Relay Countdown

After months and months of waiting for the American Odyssey Relay to start it’s only a few days away, but after this mornings run I’m not sure what my team will get out of my runs.

The relay starts on Friday morning in Gettysburg, PA at 7:00 am, I’m in van 2 which means our van will not start our legs until around noon, this is my first relay, and the inaugural for this relay.   We have lots of instructions, lots of people who have never met, but I have no doubt we will have a ton of fun.

I had a horrible run this morning, I know everyone had bad days, but I just haven’t had one in quite a while and it really has me worried about the relay.  I’ve had to run on treadmills instead of getting outside while I’ve been traveling and it’s just not the same.  Last year in October I was beginning to be a strong runner and now, not so sure.

Tammy came over around 5:30 am and we headed to Little Rock for our run with Kim and the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, this weeks run was at Rahling Road, Kim’s favorite because it’s hilly, not mine because it is SO hilly, but it was only 8 miles today and it would be good training for the relay.

The first mile I was breathing hard and Kim noticed, I was having a hard time and wondered how I was going to make it.  We trudged along, I spotted a port-a-potty and took advantage, thank goodness too!  I needed it more than I knew I needed it.

It was just tough, the whole 8.5 miles, every hill, and there were plenty, it is the most hilly of all our runs, I’m not sure I had a bad day because I didn’t get enough runs in this week or the runs I did get in weren’t quality runs or maybe it was just an off day, I’m hoping it was just an off day and relay will go great.

Tomorrow I’m off to Houston, TX, home on Wednesday night, off to Baltimore on Thursday morning.  I’m in charge of picking up one of the vans and then I will be picking up Nat and Jeff and heading to Gettysburg.  Relay first thing Friday morning.  Not taking my laptop, but I will take my camera so I can get lots of pictures to share when I get back on Sunday, but I head back out to Houston on Monday morning, so it may be a few days before I get my race report done.


4 Responses

  1. Oh you….give yourself one “off” day…geez…’s not like you’ve had one yet!

  2. Hey girl… it was really humid this morning and that might have been the reason you had such a hard time with your breathing!!

  3. Bad running day or not, I was just happy I got to see you!!! I think it’s neat you’ll be running the relay same day as I’m running Nashville!!! Two peas in a pod!! 🙂

  4. Good luck Cheryl! I know you’re going to have a FANTASTIC time with the relay! I wish I could be there.

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