Hello…my name is Winter

What is up with this weather?  I think Winter is following me around, or maybe I am Winter?  Last week in Tampa they had a hard freeze for 2 days and below normal temperatures all week.  This week in Louisville, state of emergency because of all the ice, it’s been horrible.  I was stuck in my hotel for 2 days, the office I was supposed to be working at, closed.  The hotel is now full with residents of Louisville whose Electricity is out.

I did get to go into the office today, thank goodness, I was ready to get out and about.  I have been running on the treadmill, when I packed my clothes for the week I thought I was being oh so smart and packed nice warm clothes so I could run outside, HA!  There has been so much snow and ice there hasn’t been one run outside, unfortunately.  I haven’t hated the treadmill so much this week, I have been doing 4 miles each day and doing what is called a variety workout, mainly up and down, it’s really much better than running with no incline at all, keeps me engaged a bit, also watching VH1, but that’s getting old cause they play the same stuff every morning.

I meet a nice couple at dinner last night, actually it was before dinner, I had been sitting in the dining room at the hotel for about 30 minutes and they had too and neither one of us had been waited on and the husband got fed up and said we are going across the street to Applebee’s and invited me to come along, it was nice and I enjoyed getting outside and especially enjoyed the company after sitting in this hotel room for 2 days alone.

I head home tomorrow afternoon, hopefully no delays  and I get home at a decent hour, we have a 16 mile run on Saturday morning it’s my least favorite run, Rahling Road, but I will be taking my own sweet time on that one, I think Kim will be joining me and Tammy or at least that’s the word, I haven’t heard from or seen Kim in 4 weeks, she loves Rahling, glutton for punishment!

Has anyone heard anything about the new Under armor running shoes?  I need new shoes, like 3 weeks ago and have been contemplating changing brands, I’m wearing Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4’s now,  but once again they’ve changed them and are up to Wave Nirvana 5, UGH.

I’ll be back in Louisville next week, hopefully no snow or especially no ice, I need warmth, how about some 70 degree days?  How does that sound?  The ice here is just incredible I went out yesterday to try and get it off my rental car, it was ice, snow, ice, sleet, about 3 to 4 inches covering the entire car, I had to break it apart with the end of the ice scrapper.


Friday – Sunday update

Friday morning I actually did get in the 4 miles I had planned, even though it was freezing cold in Safety Harbor, FL, I think 28 or 29 degrees, they were under a hard freeze warning until 9am.  Actually 4.2 miles at about a 9:50 pace, it made me a little late for work, my last day in New Port Rickey!

It was a good two weeks, a good transition to their new software, not a lot of push-back or negativity, now it’s on to Louisville, KY, I hope it is as easy as it was here.

I made it home around 7:30pm, started unpacking, but didn’t finish, it’s just so pointless, I got out my running gear to get ready for our 14 mile run on Saturday morning, of course another cold one in store, I’m so ready for shorts weather.

Kim had drill this weekend so it was just me and Tammy on Saturday morning, our meet spot was Murray Park in Little Rock, this route is a good one, although I hate the Murray Park section, I’m glad it was dark, when it’s dark you don’t seem to notice the bad stuff so much, I concentrate on not falling over or tripping on something on the road!  The route is one big loop, Murray Park to Cantrell, downtown Little Rock over the Main Street bridge to the River Trail and then over the Big Dam Bridge back to your vehicle, a little over 14 miles at a 11:07 pace.

We did make a couple of pit stops, all mine of course, first one was about 4 miles in on Cantrell, I had to go and I knew the nearest spot was the Peabody in downtown, but low and behold there was a construction site and workers were just arriving so we ran in and I asked if I could use their port-a-potty, of course they said yes, it was a quick stop and we were off again.  Did I mention how miserable the weather was?  It was windy and cold, again.  I’m just over it, I want summer and I want it now!

I also had to squat in the woods on the River Trail, I went over this embankment and when I did I frightened 4 deer that were getting a drink from the river, they scared me as much as I scared them.  I was so glad to see the Big Dam Bridge, even though I was not looking forward to running over it, I knew we were almost done, about 2 miles to go.  I walked for a few seconds at the bottom of the bridge and then we started running and ran the entire bridge.

We were both looking forward to our Starbucks treat, Tammy more than me, I had been spoiled with the free Starbucks every day this last week, I think I will refrain this week, it’s much better when you don’t have it every day.  After Starbucks we headed to Target and then Home Depot, I had a pipe under my sink that busted and I thought I would be my own handyman and fix it, but right as we were pulling in I got in touch with Aaron, Stephanie’s plumber boyfriend, and he agreed to come over and fix it, took him about 20 minutes, I’m sure I would have spent at least half a day trying to fix it.

I had a surprise birthday party to attend on Saturday night, it was Arland’s 50th birthday party, after a couple of missed turns I finally arrived and it was long before the birthday party arrived.  He didn’t look too surprised to me, I think someone may have let the cat out of the bag.  It was a good time, lots of people and lots of good food, I really enjoyed myself.

This morning I had to make myself run my customary Sunday 5 miler, it was 28 degrees with 10mph winds, that made it feel like 18, I knew if I waited until later in the day I would never do it, so I bundled up and headed out.  Yes, I hated it, every step I hated, I actually cut  it short by 1/2 a mile.  I had to pee again, not sure what’s going on with my bladder, shrinking I guess.  I have thought a couple of times about picking up another form of exercise, I can’t run more than  4 or 5 miles without needing to go to the bathroom, either to pee or poop, it’s very annoying, I know, I know, more information than you needed to know…..But just think how frustrating it is for me, I have to think every run out in advance, where are the bathrooms? are there bathrooms?  I know the cause, old age and winter, I think it’s mainly winter, HA!!!

I have to get busy packing for Louisville, I haven’t even started, but I pretty much know what I’m going to pack, I just need to look at the weather to see how cold it’s going to be.  Have a good week either running or doing whatever it is you do.


That’s about all I can say about my trip this week, UGH!!  I’m in Florida, isn’t it supposed to be warm here?  This morning 28, it might have been warmer at home.

I’m a little down in the dumps knowing I have to leave again on Monday for Louisville, KY, I’m ready to stay home for a bit, but that’s not going to happen for awhile.  I have a friend in Louisville, but as my luck would have it, she’ll be out of town the same two weeks I’m there.

I ran on Tuesday morning, it was supposed to be around 45 degrees, but when I walked outside my hotel the wind about blew me over and it was cold!  I had grabbed my headband and thank goodness, I was pretty cold or at least my hands and legs were, I did bring gloves but had left them in my room.  I ran a whopping 3.5 miles before I had to get back and get a shower.

I didn’t run yesterday to windy and cold and I didn’t bring enough “winter” gear.  I did run today, because I felt like I had to, it was around 28 degrees at 5:00am, not a soul outside, the past few times I’ve seen at least one or two people out running or walking their dogs, not today, Florida was locked down tight.  I only got in a 5K today, but it was a fast 5K, it was cold and my attire was lacking.

I plan on running again tomorrow, hopefully 4 miles, but not counting on it, this time change has been kicking my butt, I can’t get up!  I don’t have that problem at home.  Heading to the airport around noon and hopefully will get home tomorrow night around 7:30pm, it will be a long day.

No really good food this week, salads, one Outback TO-GO, lots of Starbucks since I don’t have to pay for it, but other than that, UGH!!  Nothing.

Unpack, pack, unpack

Well, I’m home for two days and then off again to New Port Richey, FL for the week and then home for the weekend until the following week, Louisville, KY.  It’s going to be a wild 6 months.  I usually don’t mind traveling, but now that I know I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s no fun.  Traveling for a week or two then being back home is totally better.  Being gone week after week after week, sucks.  Dropped a bunch of clothes off at the dry cleaners today, can’t even get them until next weekend.

This morning, first, brrrr, cold and windy, Tammy and Kim were going to be at my house at 5:30, well last night Smokey knocked my alarm clock off the nightstand and when I reset the time I set it for EST, got up, dressed, getting ready to turn the porch light on for the girls when I noticed the clock on the stove read 4:15, WHAT??  I was confused ran in the Living Room to look at that clock, yep, 4:15 in there too.  Crap, I’m going back to bed for an hour, I laid back down, fully dressed, set the alarm on my cell phone and was about to doze off right before the alarm went off, why does that always happen?  I hadn’t slept well all night as it was and really needed about 45 minutes of extra sleep, damn it!

Around 5:40 no one was at my house so I called Tammy, she said she was on her way, but Kim had texted her last night and was not coming.  I haven’t seen Kim in over a week!!  Tammy and I headed to the Boat Ramp at the start of the River Trail in North Little Rock for our weekly run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group, we were both dressed pretty warmly, it was only about 24 degrees and windy, thank goodness we only had 10 miles today.  We ran slow today, which was fine by me.

Around mile 3 I started looking for a bathroom, Skate Park, new bathroom, locked, Golf Course, port-a-potties, gone, new bathrooms close to the dog park, locked, port-a-potties at the dog park, gone.  WTF?  We have run on the River Trail for the past few years and the one good thing has always been restrooms, today was the worst, there wasn’t one until we got back to mile 9.75.  I won’t go into the details, but I had to go into the woods, not a pretty sight, my hands and butt were frozen.

I think the only thing that got us through the 10 miles was knowing we were going to Starbucks afterwards, we were both having aches and pains here and there, and the bathroom issue…..

Starbucks was nice and warm and especially yummy.  No shopping today, I didn’t need anything, being out of town  has slowed down my shopping excursions, we got home early, I have lots to do to get ready for my trip including some work I brought home.

Posts will be short next week, I’m hoping to get 3 runs in again next week, hopefully a little longer than they were last week.  Happy running.

New Port Richey Recap

Well, I’m in New Port Richey, FL, I thought it was supposed to be warm in Florida??  Funny, the cold weather seems to follow me, first Seattle now Florida.  I arrived Monday around noon at the Tampa airport and headed north to New Port Richey, I’ve never been here before and it’s pretty boring.  Not on the beach, no hotels, nothing to eat, not even a Panera Bread 😦

I originally was booked at a Hilton Garden Inn in Oldsmar, FL, but had to change hotels because they wouldn’t come off their $145.00 night rate, so I found a Resort – Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in Safety Harbor, FL, it’s a beautiful resort, but haven’t gotten to enjoy it too much since I’m working most of the time.  They have a 50,000 sq ft Fitness Center, but I haven’t even got to go inside, leave to early get back to late.

Running – outside, which has been a little scary, at least the first day it was.  The hotel told me I could run 2.5 miles on the Greenway, but it was so freaking dark at 5:00 in the morning I got scared and turned around at 1.5 miles and called it good at 3 miles.  Chicken Shit, that was yesterday.  Today I had big plans, the thing is I have to be back in my room by 6:00am because I need to leave the hotel by 7:15, even thought I got up at 4:45, left my room at 5:05, started walking to warm up, which was hard, since today it was very cool outside for Florida 48 degrees, stopped a girl who was running and asked her how safe the Greenway was and she assured me I could run all the way to the end and it would be fine.

Once I got started the temperature was good, really perfect for running, still super dark, the only that was cold were my hands.  Ran to the end of the sidewalk and was disappointed I only had 1.5 miles, had to turn around and head back, about half way back my stomach started hurting, oh great, there was no where to go to the bathroom, this was becoming an emergency, white knuckle if you get my drift.  I did make it back in time, but barely, I only got 3 tiny miles in and it was almost 6, so it was impossible for me to go back out and get more miles, maybe tomorrow.  Only running tomorrow, not Friday, it’ll be too cold on Friday and I didn’t bring anything warm enough to run in!!

Next week I’ll be back here, maybe I’ll find a better route, the time change is killing me, getting up at 4:45 is like getting up at 3:45 in my head.  Eating pretty good, not pigging out on chocolate, yet.  Miss being home though, miss running with my friends, miss Smokey.

Where am I?

Well, I’m back home for now.  Arrived back home on Thursday night around 9pm after delays in Florida, happy to get home even though the warmth was appealing.   Smokey was glad to see me, got all my clothes unpacked, pajamas on, mail sorted (sort of) and in bed by 1o:30pm, the girls were scheduled to be here early on Friday.

Tammy and Kim were here at 6am on Friday, ready for our cold 6 mile loop.  It was hard to know what to wear after being in Florida where I threw on shorts and a tank because it was a warm 70 degrees, yummy.  Luckily I chose correctly and didn’t dress too warm, Kim on the other hand looked like the Michelin Man with tons of layers and her yodel-la-de-hoo hat.  The run was a good run, I don’t say that very often, it was slow, no struggles, it just felt good to me, maybe because I was back home running with my friends, or just running outside, not sure, but it felt “comfortable”.  We ended up with about 6.10 miles with about a 10:40 pace, the temperature was around 37, cold, but it’s been worst and it’s been better.

Today Kim was at drill and couldn’t join me and Tammy for our long run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group.  Earlier in the week Annette had mentioned running with us and when I talked to her last night it was still a go along with Michele.  Everyone was to meet at my house at 5:30am and everyone was on time, but we ended up leaving a little late, by the time we got to Lake Willastein in Maumelle we were almost late.

This was a weird morning, I checked the weather around 4:30, 68 degrees, oh my, super warm, but the hour by hour forecast showed by 9am it would be 45, that’s a 20 degree difference, it also showed winds up to 20 mph from the North.  This was again difficult to know how to dress, since it was so warm to start, but we knew the wind and cold was coming.  I think we all did pretty good, as a matter of fact when we got out of the vehicle the garments we were going to add on later went on right away, the wind had already picked up.

The first 8 miles of our run today was pretty flat which was a huge relief since the last two weeks have been super hilly, it was much easier until you turned and were running into the wind.  The last 8 miles were just rolling hills, one or two steep hills, but nothing major.  I think we all had some sort of ache or pain today, I guess all runners do, at least after you run a certain amount of miles body parts just start hurting, it was my feet and knees, which is pretty normal for me, but my foot felt like it was about to explode with every step, not sure what to do about it, maybe new shoes.

We ended up with around 15.7 miles with I think about a 11:15 pace, maybe a little slower, I think we did great considering the wind, cold and all our aches and pains.  This run was much better today than last week, at least it was for me.  After our run we headed to Starbucks for our treat as we were sitting there trying to get warm, I said “If I couldn’t have Starbucks or a treat after a long run like this one, why do it?”  and I meant it.

Tomorrow I start packing again for my next trip, I leave for New Port Richey, FL on Monday, it will not be last week, lots of long hours and hopefully a few runs thrown in.  I’ll be staying in Safety Harbor, FL at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, even though I probably won’t even be able to enjoy the resort 😦  They do have a huge fitness center with classes, but I think I won’t be able to join in since my hours will be long with the new software rollout.

Well, I’m pooped and am ready to go to bed, I hope I can get a short 5 miles in tomorrow since next week will probably be a short mileage week.

On a side note – Natural Gas, which is what we use to heat our houses in Arkansas, well my bill about gave me a heart attack yesterday, I was out of town for 2 weeks during the 30 day period I was charged for, my bill, $326.00.  I about lost it.  For one thing, my house is always cold, between 64-66 degrees, 60 degrees at night, when I’m out of town 58-60 degrees, my water heater is on Natural Gas too, but that’s it.  Since I’ve only lived here a few months I had no idea what the winter bills would be, I was really stressing out, called Centerpoint Energy and they had me read my meter and luckily the meter had been read wrong, my bill is now $188.00, still way to high, but much better.

Florida makes you forget about winter

It’s just amazing how a little bit of Florida sunshine can make you forget all about winter.  I arrived in Boca Raton Sunday night around 10pm and immediately had to strip my coat off since it was about 75 degrees!  Love it!  Finally got to my hotel and in bed by about midnight, it was a long day.

Thank goodness I had gotten in a run Sunday morning, there was no way I was getting up at 5am on Monday morning before going into the office.  Tammy had decided not to run with me and Kim on Sunday morning and as Kim and I were rounding the bend by the Old Mill it had started raining we were glad she didn’t because there she was in her car and Kim and I hopped in.  The rain was cold and the WIND was brutal, we were so happy to see her!  We only had about 1/2 a mile to go so we were not disappointed.

Last night in Boca we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Season 52, its so super yummy, everything is fresh, in season, no butter, every meal is under 475 calories.  I had the cedar plank salmon with fresh veggies and I ordered a side of roasted golden beets with wasabi dipping sauce, oh my god!! they were melt in your mouth delicious!  I couldn’t eat all my veggies, but I tried, I shared my beets with Eric and Sherry, they loved them too.  Once I got back to the hotel I stayed up way too late watching TV, True Beauty, I think is what I started watching, it was hilarious, a game show where these beautiful people are tested on their inner beauty, they just don’t know it.  So, finally went to bed around 11:30.  KNOWING my alarm was set for 4:45am….

When my alarm went off at 4:45 I think I hit the snooze 3 times, I could not get up, I did finally get up and get over to the treadmill around 5:30am, I was so dreading it.  I hooked my headphones up, turned the TV on and set the program for hills and 40 minutes.  Stupid TV, I absolutely could get nothing except news, a spanish channel, cartoon channel, nature channel and infomercials.  Really put me in a piss poor mood.  I did my 40 stinking minutes and the hills kicked my butt!  I had to slow down my speed several times, I will use this program again tomorrow, if I get up on time maybe an hour, but I doubt it with nothing to distract me.

Coming home on Thursday night, big 16 mile run on Saturday, maybe Spring has sprung back home, HA!!!