Friday – Sunday update

Friday morning I actually did get in the 4 miles I had planned, even though it was freezing cold in Safety Harbor, FL, I think 28 or 29 degrees, they were under a hard freeze warning until 9am.  Actually 4.2 miles at about a 9:50 pace, it made me a little late for work, my last day in New Port Rickey!

It was a good two weeks, a good transition to their new software, not a lot of push-back or negativity, now it’s on to Louisville, KY, I hope it is as easy as it was here.

I made it home around 7:30pm, started unpacking, but didn’t finish, it’s just so pointless, I got out my running gear to get ready for our 14 mile run on Saturday morning, of course another cold one in store, I’m so ready for shorts weather.

Kim had drill this weekend so it was just me and Tammy on Saturday morning, our meet spot was Murray Park in Little Rock, this route is a good one, although I hate the Murray Park section, I’m glad it was dark, when it’s dark you don’t seem to notice the bad stuff so much, I concentrate on not falling over or tripping on something on the road!  The route is one big loop, Murray Park to Cantrell, downtown Little Rock over the Main Street bridge to the River Trail and then over the Big Dam Bridge back to your vehicle, a little over 14 miles at a 11:07 pace.

We did make a couple of pit stops, all mine of course, first one was about 4 miles in on Cantrell, I had to go and I knew the nearest spot was the Peabody in downtown, but low and behold there was a construction site and workers were just arriving so we ran in and I asked if I could use their port-a-potty, of course they said yes, it was a quick stop and we were off again.  Did I mention how miserable the weather was?  It was windy and cold, again.  I’m just over it, I want summer and I want it now!

I also had to squat in the woods on the River Trail, I went over this embankment and when I did I frightened 4 deer that were getting a drink from the river, they scared me as much as I scared them.  I was so glad to see the Big Dam Bridge, even though I was not looking forward to running over it, I knew we were almost done, about 2 miles to go.  I walked for a few seconds at the bottom of the bridge and then we started running and ran the entire bridge.

We were both looking forward to our Starbucks treat, Tammy more than me, I had been spoiled with the free Starbucks every day this last week, I think I will refrain this week, it’s much better when you don’t have it every day.  After Starbucks we headed to Target and then Home Depot, I had a pipe under my sink that busted and I thought I would be my own handyman and fix it, but right as we were pulling in I got in touch with Aaron, Stephanie’s plumber boyfriend, and he agreed to come over and fix it, took him about 20 minutes, I’m sure I would have spent at least half a day trying to fix it.

I had a surprise birthday party to attend on Saturday night, it was Arland’s 50th birthday party, after a couple of missed turns I finally arrived and it was long before the birthday party arrived.  He didn’t look too surprised to me, I think someone may have let the cat out of the bag.  It was a good time, lots of people and lots of good food, I really enjoyed myself.

This morning I had to make myself run my customary Sunday 5 miler, it was 28 degrees with 10mph winds, that made it feel like 18, I knew if I waited until later in the day I would never do it, so I bundled up and headed out.  Yes, I hated it, every step I hated, I actually cut  it short by 1/2 a mile.  I had to pee again, not sure what’s going on with my bladder, shrinking I guess.  I have thought a couple of times about picking up another form of exercise, I can’t run more than  4 or 5 miles without needing to go to the bathroom, either to pee or poop, it’s very annoying, I know, I know, more information than you needed to know…..But just think how frustrating it is for me, I have to think every run out in advance, where are the bathrooms? are there bathrooms?  I know the cause, old age and winter, I think it’s mainly winter, HA!!!

I have to get busy packing for Louisville, I haven’t even started, but I pretty much know what I’m going to pack, I just need to look at the weather to see how cold it’s going to be.  Have a good week either running or doing whatever it is you do.


3 Responses

  1. Cheryl, thanks for coming to the party! It was so awesome seeing everyone there and glad you had a good time.

  2. Not all the stops were yours…you so graciously left out the numerous shoe adjustments and the times I stopped to walk…however, in my defense…even when I walk, you still run..hehe…will miss you again this week. Get ready for Rhaling Rd. adventures next weekend…16 miles….ugh…hopefully it won’t rain…

  3. So sad that we grown up gals have to plan our runs around the potties, isn’t it? I can go about 6 (or a 10K), but if I’m well hydrated, that’s IT. Not sure how I’m going to fare once I start doing longer races.

    Good on ya for getting out there in 28 degrees. I vow never to complain about 40 degree mornings, again.

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