No Recap – New Week

I’m going to try and forget last week – Macon, GA – Tough week for work and running, starting new with Saturday and the Cabot Spring Fling 2009.

Saturday was Tammy’s Birthday and she wanted to run the Spring Fling for months, she wanted me and Kim to run with her, we agreed, first 5K of the year for all three of us.  Kim spent the night Friday and we stayed up to watch the weather for Saturday, not looking good for the Race, rain, cold and wind, our favorite things.  A few times during the night I heard the rain and the wind, not looking good at all.

We woke up around 5:00, not on purpose, we heard Smokey hacking up a hairball, after that neither one of us could go back to sleep, it was still raining.  We just laid in the bed trying to go back to sleep until 6:00, at that point we were dreading running the 5K in the rain and we heard Kim’s phone beeping with a text, from Tammy, the rain had stopped.

We got up, I stepped outside and it didn’t feel as cold as predicted, we started getting ready, I thought it would be okay to wear a short sleeve top and running pants, HA!

Tammy arrived about 6:45, she said it had gotten colder since she left her house, hmmm.  We gathered our stuff and as soon as I stepped outside I knew it was too cold for what I had on and ran back inside and grabbed a long sleeved top, the wind was brutal.

Short 30 minute drive to Cabot, and temperature was now 43 degrees with winds around 20-30 mph, BRRR, we grabbed our packets, bib and red bags instead of t-shirts.  We headed back to the vehicle to drop our stuff prior to the race, about 10 minutes prior to the start we headed toward the Start, running a little to get our muscles warmed up and all of a sudden the sun made an appearance, thank goodness.  Before we knew it we were OFF!

The race was good, nice course, a little wet from all the rain the night before, but the sun made a huge difference.  I did get a little warm around mile 1.25, had to unzip my rain jacket, which I didn’t need at all, took off my gloves and just kept pushing it.  Annette was right beside me for part of the race, it was good to see her and run with her for a bit.

After mile 1.5 I tried to push it a bit, I knew I only had 1.5 to go, I really pushed it on the downhills, I barely ran at all during this last week in Macon and I could really feel it, I passed a few people as we were coming up to the High School Track for our last lap, but the turn into the track and up the incline  slowed me down a bit and I got passed by some guys, but no girls.

I ended up with a 29:14 time, I was pleased, PR for me, not bad considering I’ve been on the road for the whole year!  Kim and Tammy were right behind me, I think they finished in 30:15, or something close to that, Tammy’s goal was to finish in under 33 minutes, I would say she blew that out of the water for her Birthday Run!

We grabbed some food, OMG, did they have food, brownies, cookies, pretzels, fruit of all kinds, fruit snacks, animal crackers, they had better food than bigger races I’ve been to!  We started getting cold and decided to head out.  I found out later from Annette that I had placed 4th in my Age Group, I was shocked!!

Of course Starbucks was our first stop and then to my house, dropped our stuff and off to Conway to a Junktique sale, which ended up being in Little Rock, but we had a good time anyway with an extra stop at Starbucks.

Back home and we all went our separate ways.

Today I got up and ran 5 miles in the cold and wind again, but it was a good solo run with a 9:55 pace.  Lots of stuff to do to get ready to go back to Macon tomorrow, hopefully I won’t be working 14-16 hours a day this week, no I will not be working that many hours this week, I have to step up my training, I’ve got the relay in 4 weeks.

I think Tammy enjoyed her morning Birthday Celebration and Kim and I were glad we ran the race even though we were dreading EARLY in the morning!


Back to Raleigh

Well the Little Rock Marathon is over and I’m back in Raleigh, NC, it’s been a stressful week, my face has these huge zits, I swear I’ve never had breakouts like this, it’s a crime to be my age with this many skin issues, I’m looking for a new Dermatologist and a new skin routine, what I’ve been using is obviously useless.

Raleigh – I’m just so sick of traveling I don’t know where to start, I arrived on Monday and Monday night it rained, so no outside running, I decided to work late, get unpacked, iron my clothes and get some rest.  Tuesday it was supposed to warm up a bit so I planned to get out on the Greenway and run 5 miles, it was not quite as warm as I had hoped, 55 degrees. cloudy and windy, but I headed out in a skirt and tech tee, once I got about 1/2 mile out I was wishing I had a headband and long sleeves, just a little too cool, especially on the trail with the trees.

I felt pretty good until about mile 3.5, my stomach SEIZED up, and it was OMG, what the hell am I going to do?  I was in the freaking middle of the trail and I needed to go, NOW!  I started walking, looking for somewhere, bathroom, tree, rock, NADA, it was sparse, not enough cover, I had to keep walking, there was a creek on one side that had apartments overlooking it, so they could see the whole trail.  It was not good, at all.

I won’t go into the details, but things got taken care of and I finally started running again and finished my 5 miles, I was about to freeze by the time I got back to the hotel.

Today I wanted 5 miles, but I got spooked on the trail and ended up with 4 miles, but with a speedy average pace of 9:41, probably because of the creepy guy that spooked me.  I just kept thinking he was hiding somewhere and was going to jump out and knife me, weird, but that was what was going through my mind.

Tomorrow I’m going in the opposite direction, there should be lots more people out, it’s supposed to get up to about 74 degrees, 5 miles is my goal, then come back to the hotel and pack to come home on Friday, yippee, but short lived, I won’t get home till at least 9:15 Friday night then turn around and leave around 10:30 am on Sunday morning, geez, what’s the point in coming home?  Depressing.

Little Rock Marathon 2009

The Little Rock Marathon was today and it was GREAT!  Tammy completed her first marathon in around 5:13, which I thought was just great for her first marathon.  I jumped in at mile 13 and ran with her and Kim until right where she turned off for the finish line.

We started out extra early this morning, leaving my house at 6:30am so we could get parking in Downtown, we ended up sitting in my vehicle until 7:30 at the President Clinton Library, because parking was perfect.  The temperature outside was hovering around 48 – 49 degrees, but with a lot of humidity, clouds, really perfect running weather.

We headed down to the River Market to find the corrals at 7:30, Josh and I took pictures while Tammy and Kim got in place for the race start.  Once the race started Josh and I headed to North Little Rock for the first meet spot at around mile 4.5, well, that didn’t work out so we ended up at around mile 3, Kim and Tammy saw us before we saw them.  Here is a pic of Tammy and Kim from behind because Josh and I were busy looking at the map when they came up.  Kim in the skirt and Tammy in the light blue vest.


After this stop Josh and I headed to LR and ended up at about mile 6, not our plan, but it worked, we were able to sit in the car until right before they came up and this time I got a better picture.

Tammy and Kim - LR Marathon

Tammy and Kim - LR Marathon

The girls were doing great, no complaints, and very upbeat!  Josh and I headed to the next stop around mile 9.  Once again our plan not really where we wanted to be, but it worked out.

Tammy and Kim

Tammy and Kim

The next stop was the one where I had planned to jump in and start running with the girls, I had been looking forward to it, but now I was getting nervous, I had been riding around in a car enjoying watching, instead of running!  I also was sort of not “legal”, I wasn’t really running the half or the full, but it all worked out.

Josh and I headed over to around mile 13, I knew there was a relay station there and we could not get close, all the roads were closed so we had to drive on the backside of the State Capitol and park, kind of desolate really.  I also needed to use the bathroom before I started running, I certainly didn’t want to start running and then “uh, girls, need to make a potty stop”.  There was port-a-potties up at the relay stop and the girls were about 10 minutes away, I went to the bathroom and then waited for the girls, I was getting antsy just standing on the side of the road, I’m sure I looked a little crazy, a runner just standing there,not running,  oh well.

When the girls turned the corner I was relieved, Kim got some stuff from Josh and we headed up the big Kavanaugh Hill, it was great to be running with the girls, they both seemed to be doing well.  The hill was near as bad as I remembered it being during the training runs or in last year’s Marathon.  A smattering here and there of crowd support, waving at people, it was fun!

Here is a picture of the three of us on top of the “Hill”

Me, Tammy and Kim

Me, Tammy and Kim

Before we got to the top of the hill Tammy called her sister and she came down to meet us, that was neat too, I know Tammy was excited to see her.  I had a call from Annette, she wanted to know where we were, she and a couple of gals were planning on back tracking (they had run the 1/2) and meeting us on the course once we got closer to the finish, she did that last year for me and it made a huge difference for me.

We were on our way downhill to Murray Park, the dreaded 5 mile out and back, this part I hate, it’s so long and boring, thank goodness I had Tammy and Kim with me this time, it made it much easier.  Around mile 21 Tammy started hurting some, we had to push her a little and she finally just pushed the pain aside and went on, I didn’t know what to tell her, pain is relative, I have it on almost every run and when I don’t I think WOW this is great, why can’t it be like this all the time, but I know I’m beating my legs and feet against the pavement, there is going to be some pain.

Once we got to around mile 23 I had to pee again, so I ran into the port a potty and told the girls to go on I would catch up, this was my second stop, the first time was at mile 18, too much water I guess.  It was tough making up the distance, but in both instances I did, it helped that I hadn’t run the WHOLE marathon.

Josh had text’d Kim that they were over by Cajun’s and I had called Annette when we got to mile 22, we were getting close to the end, Kim was not feeling well around mile 23/24 her IT band started acting up, Tammy was staying pretty steady.  I was feeling great, I had only been running for 10 miles!

We got to Cajun’s which is about mile 24 1/4 and there was Kim’s gang, they took some photos and she dropped her fuel belt, Tammy and I got a little ahead of her and that’s when we lost her, I kept looking back and I could see her, but I thought she would catch up, but she didn’t.  I knew she was having some problems and hoped she would be okay and she was, but still, I worried.

Tammy and I passed the 25 mile mark, I was so excited for her, we were in the home stretch!  There was Tom! our Coach for the entire Little Rock Marathon training, he was walking toward us on the other side of the street, we waved and here he came and started telling Tammy “I knew you could do it, I KNEW IT, you are doing GREAT and the finish is right there!”  I welled up and so did Tammy, it was very emotional for both of us.  He’s been a great leader and supporter for every Saturday run, I can’t begin to tell you how much they do for the runners in Central Arkansas, him and Hobbit both, we love them.

Once we got over the hill we saw Annette and Michele, they were screaming and hollering and started running with us, Annette has a great picture on her Facebook page of Tammy at the 26 mile marker.  Michele was running beside me and Annette was running with Tammy.  Tammy had the biggest smile on her face, she looked like she had just conquered the world!  Arland was there too, but we only saw him for a second or two.

When we got to the concrete barriers I patted her on the back and said “you did it!! There’s the finish”  I had to sprint and unfortunately I didn’t get to see her cross the finish line, it was too far around a bunch of fences, I heard them call her name, but I didn’t get to see her actually cross the finish line.  It was all worth it though, and then in just a couple of minutes her came Kim, she looked great too, smiling when I saw her.

Here is a picture after they got their HUGE medals, everyone was all smiles.

The End - Kim, Me and Tammy

The End - Kim, Me and Tammy

It was a great day, fun meeting them early in the race and fun jumping in at mile 13 too, I think I made the right decision not running the entire Marathon, getting on an airplane early this morning, UGH.

Thanks to all the people that came out yesterday and who had great races, I didn’t get to see or talk to everyone, but I heard about a lot of good races yesterday!

Spring, Winter I’m confused

It was 80 degrees yesterday, today I’m not sure it was 50 this afternoon, what is it Spring or Winter?  I prefer the 80.

Still in Raleigh, yesterday left work pretty much on time and headed out on the Capital Greenway close to 6pm, went a different direction, it was really warm yesterday, 80, no breeze, but I’m not complaining, I had a plan, warm up walk until the Garmin picked up the Satellite, run down to the Greenway which is about  1/2 mile, then go 2 miles and turn around, my plans sometimes don’t always work out, I loved the route, except for one part where the trail was pretty slanted, but it was so peaceful and serene, a few people, some cyclists, dog walkers, runners.  When I got ready to turn around there was a lady walking a dog, I asked her how far Shelley Lake was, only 1/2 mile, good to know for next week.

Made my way back to the Mall area, up three flights of stairs and into Ruby Tuesdays for some sort of New Orleans broiled Tilapia with broiled shrimp, to go, with a Diet Coke and another 1/4 mile back to the hotel.

Today, totally different, it was cold and cloudy, I wasn’t even going to run, but I knew once I got out there I would be okay, so I talked myself into at least running 3 miles, I didn’t bring any pants to run in, but I did have a long sleeve top.  No one out today, I only saw a couple of people out on the Green way, shorter route than yesterday, but just as nice.  Over to the Mall, picked up a yummy salad at Panera Bread and back to the hotel, about froze my butt off walking back.

Talked to First Time Marathon girl Tammy, she is getting very excited about the Marathon on Sunday, I’m leaving early tomorrow to get home in time to go with her to the Expo, it will be loads of fun, I remember going last year, it was such a blast going with my friends, I was super excited and nervous, seeing the Finish Line, oh the memories…..

Back in Raleigh next week, at least I’m learning my way around, too bad the weather won’t be as good as it was this week.

Raleigh is not so bad!

Looks like Raleigh, NC, is going to work out as far as running goes.  I finally picked a hotel that is close to everything, including one of the great Greenways that run all around the city, on Monday it was in the 80’s, a nice breeze and I just made a point to leave work by 5:30 and got out on the sidewalk to head to the Greenway by 6:00pm.  The traffic was horrible and the drivers here, no patience at all, very frantic, I was scared to cross a busy intersection, of course no crosswalk signal, but I made it with only a couple of horns honking.

I had directions from Lesley who is the main reason I found the Greenway at all, but I was a little confused about which way to go out of my hotel, but the staff here sort of pointed me in the right direction, but they weren’t sure which way I was to go ONCE I got to the Greenway, I was hoping I would run into someone that would know and I did.  Once I got down to the Creek and stairway that lead down to the Trail I saw a girl running and stopped her, I hated to stop her run, but I had no idea which way to go, right or left.  It was at least 6:15 by then and I wanted to back by 7:00 so I decided to run 4 miles and she pointed me in the right direction, either way.

I headed toward the Crabtree Valley Mall with a plan, run 1 1/2 one way and then turn around, run 2 miles, turn around run back to the Mall and pick up a Orchard Harvest Salad at Panera Bread.  Perfect.  And it was.  The weather, the run, the greenway, the salad topped it off perfectly.  I ran 4.12 miles with an average pace of 9:43, walked back to the hotel with my salad and Diet Coke, thinking about my run today, but that didn’t happen.

Today I had to work later, there was no way in Hell I could get out on time so I ended up going to REI to pick up Honey Stinger Chews I had ordered online and shipped to the store for free, very nice store and nice Mall, walked around for a bit until I realized I was starving, ended up picking up a salad at Chic-Fil-A, not nearly as good as Panera, but hit the spot.  I plan on running the Greenway again tomorrow and Thursday, hopefully it will work out and I won’t have to work late.  Say NO to treadmill week!

Looking forward to the Marathon this weekend, talked to Tammy tonight, she didn’t seem too nervous, I think I was a wreck the week of the Marathon last year.  It will be so exciting, we are going to the Expo when I get home on Friday.

Well, gotta go watch the weigh in on Biggest Loser.

Happy and Sad Saturday Run

Today”s Saturday run was a mixture of happy and sad.  Happy because this was Tammy’s last run before her first Marathon next weekend and sad because it was her last run before the Little Rock Marathon. I have been going every weekend with her to these Saturday runs with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group and for the most part they are GREAT!  For one thing they are free, for another they are well organized, there are lots of people to run with if you are willing to strike up a conversation with someone, and by the time you are finished doing the training you have just about run every street and trail in Little Rock!

This is my second year to run with this group and I don’t intend to stop, they continue the training (maintenance) even after the Marathon is over, it’s just the best, the leaders Tom and Hobbit are incredible, always good advice, always up beat and waiting for you when you get finished with your run, no matter how long it takes!  It’s a sad day when it’s over, I hope Tammy will continue to come on Saturdays too.

This mornings run was starting from the Arts Center, a quick 10 minute drive from my house, when Tammy showed up, wouldn’t you know it, we were twinkies, both had black skirts and white tops, yes it was warm, 60 or so degrees outside! NICE!  It was also nice not to worry about fuel belts, nutrition, hats, gloves, jackets or any of that extra bulk since we were only running 6 miles, ONLY 6 miles, HA!  I can remember when I had never run 6 miles before, it wasn’t that long ago!

We started off kind of fast and kept a pretty good pace, the route took us over into North Little Rock around Alltel arena back over to the River Market and back to the Arts Center, exactly 6 miles.  It was strange to actually see people milling around when we got back, normally we don’t see many folks when we get finished.

Tammy thought we ran a little fast, her hip was bothering her, but I think it was good to get those muscles used to a different speed, but I’m no expert!  No bathroom breaks, no walk breaks, we ran the whole 6 miles, great run, we even passed a few runners.  We stretched a little longer than normal since we weren’t freezing our asses off, this was strange, and headed for our treat, Starbucks.

I hope Tammy is getting as excited as I am for her about the marathon, I can’t wait, I plan on meeting her around mile 14-15 and running with her to the finish, I think that was the toughest part for me last year, no, I KNOW it was, especially when I got to about mile 18, oh my GOD, I thought it would never be over.  I re-read my race report yesterday and it actually made me tear up a bit, it brought back all those memories, good and not so good (pain), but the finish was worth it all!  If you want to read it go to the Archives March 2008, it’s around the first of the month.

Today I will be working in the yard and packing, getting ready to head to Raleigh, NC tomorrow, got a lot of good running info from Lesley in Raleigh thanks to Susan!

Today’s recap –

  1. 10:13
  2. 10:06
  3. 10:13
  4. 10:27
  5. 10:46
  6. 10:35

Friday Girl Run

Today was a treat, Tammy and Kim both ran with me on the infamous 5 mile loop, so it was a girl fest of running.  Kim has been out of town, moving to bigger and better things in Texarkana, last night she spent the night so she could attend some appointments in town today, but first we ran.

I really miss our girl runs, it’s just so much more fun when you have someone to run with whether you talk or not.  But of course there was quite a bit of talking today, catching up and lots of talk about the Little Rock Marathon coming up on March 15th.  Looks like Kim won’t be able to attend the Expo with us, so I’ll be picking up her packet and she will be meeting me and Tammy on Marathon day at my house.

This morning’s run was a BIG change from just a couple of days ago, when we got to the Bank the temperature sign read 64, it was 29 on Tuesday.  Today was short sleeves for sure, it was nice, a little humid, which none of us are used to, but nice and warm.  We got our 5 miles in and headed back to my house for coffee, oh the days when this was the norm.

We’ve named white duck and brown duck from the lake, Madge and Padge, those were Tammy’s names, suits them.  They were side by side today, love those ducks, so we thought maybe they are sisters or brothers, not sure, but the duck saga will continue throughout the summer, count on it, maybe some snapshots, don’t get too anxious…

Gotta get back to work.