Delayed = Delta

OMG – I got up early, but not too early, left my house promptly at 6:30am, headed to the Little Rock Airport for my flight to Harrisburg, PA with a connection in Cincinnati, everything looked good, until right when we were ready to board, maintenance problem, update in 15 minutes.  When they updated us, delayed for 3 hours, everyone rushed the ticket counter for re-booking, me included and then I decided what was the point and called Delta direct.  They booked me on a noon flight through Atlanta arriving in Harrisburg at 7:30pm when I was originally scheduled for 12:45pm.

The agent finally said everyone needed to go downstairs to the main ticket agent, everyone headed downstairs past security check-in to stand in line for almost an hour.  While I was in line I was able to call Delta’s 800 number and get re-booked, but I wasn’t happy with the re-booking, leave LR at noon arrive Atlanta 2:45, leave Atlanta 5:45 arrive in Harrisburg 2 hours later.  I decided to stay in line and talk to the agent, everyone in line had horror stories about Friday, at least I wasn’t alone.

The ticket agent was only able to book me on an earlier flight through Atlanta which I did not want to do, I wanted to avoid Atlanta if I could after Friday’s experience.  I knew there were storms in Atlanta and just hoped it would pass by the time I got out of Little Rock, I was wrong.

Back upstairs and through security again, it was still early, 10:00 or so and I was starving, grabbed a Quizno’s sandwich and ate half of it for breakfast.  Once in the gate area we kept getting updates that there were severe storms and winds of 50 mph and no one was landing or taking off from Atlanta, oh joy, joy.

Flight delayed, we left LR at 12:40pm, originally scheduled 7:50am.

Once in Atlanta it was a madhouse, people everywhere and none look too happy.  Lines were long at the help centers and I knew that was not a good sign.  Found the monitor for my flight, oh great it has been delayed, did I expect something different?  Scheduled to leave at 5:45, now 7:30, OMG, the whole day has been wasted, my feet are killing me and my head is starting to hurt, off to my gate.

Once I get to the gate I look at the monitor again and the flight isn’t even on the monitor, but I decided to try and sit down and read my book, but can’t.  I get up and go to the help center I find a short line and get up to the ticket counter and there is an earlier flight to Harrisburg, I asked to please be put on stand by, the guy tells me its no use, there are about 2o people already and it’s full.  I’m disappointed.  I walked away and then turned around when I saw that my flight was delayed yet again, 8:28, this never ends.

I asked the guy to put me on stand-by anyway, who knows, so off I went to the flight that was leaving at around 6 or something like that I can’t even remember anymore.  I stopped and got a Blimpie wrap and some sliced apples, eating like crazy with the stress.

Stand-by didn’t work out, about 7 people on the stand-by list got on the flight so I was off to my C46 gate to wait until 8:28, this time, just sit and be patient, I’m reading my book, only down there about 15 minutes and there was an announcement from the ticket agent – flight 5456 to Harrisburg has been canceled, please see the ticket agent.  SHIT, I actually said it out loud and got up and headed toward the person who made the announcement.  Stood in line for 10 minutes and when I get to the podium I handed her my boarding pass and she was very short – NO – your flight was canceled you need to see the ticket agent down the hall.  Well, that’s not what she announced, and luckily I have traveled more than once in my life and at that point knew I probably needed to go to the help center, but someone who doesn’t travel much wouldn’t have a clue.

Once at the help center I scanned my boarding pass and while I was doing so there were several people who started talking to me who were also headed to Harrisburg and said there pop up paper said see the ticket agent.  When I scanned mine it gave me the same flight number, same time, same date, this is insane!

There was this Delta person who was walking around screaming at people to use the bank of phones instead of standing in line or scan their boarding pass to get their new flight info.  I promptly explained the info that we were getting seemed to be wrong, but she said well it’s not always accurate.  But, she’s telling us to use it instead of seeing the ticket agent?  Holy Cow!  I used the phone, it took about 10 minutes to get a person, she said there was one more flight to Harrisburg and grabbed the last seat, thank goodness, I’m booked.

Once I got off the phone one of the girls that was also on the same 5456 flight asked what had happened and I told her, she said the person she was talking to on the phone is saying the flight is not canceled, you’ve got to be kidding.  She got the departing gate from the Delta agent on the phone C55, which was right down the hall, I ran down there and asked the ticket agent if flight 5456 was departing out of that gate, she looked it up and confirmed.  I explained that the whole plane was down at the help center trying to get re-booked because of an announcement that it was canceled, it was not canceled.

I think we left Atlanta around 8:30 arrived in Harrisburg around 10:20, oh it only gets better.  Down to baggage claim, It was almost 1 hour before I got my luggage, at least I got it right?  Flight 5456 was the first flight on the board to land, 4 more flights after that landed, but their luggage started coming off first.  People were pissed!

I arrived at my hotel at 12:02 am EST, 17 hours after I had left my house, I think I could have driven with less stress.  My new name for Delta – Delayed

2 Responses

  1. Delta = Didn’t Even Leave The Airport

  2. Oh my gosh….that is too pitiful….and happening,oh so often….I hope it gets better…or at least ends up like it should…maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll run out of business class and you will HAVE TO go to 1st class!! Saturday’s run is 3, 6 and 8 miles. I know you are wanting to practice speed for your relay…so again, I can bring the ipod..although it will be hills, hills, hills…

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