Friday Girl Run

Today was a treat, Tammy and Kim both ran with me on the infamous 5 mile loop, so it was a girl fest of running.  Kim has been out of town, moving to bigger and better things in Texarkana, last night she spent the night so she could attend some appointments in town today, but first we ran.

I really miss our girl runs, it’s just so much more fun when you have someone to run with whether you talk or not.  But of course there was quite a bit of talking today, catching up and lots of talk about the Little Rock Marathon coming up on March 15th.  Looks like Kim won’t be able to attend the Expo with us, so I’ll be picking up her packet and she will be meeting me and Tammy on Marathon day at my house.

This morning’s run was a BIG change from just a couple of days ago, when we got to the Bank the temperature sign read 64, it was 29 on Tuesday.  Today was short sleeves for sure, it was nice, a little humid, which none of us are used to, but nice and warm.  We got our 5 miles in and headed back to my house for coffee, oh the days when this was the norm.

We’ve named white duck and brown duck from the lake, Madge and Padge, those were Tammy’s names, suits them.  They were side by side today, love those ducks, so we thought maybe they are sisters or brothers, not sure, but the duck saga will continue throughout the summer, count on it, maybe some snapshots, don’t get too anxious…

Gotta get back to work.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve missed it too….sigh….and now you are back to traveling…Even though I did feel like I was suffocating this morning, my run today was better than last night. I need to do some more hills apparently…aka hr 165…

  2. Ms. G is away somewhere warm, I miss her terribly there is something about the camaraderie that I don’t get elsewhere.

  3. I LOVED running with you girls!!! I miss our daily runs terribly and it felt like old times on Friday!

    Excited for LR marathon next weekend 🙂

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