1 week down

My first week of being unemployed is officially over, whew, I’m exhausted!  Just the worrying was enough to wear me out!  I’ve poured over the Internet looking for interesting jobs, not really finding much, sent my resume to a couple of places, but so far, nada.  My resume is sorely lacking any “punch”, for one thing I don’t know how to list the multitude of responsibilities or job functions I had without making it look jumbled or “no way she did all that”.  I’ve always been a jack of all trades, master of none, and I realize now that’s not such a good thing, even though I think it helps once I’m in a job and working.  I feel like I’ve felt my whole life, no direction, I have no idea what I want to do next.  I think I will know it when it comes along.

Today Kim was in town and we picked Tammy up at 6am and headed to Little Rock for an 8 mile run, the weather was perfect, around 60 degrees and sunny.  I had gone through this phase a couple of weeks ago where I had no stomach issues, well that’s over, they are back :(.  We started our run from the State Capitol and headed over to the Hillcrest area, we were only about a mile into the run and my stomach was not cooperating.  I told the girls to go ahead and I was going to walk/run until I made it to Kroger’s, another mile ahead.  I guess I ran about 1/2 of it, but thank goodness for the Kroger’s!

Once I got back outside I didn’t see the girls, they were going to go up to the turnaround and come back by and we would meet back up, so I started running up the hill toward Mt. Saint Mary’s, it wasn’t long before I saw two tall girls coming my way.  I felt much better and we ran together back toward the city, once we got back to the Capital we regrouped and headed over to the not so nice area of town, it was now rush hour and the traffic was pretty heavy, but no issues, we stayed on the sidewalk for the most part.

By the time we got back to my vehicle the girls had over 8 miles, I had about a mile less, fine by me.  We dropped Tammy off at her house and headed to mine.  Kim couldn’t stay long so I made my customary coffee and started looking for jobs.

Tammy called about a yard sale a few streets over, they had a ton of mystery books and I made a beeline over there and got some great paperbacks for 50 cents each, it came out of my yard sale money so I didn’t feel to guilty about spending the money.  Did you notice we did not make a Starbuck’s run after our run today?  We are all broke!!

I have been forcing myself to do things around the house, with all this time you would think it would be easy to get up and mop floors, or clean, or paint, but it’s not, I just don’t want to. period.   I did force myself to wash my truck, it took me about 1 1/2 hours, but it looks much better, no I didn’t clean the inside, it needs it though, oh well, baby steps.

Tomorrow since Tammy has headed for the hills Kim and I will be running with the Little Rock Marathon Group at Murray park, yuck, one of my least favorite routes….so boring.


Life goes on….

I really haven’t wanted to post anything since the big “layoff” last week, just didn’t have much to say, but life goes on and I need to get past this feeling of loss and this feeling of being pissed, which I still am, by the way, but I’ll get over it I’m sure.

Well, we had the super duper yard sale over the weekend and it was a booming success.  We were up on Friday morning at 4am setting up tables and dragging, box after box out of the house, I thought it would never end.  It took 2-3 hours for us to get it completely set up the way we wanted.  We had 4 long tables, 7 card tables, a big piece of plywood for shoes, two big clothes racks, two smaller clothes racks and multiple boxes with misc. items along with the furniture!  We had so much stuff it was overwhelming.

The business was brisk most of the day, my mother came and brought more card tables which we used, plus some change we desperately needed, she also did a little shopping.  We closed shop around 4:30 in the afternoon, I think we sold more than 1/2 of what we had on Friday.  On Saturday Kim and Tammy wanted to go for a run, not me, I wasn’t in the mood, so they ran at 4:30 until about 5:15 or so and we started setting up the sale again, but we put more effort into setting up items like a store and it looked much better, the day started out slower and at noon we put out signs, 1/2 price for the remainder of the day, that worked out well.

Everyone made money and I think everyone was happy, but tired, especially me and Tammy, Kim left at noon so her and Josh could get to the Lake.  We decided to shut down at 3pm, it took us until 4:30 to get everything put away and make my driveway look like a driveway again, we were pooped.

Tammy and I were planning on running our long run on Sunday and picked out an 8 mile run from the Capitol, well, when we woke at 6am on Sunday, pouring down rain and it pretty much rained all day, I made coffee and read the paper.  It was a good day to stay in, I did venture out later in the day to Sam’s and Target.

Monday was Memorial Day and I had one more free pass to the NLR Athletic Club, Tammy said they were having one class and I should come after our run, I was hesitant after the Mix it up class only a week ago, but why not, it’s not like I had to go to work or anything!  So we did our run and then headed to the class, warm up was run one lap, one lap of lunges, run one lap BACKWARDS, one lap of BACKWARDS lunges, holy crap, I think that’s why my calves are so sore.  Then they set up these relays on the basketball court, I think there must have been about 40 people in the class, it was a little crazy, but a great workout, I kept looking at my Polar and my HR was in the 170’s most of the class.  OH, and I forgot about this warm up diddy, 2 jumping jacks 2 push ups 2 stair steps (24 inches at least) we started at 2 then 4, then 6 up to 20, I don’t even want to add that up.  Toward the end when we were completely exhausted from the relays they had us do 24 lunges, 24 jumping lunges and 12 jumping squats, it was CRAZY!!

We then headed to Starbucks, could be one of my last trips for a while, thank goodness for yard sale money!  The coffee was excellent!  We tried to go to Savers, but it was packed so we just headed home.

Yesterday I headed to the Unemployment office, first I got in my run and was happy to have Tammy come run with me because she got canceled at work (again).  What a fiasco that little adventure was, first I looked online to get the address, Main Street, Little Rock, okay not too far.  Got there about 10:15 and there weren’t many cars in the parking lot, yeah for me, uh oh, doors locked and a sign on the door, they had moved to South University in the old Haverty’s building, well shit, I guess I’ll drive over there.  Well, I was thinking the building was at 12th and University, but no, it was WAY down University and the parking lot was full, people parked out on University, I had to wait for someone to pull out before I could park, it was 10:45.

I walked in and there was a line all the way to the back wall, holy cow!  But the lady up front pointed me to a computer room.  I thought I was being smart and printed out the Unemployment form at home and filled it all out nice and neat so I wouldn’t have to do it there, HA!  As I was standing in the computer room wondering what to do next, looking for anyone who might work there, all these people were bent over the computers filling out something.  Finally this lady just walks by, she has a badge on, “excuse me, do you work here?” she replies “uh huh” and keeps walking.  Oh boy, this is going to be fun.  In a minute or two another one comes by and she sits me down in front of a computer, but I pull out my neatly filled out application and she said no we don’t take that and walks off and I’m left just sitting in front of the computer.  I’m staring at it and wondering, do I start, do I wait?  WTF??  So after a minute or two I see that it’s exactly the same crap I was looking out at home and the EXACT same form, this is BS.  I start filling out the stupid form I had already filled out and the lady starts walking by and I stop her “excuse me, but this is the exact form” she replies “NO, you go to the bottom and read and then click NEXT” and she wasn’t nice about it at all, I said “you did not tell me what to do when you plopped me down or I would have known”.

It took maybe 15 minutes to fill out the form, at the end it says Print the form, but I have no idea if there is a printer in there or anything so I raise my hand until I think my arm is going to fall off, I finally got up and asked some dude and he confirmed it would print.  After that I sat back down at my computer and waited, and waited some more, got out my magazine, wrote out my running goals.  Finally the lady comes back and says “I’ll be right back”, oh no not again, another 15 minutes comes by and she brings me a form to fill out that I could hardly read it had been copied so many times, filled it out and you can guess what happened, waiting, waiting, arm up, no use.  I finally get pardoned to the big waiting room where she says “an interviewer will call you”.

As I’m sitting out there with about 40 other people I know I’m going to be there for awhile and wished I had brought a book as Kim suggested instead of the magazine.  People are rude, loud mouthed, cussing, I heard this girl behind me say she had been there since 9am.  I finally get called back at 2:30PM and the interviewer was nice, but you could tell he had done this a million times and didn’t care about any of my questions or problems, I left at 3pm with a promise of my first payment around the middle of June, depressing, very depressing, I’m glad I don’t have to go back up there.

Last night was the first night of the Running Clinic in Cabot with Coach Dennis, I debated whether to go or not, it’s 30.00 a month and I really don’t need another bill right now and I may have to drop it after only 1 month, but we shall see.  Tammy and I left a little early so we could stop at Kroger and get some bargains and then headed to Cabot.   We were really early and just sat in the truck and talked and watched these two guys who were getting ready to run until Coach Dennis and everyone else got there.

Once the clinic got started Coach had a lot of information to tell everyone, especially for the new people, it took about 30 minutes, but we did get to run.  Tammy and I were sort of in the middle so we did a 10 minute warm up and then 5 x 1 minute intervals, run semi-hard for 1 minute, jog for 1 minute, we did that 5 times, I know we ran a little too fast on our fast runs, but it was all good in the end.  We did a cool down run back to our vehicle and ended up with 4 miles.

This morning Tammy came by and we ran our loop backwards, probably not the smartest move since we had just run about 12 hours earlier and my calves were still super sore.  Seems like the backwards route has more hills the the forward route!

Well, that’s all I have for now.  Looking for jobs and just getting through the days.  Oh, one more thing, Tammy and I watched The curious case of Benjamin Button, LOVED IT, but boohooed, I will definitely watch it again and may read the book.

I’ve been riffed

Who gets laid off while they are on vacation? me.   and what does riffed mean?  I guess it means I no longer have a job.  This sucks, really sucks, I guess I’m joining the thousands upon thousands of people without a job.

I am on a forced vacation this week, forced so the company wouldn’t have to lay people off, HA!!  I’m hurt and pissed that they called me during my supposed vacation to tell me my job has been eliminated.  What hurts me is that my boss didn’t stand up for me and say, No, we can’t lay her off, we need her, that’s what hurts.  Eight years and I got a fat 2 weeks severance.  Great.

I don’t even have a resume, it was lost when my old laptop was stolen last year, what the hell am I going to do, I guess I better get all the prescriptions filled I can and double up on the happy pills!  Holy shit this really bites.

On a lighter note, the super duper yard sale is tomorrow, my boss actually said have fun at your yard sale, yeah it should be a blast as I wonder how the hell I’m going to make my house payment.  I’m going to try and not let this get me down, it will probably be for the best I’ll find something better!

So, if you need some odd jobs done….or if you are in North Little Rock tomorrow or Saturday, drop by.

Mix it Up

Oh buddy oh pal Tambo so graciously invited me to go with her to the NLR Athletic Club on Friday after we ran 5 miles to her Mix it up class, sounded good at the time.  I’ve been with her to one other class back in December before I started all my traveling, it was the same instructor, but not the same class, this class the instructor picks whatever she wants to do, today she decided to do some plyometrics or some P90X moves, OMG, my poor body.

Okay, we had just run 5 miles, keep that in mind, our warm up was two laps around the track running, then two laps of lunges, you could run the curves, two laps of running then two laps of squats, run the curves, WARM UP, I was thinking oh shit I’m going to be sore tomorrow.  The laps in the building are short, 1/10 of a mile I think, but still!  Then we started in the class with 35 jump squats, these squats where you face one way, jump up to face the other way, squat and back and forth, there were lots of other jumping squats, running tires that weren’t there, push ups and I think what did my hip flexors in was this move where you swing one leg up over this imaginary stool then the other leg, then the opposite direction.  My average heart rate was 157 Max 172, the same as running!  It was probably the toughest class I’ve ever taken.

After the class it was off to Starbucks, we had definitely earned it today and then we headed to Goodwill to look for some goods, but all I found was a book.  Tammy headed home and I headed to the kitchen for a sandwich and some relaxing before the yard work commenced, I relaxed until 1:00 pm and then got busy.

At 4:30pm I finally finished my yard work, what a freaking mess my yard was, after all the rain we have gotten it was just badly overgrown, at least the back was, I had to use the weed whacker first to knock down these huge three foot weeds around the deck before I could mow and then had to mow it twice.

I was completely exhausted and didn’t know how I was going to run 6 miles on Saturday morning, Tammy was going to work so I would be running solo with the Little Rock Marathon training group and the weather did not look good, Thunderstorms were forecast.  Sometime in the middle of the night I heard the storms start up, wondering if they would quit by 5:00 am.

When my alarm went off it was still raining with some lightening still in the area, but I went ahead and got up and started getting ready.  I headed to the River Market around 5:40, I parked close so I could make sure someone crazier than me was going to show up in the storm, and they did.  All in all it was a small group, around 20 people, we waited until about 6:15 to make sure we were clear of the lightening and we took off.  I was so sore I could barely run, I started really slow, but warmed up quickly, by the time I got to the Broadway bridge I had to strip off my rain jacket, thank goodness it had stopped raining.  I didn’t have to put it back on for the entire run.

Around mile 3.5 I almost quit, my legs were hurting really bad and I was thinking to myself, wow, I could cut this short, make it 4 miles and call it good I am running 8 miles with Tammy tomorrow, but I didn’t I pushed through the soreness and completed the run, but my legs were toast when I was done.  I walked around for just a short time at the Farmer’s Market before heading home.

I met my family at Red Lobster last night for a going away dinner for my nephew, I did not overeat for once, grilled shrimp and steak no sides,  salad, one biscuit and no dessert.  Well, except for the Skinny Cow I ate later last night.

This morning I met Tambo at her new pad in Argenta for our 8 mile run, my legs are STILL sore!  Making groaning noises when I walk.  Tammy’s house is really cute, she has it all fixed up, one of these days I’ll finish my house!

It was really windy and quite cool when we started and the first couple of miles were torture on my legs, I told Tammy to run ahead, I just couldn’t keep up, pain!  Around mile 3 my legs either started feeling better or I just couldn’t feel them anymore I finally caught back up to Tammy.  About mile 6 I started feeling the pain again, my calves, inside thighs, butt, quads, they were all killing me and I was ready to be done.  We did finish and I was shocked I was able to do it.

We headed to Starbucks with some homemade Banana Chocolate Chip Bread courtesy of Tammy and the Sunday paper, we had to take jackets, it was still really windy outside and we knew Starbucks likes to keep it cold.  After the Bucks it was off to Walgreens and then home.  I’ve done some yard sale stuff today, painted the signs, cleaned out my office and went to Glenn’s and picked up more stuff.

My legs are feeling a little better, even after running 8 miles this morning.  On vacation the rest of the week!!

Canon 10.0 MP Digital Camera

Canon 10.0 MP Digital Camera

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Oh the rain!

We can’t get a break from the rain, it’s rained almost every day since I’ve officially been home from my travels.  Last week my running week was very sucky with only 3 days of running when I’m used to running at least 5 days.

Sunday woke to rain, ditto on Monday, Tuesday Kim was in town and was coming over to run with me, I heard her at the door when Surprise!  it was Tammy, she had been canceled at work and was running with us, the three of us once again, it’s been a while!  Kim was not far behind her and we headed out with almost non-stop talking.  We got caught up with all of Kim’s goings on and filled her in on ours.  Kim was heading home to Ohio later on Tuesday, she also has a marathon (ANOTHER ONE) this weekend, but I can’t remember which one!

We were about 3 miles into our run, when Tammy said, DAMN IT!  it’s raining!  You’ve got to be kidding, but no, it was once again raining, but luckily it was just a light shower and quit by the time we got back to my house with 4.25 miles.  The girls did not hang around long, I had to get ready for work.

Wednesday I was dreading running by myself and was hoping for 5 miles, but it was so freaking muggy I was running a lot slower than normal and ended up with 4 miles again, it wasn’t exactly raining, just misting late in my run.

Today the wind woke me up at 3:15am, I thought the trees were going to come tumbling down on my house it was blowing so hard and then the storms started.  I finally fell back asleep, but when my alarm went off at 5am, it was raining, AGAIN, so I set my alarm for 6 and tried to go back to sleep.  So, no run this morning.

Tomorrow is VACATION DAYS, yippee!!  Tammy and I are running at 6am, going to some sales and then to her mix it up class at the gym.  We should have a good time.  Oh, and then I’m mowing my yard!!!  It looks like a jungle once again with all the rain!

Joys of Warm Weather

It’s so nice to be home and enjoying the warm weather.  Being home is the best part, not being at airports or a hotel, not eating out for every meal is great too.  Smokey is loving me being home, I think my house even likes it, TLC is starting up.

Got home on Friday afternoon and sped home to get my front yard mowed, I couldn’t stand it another second, it was looking like no one lived at my house at all.  After the quick mow job it was time to get ready for the MacArthur Park 5K, yes I know, odd time for a 5K, but apparently it’s a yearly May 1st race at 7pm, I had never done a 5K at night, it was supposed to be me, Tammy and Kim, but Kim had to pull out, she had to work.

Tammy and I headed downtown around 6:15, took us forever to find a parking space, got our bibs and while I was making my last bathroom stop Tammy was hollering “5 minutes to start”, we had to run back to my truck to drop off our bags and grab our water and head back to the Start.  Once we got back to the Start we had to wait, and wait, 5 minutes was at least 15 and we were off.  The weather was pretty warm, but I was keeping a good pace, I was pacing off a group of 3 girls who were running about a 9:15 pace, I was right on their backs, staying really close.  I even told them “hey I’m not stalking you guys, but your keeping a good pace”.  Before long I heard Tammy calling my name, she said we looked like the Secret Service, but the girls had slowed down and we moved past them.  We ran through the Rive Market and up Cumberland toward  the Arts Center.  I started getting hot and winded around mile 2, my alarm on my Garmin was going off and it didn’t stop until I finished the race.

I told Tammy to go ahead and I took a quick walk and water break, my heart rate came down a bit and I started running again, it was a gradual incline, but I kept pushing, there was a turn toward the east and I saw Janet, a girl at the beginning I didn’t think I could beat, she was ahead of Tammy and I pushed it a little harder and caught up with Tammy, alarm steadily going off on the Garmin, HR above 182.  We could see the finish and passed Janet in the blue shorts right before the finish, Tammy and I finished together 28:29, official 28:30, a PR for me!!  No, I didn’t win any age group awards, but it was a good race even though my HR got up to 191 and at times I thought I was going to fall over.

Saturday Tammy and I ran with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at Two Rivers Park, it was supposed to rain and we both had rain jackets on to start at 6am, but thank goodness we were coming back by our vehicles around mile 3 because it was humid as hell and the jackets were too hot!  We dropped our jackets and headed out again.  On our way back, around mile 4 something, we were not sure because we had both screwed up our Garmins, it started to rain and of course we were jacket-less.  At least we had hats.  As we got closer to the end of our 6 mile run it started raining harder and harder, we were pretty wet when we got back to my vehicle, thank goodness we had brought dry tops, shoes and towels.  We headed to Starbucks and then home.

It was nice to be home even though it rained for the entire day, Sunday was drier, but I ended up sleeping in, which is odd for me, I never sleep in.  Around 9 or so Tammy came over and we started making trips to her storage unit to get her moved into her new pad.  We moved until around 1 or 2pm and it started sprinkling on us, we grabbed a sandwich at Subway to see if the rain was going to go away, it didn’t.  We called it a day.

Monday I had a Dr’s appointment at 7am so no running in the morning, I had a talk with my Doc about the Topamax I take for migraines, I had heard it causes overheating, guess what, it does, she knows I’m a runner and never told me about this side effect and it’s not listed on the pharmacy sheet.  I told her about my experience with the relay where I felt so bad and she said it was probably due to the meds, she asked me if I had anything to keep me cool…Like?  It was 95 stinking degrees, I had water and a hat.   She is decreasing the dosage on my medicine little by little to see if we can get it down to about 1/2 of what I’m taking now, it’s just something I have to watch.

Tuesday I was out the door and running by 5:45am, I got in 4 miles, nice run, wish it would have been a little longer, but I needed to get to the LR Branch office at a decent hour, I ended up getting there by 8:15.  It feels weird driving from home and fighting traffic all the normal stuff, taking my lunch, almost feels like a normal job.  I guess I better not get used to it, I’ll be back on the road in about 3 weeks.

Yesterday Tammy was going to come over and run with me, but guess what, raining again.  Instead of running after work I decided to work in my front yard, it still does not look like I want it to, it’s going to take awhile.

Today I got up and did my 4 mile loop again, it was so muggy, foggy and humid I needed gills!  I had to take about 4 quick walk breaks to catch my breath on the hills.   Tough run, but a decent pace, could be better though.

Tomorrow Tammy is supposed to come over and run 5 miles with me, it will be nice to run with someone.