Small run

Today was my first run since Saturday’s 20-miler and since I’ve been sick, it was not the best run ever, but I did run 3 miles with an average pace of 10:28, not bad, not great.

I’m keeping my Dr.’s appointment I have this afternoon, my stomach is still not right, I still feel nauseated and my joints are still getting some odd sharp pains, this may be my only chance to go to the Dr. before I head back on the road.  On the Dr. note, I had a dream about my Doc this morning, he ravished me 🙂 and I did not mind. HA!!!

Tomorrow I will attempt 4 miles and then I think Tammy and I are running the 5 mile loop on Friday.


3 Responses

  1. A small run is better than no run!!! I’m glad you are feeling a little bit better. Good idea to keep the doctor appointment!

  2. Ew….don’t use the word “ravished”…..planning to do the loop with you on Friday…the 5 miler, not the 6 miler…oh and did you SEE the weather on Saturday? WET WET WET..geez….

  3. i HOPE HE’S CUTE!!!!

    Feel better.

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