Happy and Sad Saturday Run

Today”s Saturday run was a mixture of happy and sad.  Happy because this was Tammy’s last run before her first Marathon next weekend and sad because it was her last run before the Little Rock Marathon. I have been going every weekend with her to these Saturday runs with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group and for the most part they are GREAT!  For one thing they are free, for another they are well organized, there are lots of people to run with if you are willing to strike up a conversation with someone, and by the time you are finished doing the training you have just about run every street and trail in Little Rock!

This is my second year to run with this group and I don’t intend to stop, they continue the training (maintenance) even after the Marathon is over, it’s just the best, the leaders Tom and Hobbit are incredible, always good advice, always up beat and waiting for you when you get finished with your run, no matter how long it takes!  It’s a sad day when it’s over, I hope Tammy will continue to come on Saturdays too.

This mornings run was starting from the Arts Center, a quick 10 minute drive from my house, when Tammy showed up, wouldn’t you know it, we were twinkies, both had black skirts and white tops, yes it was warm, 60 or so degrees outside! NICE!  It was also nice not to worry about fuel belts, nutrition, hats, gloves, jackets or any of that extra bulk since we were only running 6 miles, ONLY 6 miles, HA!  I can remember when I had never run 6 miles before, it wasn’t that long ago!

We started off kind of fast and kept a pretty good pace, the route took us over into North Little Rock around Alltel arena back over to the River Market and back to the Arts Center, exactly 6 miles.  It was strange to actually see people milling around when we got back, normally we don’t see many folks when we get finished.

Tammy thought we ran a little fast, her hip was bothering her, but I think it was good to get those muscles used to a different speed, but I’m no expert!  No bathroom breaks, no walk breaks, we ran the whole 6 miles, great run, we even passed a few runners.  We stretched a little longer than normal since we weren’t freezing our asses off, this was strange, and headed for our treat, Starbucks.

I hope Tammy is getting as excited as I am for her about the marathon, I can’t wait, I plan on meeting her around mile 14-15 and running with her to the finish, I think that was the toughest part for me last year, no, I KNOW it was, especially when I got to about mile 18, oh my GOD, I thought it would never be over.  I re-read my race report yesterday and it actually made me tear up a bit, it brought back all those memories, good and not so good (pain), but the finish was worth it all!  If you want to read it go to the Archives March 2008, it’s around the first of the month.

Today I will be working in the yard and packing, getting ready to head to Raleigh, NC tomorrow, got a lot of good running info from Lesley in Raleigh thanks to Susan!

Today’s recap –

  1. 10:13
  2. 10:06
  3. 10:13
  4. 10:27
  5. 10:46
  6. 10:35

4 Responses

  1. All in all…it was a pretty good run…I will just stretch a bit more than usual. Sorry I was so crabby this morning…I think “Aunt Martha” is coming to visit this week and I hope she leaves before Sunday! Anyhoo, I’m glad that someone is excited for me..it really is so nice to have such constant support and encouragement. Looking back, I can’t believe that I’ve even run 20 miles….that makes me nervous for next week! I can’t believe that you are running the second half, just to get me through it..I hope I can do that for someone some day!

  2. Oh wow – Tammy’s big day is coming up! 🙂
    You have been an amazing training partner (and friend) in my opinion. Runners are the best, aren’t we?

  3. No doubt that the marathon is special. Even though your not running it, helping a friend meet their goal will be worth it. Its great to be at the finish and see the look on their face when they are done. I still remember yours from last year. Awesome!

  4. You’re not running with her in the Marathon? Happy traveling!!! Did you see the item in RW about beach runs in Beaufort NC? I don’t know if they started yet, but they are on Sunday.

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