River Trail 18 miler

Oh my what a day yesterday was….Tammy had 18 miles on her schedule and of course I needed a run, a friend, some exercise and some fresh air, not necessarily in that order.  Tammy was at my house around 5:20 and we were pretty much out the door by 5:30 after we decided to throw on our headbands since the wind had picked up quite a bit, even though the temperature was super nice, thinking 50’s.

The meet spot this week was the Surgery Center which is close to the River Trail in North Little Rock, neither one of us were looking forward to this run and I was worried about not having any bathrooms, last time we were on the River Trail all the bathrooms were locked, I guess they think people aren’t out in the winter?  I couldn’t imagine what our route would be since the River Trail is only 14 miles if you take the entire Little Rock/North Little Rock loop.

We arrived on time and I didn’t want to get out, just warm and toasty inside and it was windy, but not COLD, just chilly, I knew we would warm up as soon as we started running, but you know how it is when you are just standing around.  We signed in and got the route, I was surprised to see we would be running into Burns Park, this would be a first for me, I guess I missed this run last year, so I was uncertain of all the turns.  Usually I know the route pretty well since this is the second year I have run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group.

We started out going toward the Big Dam Bridge and came upon the first bathroom (yippee) at Cook’s Landing, I really didn’t need to go, but didn’t want to pass  it up, I can always squeeze out a pee, my bladder is about the size of a pea, we were only around 1.5 miles.  Once we started running again we were running with a guy who started talking to us and was telling us he was going to try and qualify for Boston, he needed a 3:45 marathon time, and he looked older to us, he had only run 2 marathons previously, one at 5:30 and one at 4:30, an hour improvement, he was hoping for 4:00 at the Little Rock Marathon, I was just in shock!  He ended up going ahead of us, of course.

Here comes the wreck, we were getting close to the soccer field turn off and I was looking at some people turning and some people going straight, we were turning to the left and BAM?  I went flying through the air and landed on my hands, knees, back, here comes Tammy “Are you okay? did you sprain your ankle?”  I didn’t know what had happened, I didn’t even know what I had hit!  Turns out there were parking spaces and those concrete dividers that keep you from rolling forward, that’s what I hit with my foot. Owwww!  I laid there for a minute or two, but nothing was broken, my hands were killing me and blood was running down my right leg, we walked over to the bathroom, which was OPEN! and I was able to clean up my hands and knees.  I wasn’t in any pain, just my hands and I didn’t need those to run so off we went.

It was nice not being cold for once, but the wind was brutal at times, I really get sick of fighting it.  The route took us all through the soccer fields, through the back roads of Burns Park, around the tennis courts, ball fields, another bathroom, which I took advantage of and then back toward the River Trail, yuck.  Once we got back to the River Trail I was getting pretty tired.  I had not gotten hardly any mileage in all week, my endurance has gone to pot since I’ve been traveling, it sucks.  Tammy had decided to run 4 miles and then walk 1/2 mile and it worked pretty good, except she is a fast walker, so I had to shuffle to her walk, but it worked.

I really didn’t think I was going to make it, once we got to the Skateboard park I couldn’t imagine running all the way back to the Surgery Center, it seemed like forever.  I was so ready for it to be over, my knees were starting to hurt from the fall, my FEET were killing me, shoes are worn out, every part of my body seemed to be hurting and getting worse with every step, I was just trying to get through 1 mile at a time and even that was hard, but we did it.

I was so thankful to see the end, it was extremely hard yesterday, I know it was the lack of running and my damned shoes too, I should be running better by now, but it seems I’ve taken a step backwards, I don’t like that feeling at all.

When we got back Tom gave me a disposable ice pack for my knee, it felt great, we stretched and that felt even better I was so sore, my hips and butt especially.  Off to Starbucks, I was still not feeling top notch, usually by the time we get to Starbucks I’ve gotten over the run and ready for the day, not yesterday, I was exhausted, but we went to Target anyway, we didn’t shop a whole lot, got a few things and then headed home.

It was such a warm day I decided to try and get out and work in my yard, that ended up being 3 hours, I wanted to go to Conway to look for new shoes, but I was too tired, sounds lame doesn’t it?  But I was, at 3:30 I still had not had a shower, I made myself something to eat, sat down on the couch and finally got in the shower at 4:30, I wasn’t going to Conway.

Last night I started feeling nauseated, I had a headache and took a Darvocet, it didn’t do a thing so I took another one, I think that’s what made me sick, but I’m not sure because when I got up this morning, still yucky.  Probably overdid it yesterday, but have a ton to do today with getting ready to leave again tomorrow.  I’ll be heading to Columbia, SC for two weeks and then I’ll be home for 2 week, I’m so excited I’ll be home for 2 weeks, but then it will be off again 😦

I did not run this morning, I am very sore from yesterday, working in the yard and that 18 mile run!  I’m heading outside to work in the backyard today, but hopefully I won’t overdo it, maybe a run this afternoon.  I’m hoping to get in 3 or 4 runs in Columbia this week, but as I’ve seen in my previous travels that doesn’t always work out.


3 Responses

  1. Yay I’m glad you fixed this post!! Im so excited you get to have 2 weeks home after next week! Running with full of ups and downs! I know how frustrating it is to think you have turned the corner and gained speed and endurance and then boom it seems to be gone… but it will come back!!

  2. Looking forward to Saturday, Skip…especially since they changed the route to the River Market…I was dreading Maumelle..I guess I was scarred from last time…Anyhoo, hope you are getting some runs in this week…

  3. Good luck in Columbia! I have never been there.

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