Off and Running

Got home last night with enough time to fill out my expense reports and wash a couple loads of clothes, but that’s about it.

Tammy had already signed up to run the Capital City Classic 10K which was today and I finally signed up on Thursday night after I found out the Little Rock Marathon Group were running the Murray Park route, I just couldn’t do Murray Park today and the weather looked good for a race and considering race fees these days I thought the price was cheap, $18.00.

Tammy came over right at 7:00am and we were out the door by 7:10am headed to Two Rivers Park for our first 10K of the year, we talked about pace and goals a bit on the way over, but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  My last 10K I set a PR at 59:05, since I haven’t been doing speed work or any track workouts I had doubts so I thought I would just run around 10 minute miles.

Once we got to the park there were LOTS of people/cars and had to park a pretty good distance from the registration area, thank goodness we got there early, the check in was easy and we got great Tech Tee’s instead of usual cotton ones!  and they are cute too!  By the time we took our shirts back to my car, pin our bibs on, got our drinks, it was time for the start.  I’m guessing there were around 300 people, we made a small loop where you could see all the people passing us, HA!

We were keeping about a 10:15 pace for the first mile according to the guy who was at the first mile marker, but our Garmins were showing us a little faster than that.  Not long after that we ran into Michele and her son Alex (8), they passed us and I tried to get Tammy to push it just a little, but she said for me to just go on, she would be fine, so I started picking it up some, I felt good, surprisingly.

I looked down at my Garmin and was running about 9:40, still feeling good and knew I could keep this pace for awhile.  Around mile 3 some guy’s hat flew off and he didn’t even know it, I slowed and picked it up for him, another girl hollered at him and he turned around and came back toward me to get his hat, it was sweaty and nasty anyway, gross, but a nice Nike Dri-Fit hat in a color I didn’t have :).  The guy starts talking to me and slows me down a bit because the next time I looked down I was back to about a 10:00 pace.  I had already decided I couldn’t beat my previous PR so I would just try and keep the 9:40 pace to help train for the Relay in 3 weeks.

Around mile 4.5 this girl in a pink shirt just zooms past me, WTF?  Where the heck did she come from?  Oh, we can’t have this, so I speed up some, now I’m running about 9:30, I finally catch up with her around mile 5, still running faster than I wanted to, but then I hear the guy calling out our time for 5 miles 49:XX, that means I might be able to get in under 1 hour and that’s what I told the girl in pink so we made it a real race and started pacing off each other.  She would pull ahead just a bit and then I would and we just stayed side by side until we were about 1/2 mile out and she said she had stomach cramps and for me to go on, but she stayed right with me.  There were also some other girls right with us and I just said come on girls let’s get in under an hour and we were all huffing and puffing trying to push it to get in under an hour, we had 4 minutes left, I really had my doubts.

Mile 6 and we still had .2 to go, that was the worse part, my heart rate alarm was going off like crazy, I just ignored it and pumped my arms and pushed it, I don’t know what happened to the girl in pink or the other girls because I beat them all!  But woe is me I didn’t beat the 1 hour mark, when I crossed the finish line it said 1:00:21, but the official website said 1:00:38.  Close, but no cigar, I finished 10th in my age group.

Not long after I finished her came the girl in pink, in just a minute or two her comes Tammy, just smiling like crazy, not sure if she was happy she was done or happy with her time, I think both!  We grabbed Diet Mountain Dew’s, snacks and headed back to my vehicle to stretch and head home.

I had a great race, I really wasn’t feeling it in the beginning, but after the first mile it felt good, like I said earlier, surprisingly.  Here are my splits, which I’m pleased with –

  • 10:00
  • 10:02
  • 9:43
  • 9:52
  • 9:35
  • 9:11
  • 8:18

We made our customary Buck’s stop for coffee and Tammy actually needed a second cup when we got back to NLR.

I’m off to mow the yard now, it’s pretty nice outside and then I have to get packed for my work week which starts tomorrow. 😦  Anyone looking for help?  I’m sick of all this traveling.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you blogged already! It was fun this morning…and my time on the race site was less than I thought…a 1:03:06…not too bad…right in between my two goals..See you in the am..unless I am just totally crippled!

  2. SPEEDY! Go Cheryl go!

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