Where am I?

Well, I’m back home for now.  Arrived back home on Thursday night around 9pm after delays in Florida, happy to get home even though the warmth was appealing.   Smokey was glad to see me, got all my clothes unpacked, pajamas on, mail sorted (sort of) and in bed by 1o:30pm, the girls were scheduled to be here early on Friday.

Tammy and Kim were here at 6am on Friday, ready for our cold 6 mile loop.  It was hard to know what to wear after being in Florida where I threw on shorts and a tank because it was a warm 70 degrees, yummy.  Luckily I chose correctly and didn’t dress too warm, Kim on the other hand looked like the Michelin Man with tons of layers and her yodel-la-de-hoo hat.  The run was a good run, I don’t say that very often, it was slow, no struggles, it just felt good to me, maybe because I was back home running with my friends, or just running outside, not sure, but it felt “comfortable”.  We ended up with about 6.10 miles with about a 10:40 pace, the temperature was around 37, cold, but it’s been worst and it’s been better.

Today Kim was at drill and couldn’t join me and Tammy for our long run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group.  Earlier in the week Annette had mentioned running with us and when I talked to her last night it was still a go along with Michele.  Everyone was to meet at my house at 5:30am and everyone was on time, but we ended up leaving a little late, by the time we got to Lake Willastein in Maumelle we were almost late.

This was a weird morning, I checked the weather around 4:30, 68 degrees, oh my, super warm, but the hour by hour forecast showed by 9am it would be 45, that’s a 20 degree difference, it also showed winds up to 20 mph from the North.  This was again difficult to know how to dress, since it was so warm to start, but we knew the wind and cold was coming.  I think we all did pretty good, as a matter of fact when we got out of the vehicle the garments we were going to add on later went on right away, the wind had already picked up.

The first 8 miles of our run today was pretty flat which was a huge relief since the last two weeks have been super hilly, it was much easier until you turned and were running into the wind.  The last 8 miles were just rolling hills, one or two steep hills, but nothing major.  I think we all had some sort of ache or pain today, I guess all runners do, at least after you run a certain amount of miles body parts just start hurting, it was my feet and knees, which is pretty normal for me, but my foot felt like it was about to explode with every step, not sure what to do about it, maybe new shoes.

We ended up with around 15.7 miles with I think about a 11:15 pace, maybe a little slower, I think we did great considering the wind, cold and all our aches and pains.  This run was much better today than last week, at least it was for me.  After our run we headed to Starbucks for our treat as we were sitting there trying to get warm, I said “If I couldn’t have Starbucks or a treat after a long run like this one, why do it?”  and I meant it.

Tomorrow I start packing again for my next trip, I leave for New Port Richey, FL on Monday, it will not be last week, lots of long hours and hopefully a few runs thrown in.  I’ll be staying in Safety Harbor, FL at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, even though I probably won’t even be able to enjoy the resort 😦  They do have a huge fitness center with classes, but I think I won’t be able to join in since my hours will be long with the new software rollout.

Well, I’m pooped and am ready to go to bed, I hope I can get a short 5 miles in tomorrow since next week will probably be a short mileage week.

On a side note – Natural Gas, which is what we use to heat our houses in Arkansas, well my bill about gave me a heart attack yesterday, I was out of town for 2 weeks during the 30 day period I was charged for, my bill, $326.00.  I about lost it.  For one thing, my house is always cold, between 64-66 degrees, 60 degrees at night, when I’m out of town 58-60 degrees, my water heater is on Natural Gas too, but that’s it.  Since I’ve only lived here a few months I had no idea what the winter bills would be, I was really stressing out, called Centerpoint Energy and they had me read my meter and luckily the meter had been read wrong, my bill is now $188.00, still way to high, but much better.


2 Responses

  1. Ugh.. heating in winter. Don’t get me started.

    Sounds like a good run.

  2. Well…next weekend will feel like a dream with only 10 miles on the schedule…can’t remember where…Anyhoo, maybe you can start looking for new shoes when you get home! Hope you enjoyed your run this morning and that it wasn’t too windy. I opened the door to let the cats out and it was cold!!!!

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