Macon = Treadmill

I wanted to start really increasing my running this week considering my American Odyssey Relay is a short 3 weeks away.  Feeling good about it, just want to be ‘ready’ and not slower than I predicted each leg of my relay.  I had planned on running outside each day around the Mercer University campus who knew that it would rain EVERY day, I certainly did not come prepared to run in the rain, so you know what that means the dreaded Treadmill, oh my god! how I hate that machine!

I had already decided I would run after I left the office, so that meant leaving by 6pm, do my run, grab dinner and then work, no working all night and then getting up an hour early to run that was really wearing me out and I was not doing as many miles as I needed to last week.  So every night out by 6, back to the Hotel, change and down to the fitness room and on to the treadmill, 4 miles Tuesday, 4.25 Wednesday and 4 tonight.  Every night I would think to myself “how did you run 4 miles on that thing”  I hate it that much.  When I think back to the run I think 4 miles is nothing when you’re running outside and running with someone, but on that damned piece of equipment, I just can’t stand it!!  I guess I need to get my iPod loaded or something.

Next week it’s off to Lancaster, PA, Amish country, been there once before, but it’s been about 6 years, Eric (my counterpart at work) will be in Harrisburg and I think we are going to try and meet up in Hershey, PA, just to commiserate, oh and maybe eat Chocolate at the same time!

Running a 10K with Tammy on Saturday morning, last minute for me, just signed up tonight, not planning on “racing”, but the competition sometimes takes over when I’m at the start line, we’ll just have to wait and see how I feel on Saturday morning, the weather should be better than the 5K last week.

If you know any good running trails in Lancaster, drop me a line!


2 Responses

  1. Do what you need to do at the 10k…but don’t start out too fast…like you always tell Kim NOT to! I am bringing my ipod just in case, cause if you took off like you did at the 5k, I will need it! I am not as competitive as you… You did better than I would on that dreadmill! I did 3 on Sunday and 4.2 on Monday….doing a short run tomorrow, so I can at least function Saturday morning!

  2. Yippee!!! Glad to see you decided to run the 10K with Tammy! I’m jeleous–wish I could be running with you girls instead of working!

    I decided to run the Bass Pro Marathon…can I tempt you?!?!

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