had chipped a back tooth a couple of months ago and they say I need to get a crown, yea, yea, whatever, $400.00 with my insurance, let’s see, Christmas or a Crown?  Then I stopped at the Health department for a flu shot, and off to the Breast Center for a Mammogram where she really smashed my boobs, I mean  seriously, it was the worse one I’ve ever had, I think I’ll check for bruises today.

It’s going to be a fun week!!  only today and tomorrow with work and then Thanksgiving me, Kim and Tammy are going for a run, or at least I think Tammy is going.  At some point during the afternoon I have a recipe I’m going to try for some sort of sweet potato casserole, I’m also making a fruit salad and peel’em and eat’em shrimp with cocktail sauce, that will be mine and Kim’s Thanksgiving dinner, yummy.  We are then going to plan our attack for Friday morning, yippee, it will be so much fun, we had a blast last year, I think it will be just as much fun this year.  I’m sure it will be an early night on Thanksgiving, Kim is spending the night since I’m sure we will be out of the house by 4am on Friday, crazy huh?  Yes, but if you plan correctly and don’t get all stressed out it works out and is fun and you get great bargains too.

4 Responses

  1. Dogs on runs freak me out… (and their owners too.) It’s just one of those things. But that one sounded cute.

    Good luck with it all

  2. Man…you were right…TODAY’s run was a doozy….I’m glad we didn’t do 6…I’m sitting here icing my foot in hopes that I can function on tomorrow’s run…Did you know they are having a Turkey Day run up in the Heights tomorrow? It starts at 7 and everyone is meeting at the Kroger (I think the one on Cantrell). I went to JC Penny’s and you WERE NOT kidding! They have some awesome stuff! I got some pants yay!! And only one fleece (sorry to copy once again), but I only really liked the purple one. The navy blue with the light blue trim was alright….

  3. PSS I got some great coupons from Lewis and Clark today in the mail…and if you take the surveys on the JC Penny’s receipts, you get 15% off your next purchase! You should do that before Friday in case you want to buy something else!

  4. can’t wait to go shopping!!!!! I’ve got my coupons ready, my tennis shoes ready, some snacks for the long day…..I’m super excited!!!! 🙂

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