5 mile loop, well close anyway

I  was looking forward to a nice warm 50ish 5 mile run this morning, when I think about 50 degrees compared to the 29 or 34 it’s been the last couple of days, it sounds WARM, well it really wasn’t THAT warm.  I threw on some capri shorts and a long sleeve tech top, no gloves, no headband or hat, grabbed my Cytomax, checked the weather, hmmm, 55 degrees, that’s even warmer than expected and headed out.

Immediately I was wishing I had grabbed my headband, there was quite a wind blowing, I didn’t turn around just kept going, my Garmin FINALLY got a signal and I started running.  I could tell I was running as fast as I had Tuesday, but I didn’t care, I just had a goal today, 5 miles.

The wind picked up as I turned the corner onto Fairway over to the lake, great now my hands are cold, down to the bathroom, quick stop and off again the wind is now at my back, woohoo, but not for long.  Mile 2 of this loop is always the slowest, it’s the steepest hill and it just takes awhile for it to level out, but once you get to about mile 3, it’s good.

Why couldn’t ever day be like my Tuesday run, today my head started hurting for some reason, it was like I had a baseball hat on and it was too tight, weird feeling, maybe sinuses?  I don’t normally have any sinus problems so I don’t know how that feels, pressure?  And to top it off my neck muscles are really tight, like you have been squeezing your shoulder blades together, but I wasn’t doing that, great.  I tried to relax a bit, shaking my arms out, deep breaths, this is all around mile 3.5, but I didn’t cut it off and do the 4 mile loop, I made the turn for the 5 mile loop, DAMN IT!

Finally got over to Lakeshore Drive where Kim and I always find the stray dogs, none today, but that’s always what I think of on that street, it runs parallel to the lake and it’s really beautiful and serene, it’s the same street the Old Mill is on, from Gone With the Wind (the movie) one day I’ll drive over and take some pictures, one day.

I did run up the Old Mill hill, but once I got to the top I was winded, worse than usual, so I stopped, went across the street and watched the ducks for a minute, there is this pair of ducks, a white one and a brown one, I see them together all the time, they were laying on the ground together, so sweet, I see them crossing the street together and just all over the place and they are always together, I wonder if they are brother/sister or if white and brown ducks can be brother/sister, or if they are boyfriend/girlfriend.  Funny the things that go through your mind when you are alone and running.

Finally took off to finish up my 5 miles, but as soon as I turned up the alley, uh oh something is wrong, my stomach doesn’t like me at all, as a matter of fact, it hates me and today it wanted to kill me.  It was all I could do to get home in time, but I did, THANK YOU GOD IN HEAVEN!!

I ended up with 4.93, you would think I could have gotten that .o7 to make it an even 5 miles, there was no way in HELL I could have run another step the way my stomach was trying to kill me!  Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day!

  1. 10:17
  2. 10:02
  3. 9:47
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  5. 9:48

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