Mix it Up

Oh buddy oh pal Tambo so graciously invited me to go with her to the NLR Athletic Club on Friday after we ran 5 miles to her Mix it up class, sounded good at the time.  I’ve been with her to one other class back in December before I started all my traveling, it was the same instructor, but not the same class, this class the instructor picks whatever she wants to do, today she decided to do some plyometrics or some P90X moves, OMG, my poor body.

Okay, we had just run 5 miles, keep that in mind, our warm up was two laps around the track running, then two laps of lunges, you could run the curves, two laps of running then two laps of squats, run the curves, WARM UP, I was thinking oh shit I’m going to be sore tomorrow.  The laps in the building are short, 1/10 of a mile I think, but still!  Then we started in the class with 35 jump squats, these squats where you face one way, jump up to face the other way, squat and back and forth, there were lots of other jumping squats, running tires that weren’t there, push ups and I think what did my hip flexors in was this move where you swing one leg up over this imaginary stool then the other leg, then the opposite direction.  My average heart rate was 157 Max 172, the same as running!  It was probably the toughest class I’ve ever taken.

After the class it was off to Starbucks, we had definitely earned it today and then we headed to Goodwill to look for some goods, but all I found was a book.  Tammy headed home and I headed to the kitchen for a sandwich and some relaxing before the yard work commenced, I relaxed until 1:00 pm and then got busy.

At 4:30pm I finally finished my yard work, what a freaking mess my yard was, after all the rain we have gotten it was just badly overgrown, at least the back was, I had to use the weed whacker first to knock down these huge three foot weeds around the deck before I could mow and then had to mow it twice.

I was completely exhausted and didn’t know how I was going to run 6 miles on Saturday morning, Tammy was going to work so I would be running solo with the Little Rock Marathon training group and the weather did not look good, Thunderstorms were forecast.  Sometime in the middle of the night I heard the storms start up, wondering if they would quit by 5:00 am.

When my alarm went off it was still raining with some lightening still in the area, but I went ahead and got up and started getting ready.  I headed to the River Market around 5:40, I parked close so I could make sure someone crazier than me was going to show up in the storm, and they did.  All in all it was a small group, around 20 people, we waited until about 6:15 to make sure we were clear of the lightening and we took off.  I was so sore I could barely run, I started really slow, but warmed up quickly, by the time I got to the Broadway bridge I had to strip off my rain jacket, thank goodness it had stopped raining.  I didn’t have to put it back on for the entire run.

Around mile 3.5 I almost quit, my legs were hurting really bad and I was thinking to myself, wow, I could cut this short, make it 4 miles and call it good I am running 8 miles with Tammy tomorrow, but I didn’t I pushed through the soreness and completed the run, but my legs were toast when I was done.  I walked around for just a short time at the Farmer’s Market before heading home.

I met my family at Red Lobster last night for a going away dinner for my nephew, I did not overeat for once, grilled shrimp and steak no sides,  salad, one biscuit and no dessert.  Well, except for the Skinny Cow I ate later last night.

This morning I met Tambo at her new pad in Argenta for our 8 mile run, my legs are STILL sore!  Making groaning noises when I walk.  Tammy’s house is really cute, she has it all fixed up, one of these days I’ll finish my house!

It was really windy and quite cool when we started and the first couple of miles were torture on my legs, I told Tammy to run ahead, I just couldn’t keep up, pain!  Around mile 3 my legs either started feeling better or I just couldn’t feel them anymore I finally caught back up to Tammy.  About mile 6 I started feeling the pain again, my calves, inside thighs, butt, quads, they were all killing me and I was ready to be done.  We did finish and I was shocked I was able to do it.

We headed to Starbucks with some homemade Banana Chocolate Chip Bread courtesy of Tammy and the Sunday paper, we had to take jackets, it was still really windy outside and we knew Starbucks likes to keep it cold.  After the Bucks it was off to Walgreens and then home.  I’ve done some yard sale stuff today, painted the signs, cleaned out my office and went to Glenn’s and picked up more stuff.

My legs are feeling a little better, even after running 8 miles this morning.  On vacation the rest of the week!!


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  1. TODAY WAS MY DAY OF PAIN! Of course, Kelly (kickboxing instructor) didn’t get the memo about all those damn jump squats we had to do on Friday…so more of those today! Geez…I tried to run, but only got 3 miles in and it was torture…then stupidly, went to Sculpt…tomorrow is probably going to be a NO EXERCISE day for me! My legs are killing me!

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