16 miles and packing

This morning was a 16 mile run with the Little Rock marathon training group.  Kim and Tammy were promptly at my house around 5:30am and raring to go, I wasn’t so gung-ho, I haven’t run 16 miles since August!  Oh well, what doesn’t kill you….

Light dress today, it was WARM this morning, I’m guessing around 55 or so, but muggy, I’m not complaining, it was great, no gloves, no layers, no headband, it was a good temperature and I was sweating before we had gone 3 or 4 miles.  The route today was the same old, same old, McArthur Park Route, takes us from the downtown area of Little Rock, through the ghetto, Governor’s Mansion district, Capitol area, Hillcrest and then the Heights and back down again.  A lot of the route is on the Marathon course.  We did have to make a pit stop at Children’s Hospital, I HAD to go to the bathroom and we were only about 45 minutes into our run and there was nothing and nowhere to go, it was an experience, but now we know they have a nice clean bathroom.

The route was pretty hilly, I call it Rahling Road #2, we made decent time, a few pit stops, we were in no hurry today and took our time, did a decent job of nutrition and missed the rain once again.  It was much better for me today compared to last week, but the last mile was murder, I thought my foot was going to explode or my legs were going to fall off, but we all just kept trudging along and to my dismay my legs were still attached when we finished!

We stopped at Starbucks grabbed our favorite drinks and instead of our usual shopping extravaganza we went to my house.  I think we were all shopped out or broke.  I did go to the Mall later in the day, did some returns/exchanges and just looked around, nothing I couldn’t live without.

Tomorrow I head to Boca Raton, FL, I’ll be back on Thursday night, next week New Port Richie, FL and the list goes on after that, my running will suffer for sure, I hate it, but it’s my job, I’ll just have to learn to love the treadmill, I’m going to do a hill program instead of just doing the quick start and see how that goes.

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  1. Yeah…we’ll miss you..I have a feeling that I will be doing alot of runs by myself from now on…at least you’ll be home for the weekend long runs…

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