Raleigh is not so bad!

Looks like Raleigh, NC, is going to work out as far as running goes.  I finally picked a hotel that is close to everything, including one of the great Greenways that run all around the city, on Monday it was in the 80’s, a nice breeze and I just made a point to leave work by 5:30 and got out on the sidewalk to head to the Greenway by 6:00pm.  The traffic was horrible and the drivers here, no patience at all, very frantic, I was scared to cross a busy intersection, of course no crosswalk signal, but I made it with only a couple of horns honking.

I had directions from Lesley who is the main reason I found the Greenway at all, but I was a little confused about which way to go out of my hotel, but the staff here sort of pointed me in the right direction, but they weren’t sure which way I was to go ONCE I got to the Greenway, I was hoping I would run into someone that would know and I did.  Once I got down to the Creek and stairway that lead down to the Trail I saw a girl running and stopped her, I hated to stop her run, but I had no idea which way to go, right or left.  It was at least 6:15 by then and I wanted to back by 7:00 so I decided to run 4 miles and she pointed me in the right direction, either way.

I headed toward the Crabtree Valley Mall with a plan, run 1 1/2 one way and then turn around, run 2 miles, turn around run back to the Mall and pick up a Orchard Harvest Salad at Panera Bread.  Perfect.  And it was.  The weather, the run, the greenway, the salad topped it off perfectly.  I ran 4.12 miles with an average pace of 9:43, walked back to the hotel with my salad and Diet Coke, thinking about my run today, but that didn’t happen.

Today I had to work later, there was no way in Hell I could get out on time so I ended up going to REI to pick up Honey Stinger Chews I had ordered online and shipped to the store for free, very nice store and nice Mall, walked around for a bit until I realized I was starving, ended up picking up a salad at Chic-Fil-A, not nearly as good as Panera, but hit the spot.  I plan on running the Greenway again tomorrow and Thursday, hopefully it will work out and I won’t have to work late.  Say NO to treadmill week!

Looking forward to the Marathon this weekend, talked to Tammy tonight, she didn’t seem too nervous, I think I was a wreck the week of the Marathon last year.  It will be so exciting, we are going to the Expo when I get home on Friday.

Well, gotta go watch the weigh in on Biggest Loser.


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  1. You were definately a wreck during marathon week last year!!! LOL 🙂

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