No Recap – New Week

I’m going to try and forget last week – Macon, GA – Tough week for work and running, starting new with Saturday and the Cabot Spring Fling 2009.

Saturday was Tammy’s Birthday and she wanted to run the Spring Fling for months, she wanted me and Kim to run with her, we agreed, first 5K of the year for all three of us.  Kim spent the night Friday and we stayed up to watch the weather for Saturday, not looking good for the Race, rain, cold and wind, our favorite things.  A few times during the night I heard the rain and the wind, not looking good at all.

We woke up around 5:00, not on purpose, we heard Smokey hacking up a hairball, after that neither one of us could go back to sleep, it was still raining.  We just laid in the bed trying to go back to sleep until 6:00, at that point we were dreading running the 5K in the rain and we heard Kim’s phone beeping with a text, from Tammy, the rain had stopped.

We got up, I stepped outside and it didn’t feel as cold as predicted, we started getting ready, I thought it would be okay to wear a short sleeve top and running pants, HA!

Tammy arrived about 6:45, she said it had gotten colder since she left her house, hmmm.  We gathered our stuff and as soon as I stepped outside I knew it was too cold for what I had on and ran back inside and grabbed a long sleeved top, the wind was brutal.

Short 30 minute drive to Cabot, and temperature was now 43 degrees with winds around 20-30 mph, BRRR, we grabbed our packets, bib and red bags instead of t-shirts.  We headed back to the vehicle to drop our stuff prior to the race, about 10 minutes prior to the start we headed toward the Start, running a little to get our muscles warmed up and all of a sudden the sun made an appearance, thank goodness.  Before we knew it we were OFF!

The race was good, nice course, a little wet from all the rain the night before, but the sun made a huge difference.  I did get a little warm around mile 1.25, had to unzip my rain jacket, which I didn’t need at all, took off my gloves and just kept pushing it.  Annette was right beside me for part of the race, it was good to see her and run with her for a bit.

After mile 1.5 I tried to push it a bit, I knew I only had 1.5 to go, I really pushed it on the downhills, I barely ran at all during this last week in Macon and I could really feel it, I passed a few people as we were coming up to the High School Track for our last lap, but the turn into the track and up the incline  slowed me down a bit and I got passed by some guys, but no girls.

I ended up with a 29:14 time, I was pleased, PR for me, not bad considering I’ve been on the road for the whole year!  Kim and Tammy were right behind me, I think they finished in 30:15, or something close to that, Tammy’s goal was to finish in under 33 minutes, I would say she blew that out of the water for her Birthday Run!

We grabbed some food, OMG, did they have food, brownies, cookies, pretzels, fruit of all kinds, fruit snacks, animal crackers, they had better food than bigger races I’ve been to!  We started getting cold and decided to head out.  I found out later from Annette that I had placed 4th in my Age Group, I was shocked!!

Of course Starbucks was our first stop and then to my house, dropped our stuff and off to Conway to a Junktique sale, which ended up being in Little Rock, but we had a good time anyway with an extra stop at Starbucks.

Back home and we all went our separate ways.

Today I got up and ran 5 miles in the cold and wind again, but it was a good solo run with a 9:55 pace.  Lots of stuff to do to get ready to go back to Macon tomorrow, hopefully I won’t be working 14-16 hours a day this week, no I will not be working that many hours this week, I have to step up my training, I’ve got the relay in 4 weeks.

I think Tammy enjoyed her morning Birthday Celebration and Kim and I were glad we ran the race even though we were dreading EARLY in the morning!


3 Responses

  1. Yep…I did enjoy my Birthday run ! I’m glad you guys did it with me, even though you were dreading it…hope there are many more to come! I ran today too, this afternoon, when it was warmer, but only did 3 miles at about a 9:55-10:00 pace, which is good for me lately! I should have run first, but had already rode my spin bike for an hour, so I think that sucked all my energy! Good news, though, my heart rate was more like 150’s-160’s spinning, so I think I’m getting over the funk! Miss seeing you this week,again, and running with you Saturday. I’ll be glad when we all run with the LR group again!

  2. That’s a great PR for no running during the week! Good job!

  3. Congrats on the PR! And the age group award!

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