Brain is getting mushy

Okay, I need some financial advice, and I probably need a financial adviser, but I really can’t afford a financial adviser, or can’t afford not to have one?  My brain is fried from trying to sort out all the things that are going on economically, here is the short version, and any comments are welcome.

  • My employer will stop matching any money to my 401K on Jan 1, 2009
  • I’m thinking about reducing my 401K to 2%, taking the remaining 8% and putting it in my regular 2% savings account in case I lose my job, which is a possibility
  • I don’t know how to distribute my funds that are still left in my 401K so that I can quit losing loads of money
  • If I’m only contributing 2% of my gross pay to my 401K where should that 2% be allocated?
  • Everyone keeps saying just hang tight, don’t do anything, I’m afraid that if I don’t do anything in a year I’ll have nothing in my 401K, no one knows what is going to happen in a year, good or bad.

Okay, so now you can see why my brain is MUSHY, I’m not financially inclined, just tell me where to put my money.

Onto things that don’t cause a lot of thinking, running.  Yesterday morning Kim, Tammy and I were back to being bundled up and set out on our normal 6 mile loop.  I’m in a pissy mood, PMS, brain mush, just in general bitchy, so I don’t talk much, thank goodness Kim and Tammy are doing most of the talking.  We missed our first turn off on Crestwood, it was dark and no one noticed.  It was a pretty cold morning, by the time we got to North Hills the bank sign claimed it was 33 degrees, Tammy and I both had adjustments to make, jackets off, shoes to readjust.

I got a little ahead of the girls, don’t know how, just that pissy mood I guess, usually on Monday it sucks pretty bad, I just wanted to be out of the cold, I’m really done with cold.  By the time we got back to my house we had about 5.75 miles, I had lost a litte mileage when I took my jacket off, I guess my jacket pushed my stop button on my Garmin.

I brewed a large pot of coffee, put Smokey out on his leash and helped Tammy get her new Garmin programmed, at least I hope I did.  Kim could only stay for one cup of coffee, she was headed to Cabot for another workout.  Tammy stayed until 8 or so and then I had to get to work.

Tammy had given me and Kim some passes to the North Little Rock Athletic Club and I decided to go with Tammy to a Sculpt class last night, WOW, it was tough,  but great.  This got me down in the dumps, for one, I start traveling next week and don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and two, it’s too expensive.  I love exercise classes and miss them a lot!  I do go to the Community Center on Monday and Wednesday nights, but their classes are like Kindergarten compared to the Athletic Club.  I have two more free classes, not sure when I can go…

Today I ran a solo run.  Tammy had to work and Kim was in Southern Arkansas working, so I had already set my mind to running by myself and that’s what I did, it was fine, not as cold as yesterday, 37 degrees, 5 miles average pace of 10:17.  No speed records, but decent.  I’m not running tomorrow since I think I’ll be running Thursday – Sunday and then it’s off to Sunny Boca Raton, Florida for work next week.

Have you ever heard of the 1/2 of 1/2 store?  Next time you drive by look at the sign, would you ever think it said LIZ of LIZ, I’m LMAO, Tammy actually thought that was the name of the store LIZ of LIZ.  She told us that on Saturday and I thought I was going to wreck I was laughing so hard.


4 Responses

  1. My money and advisor are both with Ameriprise out on Rahling Road. I love my guy there!

  2. You crack me up #2!!!!! I guess you will never forget LIZ of LIZ as long as you live….On the financial side of things…can’t help you there…I don’t even have a clue of what you’re talking about….I bet you enjoyed your run today…it got warm and sunny this afternoon. Read your email..I want to do the Resolution run on New Year’s Day….

  3. Cheryl – My last two 401K statements have went straight into the trash without even being opened – I didn’t want to be in a horrible mood. All of our financial wizards at work keep telling me the same thing “just stay with it”. Hope they are right.


  4. Money? Put it in your mattress!

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