It’s been a crazy few days, I’m glad it’s finally Saturday afternoon and I have time to relax, not really, but at least not have somewhere to go or something I have to do right away.  I can’t remember where I left off…

I don’t think I posted anything about me and Tammy’s rotten run  on Wednesday, Tammy arrived at my house a few minutes before 6am and we were ready to go for our pre-Thanksgiving day run, we just needed Kim.  We waited, and waited, we called, we texted, no Kim.  I was worried, we left a note in the house and headed out around 6:30am, it was probably a good thing Kim was with us, I was having a hard time doing anything, running, breathing, walking….  Tammy was having a rough time too, her foot, knee, shoes, cho-pat straps, we were quite the pair for the entire 5 miles.  We were both glad the run was over and were ready for coffee.  When we got back to my house Kim had left a message she had taken some Nyquil and had not woken up until 7am.  That’s super late for her and if she slept that late she needed it.  I was glad we heard from her, I was worried about her the entire run.

Thanksgiving Day – We decided to do our run at 7am, everyone was at my house and ready to go on time.  The weather was perfect for running we were ready to get our run in so we could get back, fire up the coffee pot and crack open the huge Thanksgiving Day paper and check out the sales ads, woohoo!!  Black Friday beware!

We ran our 5 mile loop because we were pretty anxious to get back to the house and I was again not at my best, breathing, running the whole thing is just off.  I started the coffee and started with the sales ads, we just passed them around, WOW, there were so many.  I ended up making a second pot of coffee, I think it was because of Kim’s super mug, but maybe not 🙂  Before long Tammy had to go home to help her Mom with Thanksgiving preparations and Kim was off as well.  I decided I needed to rake, AGAIN, so I spend a couple of hours in the front yard, what a fiasco with the leaves.  We can rake them to the street, but they haven’t picked them up in 3 weeks, you can imagine the piles, it’s getting pretty frustrating.  The yard looked great, it was nice out and I decided to clean out my vehicle, I know I haven’t touched it since I moved in this house, 4 months ago, it was pretty bad.

I talked to Kim to find out when she was coming back over, she was spending the night since we would be leaving the house pre-dawn on Friday, and I had a few items to prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner – Heart Health Sweet Potato Casserole, 5-Cup Fruit Salad minus the Sour Cream so i guess it was just a 4-cup Fruit Salad, and Peel-n-Eat’em Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce, no not traditional by any means, but it was great.  It was the first time I had tried the sweet potatoes, they were very simple and I will make them again.

I guess Kim came over around 3:30, i finished up dinner while she studied, we ate, then started planning for Friday, making our route, what stores would we go to, looking at the ads again.  Then Kim decided she wanted to go to Michael’s, you have to realize I am not crafty and neither is Kim, we were just chomping at the bit to go shopping and couldn’t even wait till Friday, so at some time after 6pm we headed to Michael’s, what a mad house!  Everyone dressed in there finest stretch pants, in lines that were way too long.  Kim and I did buy 1 thing each, woohoo.  It was back home to get ready for bed, we were in the middle of watching a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon and ended up in bed around 9:30 with the alarm set for 3:30am.

3:30am came pretty quickly, but I had programmed the coffeepot to start at about 3:20 so we could hear it and we were up and getting ready.  Tammy came over around 4:15, we were out the door at 4:30, off to Sports Authority for free gift cards for the first 100 people.  Kim and I both got $10 and Tammy $25.  So we all got socks 🙂  Then we were off to JCPenneys and a multitude of other stores, we came back to my house twice during the day to drop packages, by the time we got back it was about 3:30pm, it was a very long day, but we had a blast!  We had a lot of fun and got a lot of good bargains too.  It’s a tradition and I hope it continues for many years.

Today was a 12 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Group, the meet spot was the River Market, meeting there is a toss up as to where your route might be, could be up into the Heights, could be the River Trail, could be part of the Little Rock Marathon route, today, the Marathon route.   It was a pretty good run to me, I don’t know about the other girls, Tammy was having horrible foot pains and I know it was getting very frustrating for her, it didn’t bother me that we had to walk some, I’m  not in “training mode”, just along for the ride right now, and we still made good time for 12 miles, I thing we finished with about an 11 minute pace.

The weather temperature was okay today, but the wind was bad in spots which made it quite a bit cooler, but all in all, good.  I noticed for the first time today, I don’t fall apart at mile 10 anymore, I can remember lots and I mean LOTS of 12, 14, 16, 18 mile runs where around mile 10, downhill from there, I’m hoping I can just build on this 12 mile endurance and keep getting better.  Next weekend is the big St. Judes Children’s Hospital 1/2 Marathon in Memphis, not going to try and PR, just beat my time from last year, if we keep the pace we had today, it’ll be just fine.

Gosh, this was a long post, sorry for all the boring crap.  I have more, lots more, but I’ll keep it for later.


3 Responses

  1. Actually sounds like a fun time was had by all. I think that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

  2. Nice summary of this past week’s events…shopping was fun and I’m glad you guys took me to Sport’s Authority! Maybe you were so focused on me falling apart at mile 10, you forgot to fall apart yourself!

  3. Cheryl you have definately come a long way as a runner!! I remember how hard all those long runs training for the Little Rock Marathon last year were, but you always pushed through no matter what and it helped make you a stronger runner… and now look at you not only are you strong you are fast too 🙂

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