20 miler was a wet one

What a day for a 20 mile run.  Yesterday was Tammy’s first 20 mile run in preparation for the Little Rock Marathon on March 15, we’ve been doing the long runs every Saturday since the first of September and I don’t know how we’ve missed being rained on, but Mother Nature made up for it yesterday.

Tammy had warned me earlier in the week – it supposed to be in the 20’s with a wintry mix, oh boy, but in Arkansas the weather changes by the hour and as the week went on we were blessed with the temperature starting out in the 40’s, but still a chance of rain.

I talked to Tammy Friday night while I was at the airport and she said still a big chance of rain, she was thinking of maybe doing the run on Sunday, I piped in, what would you do if it rained on Marathon day?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I did not want to run in the rain, but we have to be prepared, it could very well rain on Marathon day, it could snow or even be hot, who knows, you have to be prepared for any condition mean ole Mother Nature might throw at you.

I got home at a decent hour on Friday night, around 8:00pm and was able to get unpacked and start getting my clothes ready for the next day, I checked the forecast and there was a 60% chance of rain, yuck.  I packed my regular running gear, plus added some stuff in a bag to change into, dry socks, shoes, top, jacket.  Tammy had also said we would be looping around by our vehicles around mile 12 if we needed to refill water or change clothes, THANK GOD!

Kim was to meet up with us at the parking lot and she did, I was surprised seeing that she is running an Ultra next weekend in Ft. Worth, I thought she would be tapering this week.  It was a HUGE crowd of runners and it was not raining, but we all had our rain gear on, hats, rain jackets, even though we could see the moon and it did look like it was clearing up, fooled us.

We were running most of the marathon route, which we also ran last week too, first across the Broadway Bridge into NLR and first pit stop, I couldn’t pass it up, mile 1.5 and then off again, we looped through Argenta then back across the bridge, through downtown, the River Market and over by the Interstate when we felt the first rain drops, this was around mile 6, oh great, 14 miles to go, wet and cold.  At first it was just a sprinkle and then these huge drops started coming down, it was a cruel joke, it rained for at least a mile then let up.  As we turned onto 16th street which was right in the middle of the Ghetto, mile 10, it started again, great.  This time though we were being pelted with either Hail or Sleet, we were sure which and this huge lightning bolt and clap of thunder.  They hadn’t predicted thundershowers so this was a shock to us all and we had nowhere to take cover.

All we could do was keep running, we spotted an overhang on an old building and pulled in there until the biggest part of the rain let up, maybe 5 minutes, while we were there we had a chance to do our nutrition and get some water, which I’m sure we didn’t do enough of yesterday.  Once the rain let up some we were off again.  It was 2 miles back to the car, I was anxious to get dry socks, mine were squishy.  Kim was talking about calling it a day when we got back to the car if the rain was still heavy.

Once we got back to our cars I changed socks, I really don’t know why, my insoles were soaked and as soon as I put my foot back in my shoe my sock was wet again, but it felt good for about a minute, it also gave me a minute to massage my aching feet.  My feet were killing me even before we got to 10 miles, I’m not sure what the problem is, probably just old joints, but it’s very painful, I guess at some point I need to go to see someone.

While Kim was in her car changing socks I had a feeling she was not going to finishing the 20 miles and sure enough she had the beginnings of some blisters on her toes and decided to call it a day, I don’t blame her, the Ultra is looming just 7 days away.  So it was hugs and good-byes, Tammy and I were off again in the rain, which never really quit for the last 8 miles, I think it may have gone down to a mist one or two times, but it was just miserable.

I had to take my gloves completely off, they were so soaked I was constantly squeezing water out of them and I think they were making my hands colder, so mile 13 on, no gloves.  I felt much colder the last part, no wonder, wet and a little wind, my jacket kept most of the rain off, but it was still getting in around my neck, my head was wet, soaked though my hat, my legs, butt, feet, everything wet and cold, but we did it, we ran 20 miles and now Tammy knows she can finish that marathon no matter what the conditions.  I was super proud of her, toward the end her hip was really bothering her, but she pushed through it and looked like she could have run another 6 miles.

We immediately got out of our wet tops, socks and shoes, which made us feel a ton better, but the shivering would not stop, Starbucks was calling and we couldn’t get there soon enough.  That hot coffee was the best, the heat was blasting in my vehicle and when we pulled up at my house we didn’t want to get out.

I spent the day curled up watching TV and just relaxing, I don’t have to go out of town for 2 weeks, what a relief.  This morning I wanted to sleep in, but I woke up at 4:30am, OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me.  I immediately started thinking about the American Odyssey Relay, it’s just a couple of months away and I have to make my airline arrangements today, just different things going through my mind about that and then my stomach started hurting and I just didn’t feel right.  My lower back was aching, head hurting, went back to bed, just felt bad.  I couldn’t go back to sleep and got up at 6:00, made coffee, got the paper and could hardly drink my coffee, I know this is TMI – but I was running to the bathroom, this happened about 5 times, still feel achy, took my temperature and it’s about 99.5, so I guess I picked up a bug.  I’ve taken some ibuprofen, finally gotten something in my gut and am in bed with the electric blanket on high.  This is not how I had planned to spend my day, I’m hoping I feel better in a little while, right now every time I get up I feel like crap and it’s back to bed, I don’t get sick, hardly ever.

Oh – our 20 miler was at an average pace of 11:27, pretty strong I think considering the elements.  My Garmin is set to stop when I stop.


4 Responses

  1. Hopefully the excursion in the rain didn’t cause or exaggerate the sickness..that sucks! I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you should rest and not run tomorrow? See how you feel….I went to The Bucks this morning and did 50 minutes on my spin bike, went tanning….about to take a shower and read the paper. I feel surprisingly good after yesterday, the usual soreness, but I think the cycling helped!

  2. Runs like that are so psychologically difficult… I remember chafing in spots I didn’t think rub on anything else. Way for you and Tammy to stick it out.

    it’s that sick time of year. Alas.

  3. Good job on getting the run done. Running in bad conditions just makes you stronger come race day as you know that it can’t get much worse than that. Hope you get to feeling better!

  4. Cheryl – way to hang tough!!!! You gave Tammy great advice about how bad the weather can be race day. Hopefully we will have good weather but no matter what you guys will be ready for it.
    Hope you are feeling better.

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