Who stole my week?

This past week has been a whirlwind, I can’t believe just a little over a week ago I was in Seattle and then Stephanie’s Birthday, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, Christmas, some running thrown in and bam here it is Sunday.  I’ll try and give you the short version of the week – Ran Monday afternoon in the freezing cold, then somehow skipped Tuesday and then the HORRIBLE Wednesday run, let me elaborate just a bit.  It was one of the top 10 worst runs I’ve had, my heart rate was sky high and it was so hard to keep up, it was absolutely miserable the entire time.  We had to take several walk breaks just so I could catch my breath, I seriously don’t know how I made it through the entire 6 miles, it was torturous.  My Garmin is set to alarm me when my heart rate reaches 183, it went off in every mile at least once.  I know it was because 1. I hadn’t been running any hills since I had been in Seattle for 2 weeks  2.  Just the difference from running outside versus running on a treadmill.  I was really worried, it was like my first week running.

Christmas day run was much better!!  I don’t know what was different just 24 hours later but my heart rate was back to normal, no issues.  Tammy and Kim came to the house around 7am and I put on my Santa hat, Tammy had on her red and white striped socks, just look at our after picture, aren’t we christmasy?  It was a good run today.  When we got back we did our gift exchange which was a lot of fun, drank coffee and talked.

Cheryl and Tammy

Cheryl and Tammy

Later in the morning Stephanie came over and opened her gifts, I think she liked everything Santa left for her.  We headed to my Mother’s for lunch.  I had made a Key Lime pie and Jello Salad for the festivities, my Mother had prepared a delicious Petit Jean Ham and all the trimmings, it was so delicious and I had my fill with not too much guilt.  Lots of gift giving in the afternoon and I was home before dark.

Friday was a weird morning, we were supposed to run at 6am, yes way too early, but someone had something to do, I think, but anyway it was raining.  Kim called and said she was staying at her house and would run in her neighborhood, but Tammy was on her way to my house in case it slacked off, luckily it was warm outside and not freezing cold.  By the time Tammy got here it had stopped raining and we decided to head out.  We got to the end of my street and my stomach started acting up, probably all the food I ate on Christmas, so we turned around and came back to my house.  I called it divine intervention because as we were getting close to my house we felt rain drops.  I used the bathroom and grabbed a couple of hats for us and we headed back out, it was just barely sprinkling.

We decided to only run around the lake and keep it light since we had a big hilly 14 miles to run on Saturday, and thank goodness, because at about 2.75 miles the sky opened up and we were getting pretty wet.  We finished our loop around the lake, grabbed our water bottles and my gloves and headed to my house.  We had to run past my house to get 3 miles, but we were pretty much done since we were wet and cold, that run was over.

Later in the day Kim and I headed out and did some after Christmas shopping, it was really warm, storms brewing for the night and Saturday.  Early night for me.

Saturday we were all  supposed to meet at my house no later than 5:25 so we could make the trip to Rahling Road in Little Rock for our Saturday run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group.  Around 5:26 no one was at my house, I had already run up and down my street, put out my trash and was getting worried.  I called Kim, she was almost there, but said Tammy had overslept and would be there shortly.  This would make us late, no biggie, my only concern was would there be any route sheets left?  I think Tammy pulled in about 20 till 6 and we were off.

Did I mention how warm it was?  65 degrees, nice, but very muggy and skies threatening rain.  We knew the biggest chance of rain was later in the day, I was keeping my fingers crossed that would be the case.  There was road spray and puddles from rain during the night, we all had worn appropriate clothing, hats, rain jackets that came off within the first mile.

As we turned onto Taylor Loop Road these huge drops of rain started falling, Kim said, I’m not running in this.  We all knew we could wait it out or run on Sunday so we just kept on driving.  We pulled into the meet spot about 10 after 6, I grabbed a route sheet and signed us in, not near as many people had signed in as usual and we got ourselves ready to head out, the rain had stopped!  This is the hardest route we do and I think we do it about 3 times for Marathon training, I hate it, Kim loves it and she runs up every hill, I really have no idea how she does it….

We started our conservatively and pretty much kept it that way, we did our nutrition, drank our water our what ever we had in our fuel belts and trudged up those mean ass hills!  The worst part about the day was the wind, it sucked the life out of me, especially when you were trying to run up one of those monsters and the wind was blowing right at you, I hated it.  One good thing, no rain.  I took my hat off for a while, felt a couple of sprinkles, put it back on and then took it off again, but the wind NEVER stopped.

Around mile 10 I was done when I realized we still had 4 miles to go, I was just depressed, I just kept telling myself, 1 mile at a time, but they were the longest freaking miles ever!  Kim and Tammy got ahead of me around mile 12 and I was thankful, I was wishing I had giving the code for my car so they could come back and pick me up, I was DONE!  and I still had that stupid Rahling Road hill to climb, I walked it, I didn’t care, when I got to the top I started running, barely, just so I could get finished.  I did realize that I haven’t run anything over 7 miles since the St. Jude marathon so I gave myself a break and didn’t beat myself up, I’m just glad I finished, I only had about 13.5 miles with a horribly slow average of 11:12 per mile.

No running today, I’m a little sore, especially my butt and outside of my thighs.  I do plan to finish raking my yard, that will give me plently of exercise!


3 Responses

  1. Oh #2….I can’t believe that you posted that pic!! You need to send it to me via email, so I can enlarge it some….yes, it has been a whirlwind past few days, but fun! Now I need to blog on that run yesterday!

  2. Cute picture!!!!

  3. I do this every time I read your blog, Cheryl: I see your banner and I picture you running San Francisco and then I am confused, lost and bewildered because you’re writing about something entirely different than SF, and then I smack my forehead. Again. 🙂

    Glad you recovered from the heart rate blues. Maybe dehydration? Or just bad running karma…

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