Back to Lancaster, PA

I can’t believe it’s been 8 days since my last blog, this traveling has got to stop, please.  I’m so done with it you can’t imagine, I don’t know what day it is, what month it is or what city I’m in.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.

I am getting some running in between working, which is all I do it seems.  I’m treadmilling it because I’m too damned lazy to research running locations and I’m a big chicken too.  With luck I’m getting in 3 treadmill runs all at least 4 miles, but the hills are lacking for sure, this week I plan on adding those back in since the American Odyssey Relay is almost here!  April 24-25.

I do have a bit of fun planned for this week, heading to a city a little north of Baltimore to Charm City Running where the director of the AOR is having a Relay 101 class, free and the Mizuno Run with Us tour will also be there, that is on Tuesday night and it’s about an hour or so drive from Lancaster.  One of the girls from our relay team, Katie, is meeting me there, it should be fun.

Next week it’s off to Houston for 3 days, come home Wednesday night then head to Gettysburg, PA for the Relay, so excited and anxious all at the same time, new people, new experience, new adventure.  Can’t wait.

I finally completed both my federal and state taxes just a few minutes ago, I don’t know why I put it off so long, just a pain in the ass really, I am taking the First Time Home buyer Credit for 2008, this will help me put in new windows, update my kitchen and bath, only downfall, I have to repay it, now if I would have bought my house this year, no repay, that sucks and I really don’t get why I have to repay it and people who bought their houses 5 months after I did don’t have to repay it….oh well, it’s a tax free loan in my eyes, maybe I can hire Susan from Benton to help with my Kitchen and Bath design.

Let me tell you about my wonderful travel experience on Friday, I was so looking forward to getting home around 5:30 on 6pm, oh I should never get excited about getting home early, never.  I left the Lancaster office around noon and headed to the Harrisburg airport, my flight to Atlanta was a little delayed and they had already changed my flight to Little Rock from Atlanta, gee thanks.  When I got  to Atlanta my flight was delayed to 5:45, then delayed for maintenance until 6:30, then until 9:00 for weather, then canceled, CANCELED?  OH SHIT!  But, they put me on another flight scheduled for 9:30, that one was delayed until 10:30, then 11:30, then 11:45.  We left Atlanta at midnight on Friday night EST, I got home at 1:30am, I hate this traveling crap have I told you that?  Hate it.

Tammy called Saturday morning at 5:00 am, you running?  oh but of course, drag my lazy butt out of bed and we ran with the Little Rock Marathon Group in maumelle for 7 miles, in the wind and coolish temps, my stomach acted up a few times from all the junk food I ate at the airport the night before, what can I say, I was bored.

3 Responses

  1. Sign me up, girlfriend! Seriously, send me some pics of your “problem areas” and I’ll make some suggestions. 🙂

  2. The Saturday run was boring? Well…..I guess my company is no longer the entertaining circus it once was….Have fun at your mtg this week! Stephanie should probably plan to come over on Thursday night….

    PS Sara said, realistically, to expect 2 wks before I can move in! YAY!

  3. You are simply amazing. FINALLY I get an RSS FEED!!!

    What the hell do you do that you have to travel so much!!!??

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