Where have I been?

Well, I’ve been in Seattle on business all week, special project which is not my project and puts my project behind.  I’ll be here another week, another week of running on the treadmill.

I had plans to meet with a local running club, but that hasn’t panned out because there is a whole group of people here from corporate and we are sharing a car.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill Tuesday, 5.5 miles Wednesday and 4 miles on Thursday, it was all I could do to get those 4 miles on Thursday, I absolutely hate the treadmill, it bores me to tears.  On Friday I just worked out in my room, felt guilty for not running because we have been eating out every night I feel like a big fat pig.

Today was a different story, Tamara, a girl from the local running club picked me up at my hotel at 8:20 and we headed to West Seattle to run, I was worried about the weather, it was fore-casted for snow, rain and winds gusting to 50 mph, but lucky for us by the time we got to Alki Beach the rain had stopped, on the other hand, the wind had not.  Tamara had brought along extra jackets, hats and gloves since I had not come prepared, I borrowed a jacket, and thank goodness, the wind was really strong at times, but the view of downtown Seattle and running along the coast was spectacular!!

They have a great coastal area with shops, paved path for runners and bikers that runs all along the coast, Alki Beach, apparently in the summer there is lots of events along the beach, volley ball games, car shows, just tons of people, today there were runners, but not very many.  it was so nice to be outside instead of inside on a treadmill, I was so thankful to have gotten in touch with Tamara, she was great!  She also drove me around after our 7 mile run to see some of the sights, great morning.

This afternoon I went over to REI and did a little shopping and then to the mall, back in my room getting ready to do some work.  Oh, last night I went to IKEA, my first visit ever!  It was pretty amazing, I could have spent a lot more time than the 2 hours I spent just looking around, but I knew I would have to ship home anything I bought, I did buy a couple of things, I wanted to buy LOTS, but I have a catalog instead.

I guess I’ll get up and run on the treadmill, the high tomorrow, 29, not for me.  Then Macy’s, just a little shopping and work, lots of work to do.

5 Responses

  1. Oh that sounds wonderful, nothing worse than treadmill runs.

  2. At least you have the treadmill to fall back on. It’d be worse without that option. Hopefully, you’re able to watch TV while on it, or at least listen to some tunes!

  3. Shopping sounds fun…glad you got to run outside!

  4. I’d highly reccomend an ipod for running on the tradmill. That with some good songs and maybe a tv will get you through it. Stay with it!

  5. I love watching TV or listening to podcasts while treadmilling.

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