New Port Richey Recap

Well, I’m in New Port Richey, FL, I thought it was supposed to be warm in Florida??  Funny, the cold weather seems to follow me, first Seattle now Florida.  I arrived Monday around noon at the Tampa airport and headed north to New Port Richey, I’ve never been here before and it’s pretty boring.  Not on the beach, no hotels, nothing to eat, not even a Panera Bread 😦

I originally was booked at a Hilton Garden Inn in Oldsmar, FL, but had to change hotels because they wouldn’t come off their $145.00 night rate, so I found a Resort – Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in Safety Harbor, FL, it’s a beautiful resort, but haven’t gotten to enjoy it too much since I’m working most of the time.  They have a 50,000 sq ft Fitness Center, but I haven’t even got to go inside, leave to early get back to late.

Running – outside, which has been a little scary, at least the first day it was.  The hotel told me I could run 2.5 miles on the Greenway, but it was so freaking dark at 5:00 in the morning I got scared and turned around at 1.5 miles and called it good at 3 miles.  Chicken Shit, that was yesterday.  Today I had big plans, the thing is I have to be back in my room by 6:00am because I need to leave the hotel by 7:15, even thought I got up at 4:45, left my room at 5:05, started walking to warm up, which was hard, since today it was very cool outside for Florida 48 degrees, stopped a girl who was running and asked her how safe the Greenway was and she assured me I could run all the way to the end and it would be fine.

Once I got started the temperature was good, really perfect for running, still super dark, the only that was cold were my hands.  Ran to the end of the sidewalk and was disappointed I only had 1.5 miles, had to turn around and head back, about half way back my stomach started hurting, oh great, there was no where to go to the bathroom, this was becoming an emergency, white knuckle if you get my drift.  I did make it back in time, but barely, I only got 3 tiny miles in and it was almost 6, so it was impossible for me to go back out and get more miles, maybe tomorrow.  Only running tomorrow, not Friday, it’ll be too cold on Friday and I didn’t bring anything warm enough to run in!!

Next week I’ll be back here, maybe I’ll find a better route, the time change is killing me, getting up at 4:45 is like getting up at 3:45 in my head.  Eating pretty good, not pigging out on chocolate, yet.  Miss being home though, miss running with my friends, miss Smokey.

5 Responses

  1. It’s hard to run when you’re in a strange city in a hotel.

  2. I miss you too, Skipper….no running friends around for me 😦 Today was ridiculously cold, so I ran inside at the track….5 miles of boringness, but at least I did something…this has been a bad running week in general… Are you still doing the 10 miler on Saturday? Don’t know if Kim is…I’m thinking not… I’ll have to update you on Podiatrist appt. #2 on Saturday. It will be COLD…30’s…ugh…

  3. New update…tomorrow’s high in Arkansas…..29 degrees! And Saturday morning….oh, you don’t want to know….

  4. Running in the (early morning) dark: Sucks. So. Bad.

    I hate it. So much that I am revamping my class schedule and thinking seriously about switching jobs earlier than I had intended to, just so I don’t have to run in the early morning dark this winter.

    I hate it. Did I mention that? I’m so impressed that you ran, anyway.

  5. I hate trying to get my runs in when I have to travel for work. Even when I do they usually suck. At least its warmer there!

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