Spring, Winter I’m confused

It was 80 degrees yesterday, today I’m not sure it was 50 this afternoon, what is it Spring or Winter?  I prefer the 80.

Still in Raleigh, yesterday left work pretty much on time and headed out on the Capital Greenway close to 6pm, went a different direction, it was really warm yesterday, 80, no breeze, but I’m not complaining, I had a plan, warm up walk until the Garmin picked up the Satellite, run down to the Greenway which is about  1/2 mile, then go 2 miles and turn around, my plans sometimes don’t always work out, I loved the route, except for one part where the trail was pretty slanted, but it was so peaceful and serene, a few people, some cyclists, dog walkers, runners.  When I got ready to turn around there was a lady walking a dog, I asked her how far Shelley Lake was, only 1/2 mile, good to know for next week.

Made my way back to the Mall area, up three flights of stairs and into Ruby Tuesdays for some sort of New Orleans broiled Tilapia with broiled shrimp, to go, with a Diet Coke and another 1/4 mile back to the hotel.

Today, totally different, it was cold and cloudy, I wasn’t even going to run, but I knew once I got out there I would be okay, so I talked myself into at least running 3 miles, I didn’t bring any pants to run in, but I did have a long sleeve top.  No one out today, I only saw a couple of people out on the Green way, shorter route than yesterday, but just as nice.  Over to the Mall, picked up a yummy salad at Panera Bread and back to the hotel, about froze my butt off walking back.

Talked to First Time Marathon girl Tammy, she is getting very excited about the Marathon on Sunday, I’m leaving early tomorrow to get home in time to go with her to the Expo, it will be loads of fun, I remember going last year, it was such a blast going with my friends, I was super excited and nervous, seeing the Finish Line, oh the memories…..

Back in Raleigh next week, at least I’m learning my way around, too bad the weather won’t be as good as it was this week.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you have it better there than here. Was 80 Tuesday and 31 with sleet, rain and snow today. Who knows what the weekend will be like.

  2. The Expo was fun..even though I found out I have a “crooked neck”….guess I need a chiropractor now? Anyhoo, thanks for going with me…wish Kim could have com! I bet we will love our new gloves and socks!!

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