Joys of Warm Weather

It’s so nice to be home and enjoying the warm weather.  Being home is the best part, not being at airports or a hotel, not eating out for every meal is great too.  Smokey is loving me being home, I think my house even likes it, TLC is starting up.

Got home on Friday afternoon and sped home to get my front yard mowed, I couldn’t stand it another second, it was looking like no one lived at my house at all.  After the quick mow job it was time to get ready for the MacArthur Park 5K, yes I know, odd time for a 5K, but apparently it’s a yearly May 1st race at 7pm, I had never done a 5K at night, it was supposed to be me, Tammy and Kim, but Kim had to pull out, she had to work.

Tammy and I headed downtown around 6:15, took us forever to find a parking space, got our bibs and while I was making my last bathroom stop Tammy was hollering “5 minutes to start”, we had to run back to my truck to drop off our bags and grab our water and head back to the Start.  Once we got back to the Start we had to wait, and wait, 5 minutes was at least 15 and we were off.  The weather was pretty warm, but I was keeping a good pace, I was pacing off a group of 3 girls who were running about a 9:15 pace, I was right on their backs, staying really close.  I even told them “hey I’m not stalking you guys, but your keeping a good pace”.  Before long I heard Tammy calling my name, she said we looked like the Secret Service, but the girls had slowed down and we moved past them.  We ran through the Rive Market and up Cumberland toward  the Arts Center.  I started getting hot and winded around mile 2, my alarm on my Garmin was going off and it didn’t stop until I finished the race.

I told Tammy to go ahead and I took a quick walk and water break, my heart rate came down a bit and I started running again, it was a gradual incline, but I kept pushing, there was a turn toward the east and I saw Janet, a girl at the beginning I didn’t think I could beat, she was ahead of Tammy and I pushed it a little harder and caught up with Tammy, alarm steadily going off on the Garmin, HR above 182.  We could see the finish and passed Janet in the blue shorts right before the finish, Tammy and I finished together 28:29, official 28:30, a PR for me!!  No, I didn’t win any age group awards, but it was a good race even though my HR got up to 191 and at times I thought I was going to fall over.

Saturday Tammy and I ran with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at Two Rivers Park, it was supposed to rain and we both had rain jackets on to start at 6am, but thank goodness we were coming back by our vehicles around mile 3 because it was humid as hell and the jackets were too hot!  We dropped our jackets and headed out again.  On our way back, around mile 4 something, we were not sure because we had both screwed up our Garmins, it started to rain and of course we were jacket-less.  At least we had hats.  As we got closer to the end of our 6 mile run it started raining harder and harder, we were pretty wet when we got back to my vehicle, thank goodness we had brought dry tops, shoes and towels.  We headed to Starbucks and then home.

It was nice to be home even though it rained for the entire day, Sunday was drier, but I ended up sleeping in, which is odd for me, I never sleep in.  Around 9 or so Tammy came over and we started making trips to her storage unit to get her moved into her new pad.  We moved until around 1 or 2pm and it started sprinkling on us, we grabbed a sandwich at Subway to see if the rain was going to go away, it didn’t.  We called it a day.

Monday I had a Dr’s appointment at 7am so no running in the morning, I had a talk with my Doc about the Topamax I take for migraines, I had heard it causes overheating, guess what, it does, she knows I’m a runner and never told me about this side effect and it’s not listed on the pharmacy sheet.  I told her about my experience with the relay where I felt so bad and she said it was probably due to the meds, she asked me if I had anything to keep me cool…Like?  It was 95 stinking degrees, I had water and a hat.   She is decreasing the dosage on my medicine little by little to see if we can get it down to about 1/2 of what I’m taking now, it’s just something I have to watch.

Tuesday I was out the door and running by 5:45am, I got in 4 miles, nice run, wish it would have been a little longer, but I needed to get to the LR Branch office at a decent hour, I ended up getting there by 8:15.  It feels weird driving from home and fighting traffic all the normal stuff, taking my lunch, almost feels like a normal job.  I guess I better not get used to it, I’ll be back on the road in about 3 weeks.

Yesterday Tammy was going to come over and run with me, but guess what, raining again.  Instead of running after work I decided to work in my front yard, it still does not look like I want it to, it’s going to take awhile.

Today I got up and did my 4 mile loop again, it was so muggy, foggy and humid I needed gills!  I had to take about 4 quick walk breaks to catch my breath on the hills.   Tough run, but a decent pace, could be better though.

Tomorrow Tammy is supposed to come over and run 5 miles with me, it will be nice to run with someone.


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  1. Yeah…I was wondering..should I do 5 miles? I guess I’m not really dead -set against setting any speed records on Saturday…but 5 miles? I guess I’ll see how I feel. Thank God I didn’t do Sculpt last night like I planned. Yesterday morning I did Kickboxing and Circuit with HEAVY weights and I’m soooooo sore today…that was NOT anticipated. My Polar said I burned 1050 calories and it’s usually right on. Geez! Then I sorted through my stuff all day at the house…before I knew it, it was 6pm! Yes, i forgot to eat again and didn’t realize I had until I got dizzy. All I had at the house was Cranberry Oatmeal. Man, I need to shop! Hope to be in my new pad tomorrow night!!!

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