Funny, I don’t remember moving to Canada

What can I say but, BRRRR, it’s cold down here.  I can’t stand it and it makes me grouchy.  I can’t get a thing done because I’m wrapped up in a blanket most of the time, too cold to move.  Will the cold just leave, please?

Back up to the weekend, I was due to arrive Friday night from my frigid 2 weeks in Seattle, well, the whole 2 weeks weren’t frigid, but the last few days certainly were and they were sprinkled with plenty of snow and ice, no thanks, they can keep it, but apparently it was a strange thing for them to have so much of it.  Anyway, my flight was delayed leaving Seattle by about an hour and a half, this made me miss my connection in Memphis and of course it was the last flight to Little Rock for the night.  My only saving grace was my Aunt Martha who lives in Memphis and graciously came and picked me up around 8:45 pm and dropped me back off the next day at 8:00 am.  Yes, I could have rented a car and driven to LR in about 2 hours, but I was pooped and I would have done exactly that if not for Aunt Martha.  I had also flown from Seattle in first class so I had been treated very well on the airplane, I was only disappointed that I couldn’t get home right away and I would miss our Saturday run.  I did get to enjoy some more time with Aunt Martha, which I don’t get to do often enough.

Saturday was a relatively warm day, 50’s I’d say, but I didn’t get home until noon, same clothes for 24 hours, unpacked my massive bags and then collapsed on the couch with Smokey.  I did venture out to Target to try and get some shopping done, but just wasn’t into it.  Kim  stopped by and chatted for a bit and it was great to see her, couldn’t even tell she had run 11 miles earlier in the day.

We made plans to run on Sunday morning and then go shopping, well here comes Mr. Freeze, it was way too cold to run Sunday morning, the wind, that is what really made it so cold, forget it, I don’t need that crap, at all.  We decided that after a few hours shopping we would run when it warmed up, it never warmed up and we shopped for several hours and figured we got our exercise in despite not running.

Our next decision was to run on Monday morning, uh, not happening again, Mr. Freeze stepped it up a notch and it was 14 degrees this morning, WAY TOO COLD!!  So we decided to wait until the late afternoon, 3pm to be exact, first I had to entertain my Mom, Stephanie and my Step-Dad, it is Stephanie’s Birthday today, so cake and presents before I could run and I really didn’t want to run out in the frigid air, but the peer pressure got to me.   Kim had started around 2:20pm since she wanted some mileage, crazy girl, Tammy came over a little after 3pm and we ventured out into the frozen tundra, yes, I’m a little over dramatic, but hey, it’s my blog.  It was very cold, the only things that were warm on me were my core and my head, the rest, COLD, especially my fingers and my face.  I think I could have had frozen snot if not for my glove and kleenex.  It was 25 degrees when we left the house, mostly cloudy and of course what would a good run be without  our best friend WINDY??  Tammy and I got in close to 3.5 miles, Kim I think got in a little over 6, PLENTY!

Tonight I need to get out and finish up my Christmas shopping, its so freaking cold I don’t want to go, but I must, I must!!  And then the wrapping of gifts, ugh!


3 Responses

  1. Hope you got some shopping done! Kim and I were tortured in Sculpt class and were so sore! I just wanted to get inside for the night! At least we got a few miles in!

  2. I’m glad you got to leave on Friday otherwise you might still be there!!
    These cold temp’s are making me very grouchy too!!

  3. You really don’t want to know how cold it was this morning…
    Happy Holidays.

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