Tuesday Solo Run

As bad as I hated to get out in the cold this morning, I did.  All I’ve heard on the news/weather all weekend “warmer weather coming”, well the mornings are still nippy and windy.  The average high in Arkansas this time of year “60” yesterday “48”, this morning “29”, but later in the week we could reach “80”, OMG, it will be such a nice change.  I know 29 is not that bad, but I’m just done with it, sick of the tights, gloves, headband, sick of my fingers and face being cold, sick of my nose running, you know all the winter shit!

But, a great run, I don’t say that often, but I did have a great run, no pain for one and a pretty decent pace for another.  I actually slept later than I intended, my alarm clock “Smokey” let me sleep to almost 6:30am, that’s a first!  He usually has me up by 5 or 5:30 at the latest, but we did stay up late watching The Bachelor which I DVR’d while I was watching 24, yeah complete opposites there.  Oh back to the run, it was cold before I started running, I almost added an extra layer before I left the house, but glad I didn’t, stuck with my short sleeve tech underneath and long sleeve tech on top, that’s been my winter wear and even though cold to start it’s always perfect once I get started.

I started off faster than normal, just damned cold and I wanted to get the blood flowing, down to the lake, there were a few people out, it was daylight which is unusual for my first pass by the lake.  Stop by the bathroom, quick stop and off again, no piddling today, I wasn’t sure if I was doing 4 or 5 miles since I got a late start.  I just keep going, lots of traffic, I had to stop 2 times for traffic which took a little longer than I wanted, so when I came to the split to go either 4 or 5 miles I decided I better go for a good 4 miles, like the weatherman said, warmer weather coming….

I ended up with 4 miles with an average pace of 9:47, I was pleased, no pain, I never felt like I was dying, well maybe once, when I went up the first hill, but after that my breathing leveled out and the other hills were okay.  Tomorrow I’ll do 5, Thursday 5, Friday 5 or 6 and I think we have 6 on the schedule for Saturday, that’ll be weird, only 6 when we’ve been doing over 12 forever, it seems like anyway.

Back to work.

  1. 9:56
  2. 9:57
  3. 9:49
  4. 9:30

2 Responses

  1. Great way to start the day!! 🙂

  2. It was COLD this morning! You’re such a good little runner!!! I did 3 miles today and it felt pretty good. i watched the Bachelor last night too and it was pitiful…that poor girl…

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