Hello…my name is Winter

What is up with this weather?  I think Winter is following me around, or maybe I am Winter?  Last week in Tampa they had a hard freeze for 2 days and below normal temperatures all week.  This week in Louisville, state of emergency because of all the ice, it’s been horrible.  I was stuck in my hotel for 2 days, the office I was supposed to be working at, closed.  The hotel is now full with residents of Louisville whose Electricity is out.

I did get to go into the office today, thank goodness, I was ready to get out and about.  I have been running on the treadmill, when I packed my clothes for the week I thought I was being oh so smart and packed nice warm clothes so I could run outside, HA!  There has been so much snow and ice there hasn’t been one run outside, unfortunately.  I haven’t hated the treadmill so much this week, I have been doing 4 miles each day and doing what is called a variety workout, mainly up and down, it’s really much better than running with no incline at all, keeps me engaged a bit, also watching VH1, but that’s getting old cause they play the same stuff every morning.

I meet a nice couple at dinner last night, actually it was before dinner, I had been sitting in the dining room at the hotel for about 30 minutes and they had too and neither one of us had been waited on and the husband got fed up and said we are going across the street to Applebee’s and invited me to come along, it was nice and I enjoyed getting outside and especially enjoyed the company after sitting in this hotel room for 2 days alone.

I head home tomorrow afternoon, hopefully no delays  and I get home at a decent hour, we have a 16 mile run on Saturday morning it’s my least favorite run, Rahling Road, but I will be taking my own sweet time on that one, I think Kim will be joining me and Tammy or at least that’s the word, I haven’t heard from or seen Kim in 4 weeks, she loves Rahling, glutton for punishment!

Has anyone heard anything about the new Under armor running shoes?  I need new shoes, like 3 weeks ago and have been contemplating changing brands, I’m wearing Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4’s now,  but once again they’ve changed them and are up to Wave Nirvana 5, UGH.

I’ll be back in Louisville next week, hopefully no snow or especially no ice, I need warmth, how about some 70 degree days?  How does that sound?  The ice here is just incredible I went out yesterday to try and get it off my rental car, it was ice, snow, ice, sleet, about 3 to 4 inches covering the entire car, I had to break it apart with the end of the ice scrapper.


3 Responses

  1. It just hurts to go outside…ugh…tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 50’s and Saturday, in the high 50’s or low 60’s…but the am will still be cold for the run! I dread it! At least the low is supposed to be 34 now instead of the 26 they said a few days ago…I’ve only done 2 runs this week..One 4 miler on Monday outside and a 6 miler yesterday on the track. I will probably do at least 4 tomorrow..Hope you make it home as planned..I have a feeling if you don’t make it home, i would be by myself…

  2. I hope you guys have a good run on Rahling Rd. It sounds like the conditions will be better than the first time we did it last year!! I know you have run it a bunch since then but I will never forget that day!

    I will think of you guys as I am basking in the Southern California sunshine?
    Love ya!!!

  3. And out in the West we’re all freaking out because of the hot and the dry. Wish we could even it out.

    Here’s to perfect running weather!

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