Wimpy Wednesday

Well my intentions were good for today’s run, but good intentions don’t always pan out.  I got up a little earlier today so I could get in a 5 mile run, everything was on track, except my stomach, it wasn’t upset or anything, just not acting right, but I headed out hoping for the best.

I had to stop at the bathroom at the Lake and then was reluctant to take off for another 4.25 miles, but knew I could cut it short if I needed to, and I needed to, bummer.

I never had an emergency or anything and I guess it’s a good thing I was running by myself, I just didn’t feel “right”, I couldn’t decide whether to go for 4 miles or turn back at 1.5, so I kept going for a bit, when I got to North Hills and Fairway where I normally go straight and there really is no turning back I turned right and took Fairway all the way to my street, it was a good choice.  I only ended up with 3.31 miles, I had a decent pace, but not like yesterday, oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better.

It was still cold this morning, 34, but tomorrow should be 50, a heat wave!  That should make me go lots faster, right? HA!!  I made my airline reservations for the American Odyssey Relay yesterday, woohoo, getting excited, it’s about 7 weeks away now, things are coming together, I’m glad I hung in there and didn’t drop out.

One Response

  1. Great to hear of a runner’s dedication, and of participation in the inagural American Odyssey Relay! If you enjoy the race – you should also consider the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay (www.renotahoeodyssey.com)…same concept, views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains – hard to beat.

    Happy trails and best of luck in the AO.

    – Reno-Tahoe Odyssey

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