Snow, Ice, Seattle

It started snowing Saturday night, must have been some ice mixed in too, when I woke up Sunday morning and looked out of my hotel room, it was white with snow.  I guess there was a couple of inches, my room is on the 11th floor with a great view of a couple of main streets, where I saw quite a few cars sliding through the intersections, I knew then I would not be getting out in that mess.  I had planned out getting some shopping done, oh well, I had some work to do, laundry and of course the stupid treadmill.  I had to make myself get on the treadmill, literally talk myself into going over to the fitness center for 30 minutes of running and then some squats and lunges. HATE the treadmill.

Let me tell you a little about this hotel, the common areas are freezing cold, I know you think I’m exaggerating, here’s an example, when one of the elevators opened on Saturday night, snow came in, the elevators are the type that are on the outside of the building, I have no idea where the snow was coming from, but when the doors opened, snow came in, along with all the cold wind.  Another area is this long hallway that goes over to the fitness center, I’m in the tower which doesn’t have a fitness center, so it’s a good 3 minute trek over there, I noticed the thermostat on the wall, 56 in the hall, that’s pretty cold when you’re just walking around.  Not sure if it’s because the building is old or what, but it’s very uncomfortable.  Even the guest laundry was not heated, it was like doing the laundry outside.

This morning once again I had to drag myself over to the treadmill, I had a big plan for the day, the hotel is really close to the airport and I had to do a pickup at noon, so since the roads were icy I planned on running, eating breakfast and then working in my room until I had to do the pick up.  WELL, got a call about 7:30, she was not coming in today, oh crap, this threw a huge wrench in my plans, now I had to rush and get ready to go into the office, oh well, I had work here I could do so if it wasn’t for the email from one of the VP’s asking me how the office was doing I wouldn’t have been so freaked out.  I did hurry and get to the office, nervous about driving on the ice, but luckily the main streets were pretty clear.  I did manage 45 minutes on the treadmill, it was freezing in the fitness center this morning, no heat in there either, which was fine once I warmed up.

I’ve gotten a couple of comments about my treadmill dilemma, advising iTunes or TV, all great advice, I’ve tried to charge my iPod Shuffle and it won’t charge because it’s a different computer, I need to research that problem.  Next, the TV, the reason I picked this hotel is because of the fitness center, it’s big, new and the treadmills have individual tvs, the problem, programming, at 5am, nada, news, news, more news, or infomercials.  I was hoping for one of my favs, Angel or MTV, VH1, something to take my mind off the going nowhere treadmill.  This really worries me since I’ll be traveling a lot starting in January, depressing.

Oh, I miss my Smokey, poor old kitty cat.  I need some summer.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah…today I draw the line…I normally don’t mind the cold so much, but yesterday was ridiculous….I have found that if I wear my puffy vest, even with short sleeves, I am pretty warm. That’s handy when it’s cold inside the house and my mom says “put some clothes on!” and I’m already in flannel….geez….I had to do my running on the indoor track yesterday at the NLRAC, not as dreadfull as the treadmill, but it gets old too. I do think the softer surface helped my foot though, it was barely sore. On the other side of things, I somehow hurt my neck yesterday working out, after sleeping on it wrong, and it is worse today than yesterday. I may actually have to resort to the Flexeril and Tylenol #3 if it doesen’t ease up. On a lighter note, SalonPas has been helpful…thanks to you….my eyes have seen the wonders of SalonPas…Missing you!!

  2. I hate the treadmill. Summer. Only 6 months away…

  3. Summer will come sooner than you think…aka this sat’s run is supposed to be in the 60’s with rain…and then I will be whining and wishing for winter….while you and Kim are loving it!

  4. I keep running in the snow and it’s bumming me out. I definitely hear you pain on this one.

    Summer… well summer is a ways away. 🙂

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