I’ve been riffed

Who gets laid off while they are on vacation? me.   and what does riffed mean?  I guess it means I no longer have a job.  This sucks, really sucks, I guess I’m joining the thousands upon thousands of people without a job.

I am on a forced vacation this week, forced so the company wouldn’t have to lay people off, HA!!  I’m hurt and pissed that they called me during my supposed vacation to tell me my job has been eliminated.  What hurts me is that my boss didn’t stand up for me and say, No, we can’t lay her off, we need her, that’s what hurts.  Eight years and I got a fat 2 weeks severance.  Great.

I don’t even have a resume, it was lost when my old laptop was stolen last year, what the hell am I going to do, I guess I better get all the prescriptions filled I can and double up on the happy pills!  Holy shit this really bites.

On a lighter note, the super duper yard sale is tomorrow, my boss actually said have fun at your yard sale, yeah it should be a blast as I wonder how the hell I’m going to make my house payment.  I’m going to try and not let this get me down, it will probably be for the best I’ll find something better!

So, if you need some odd jobs done….or if you are in North Little Rock tomorrow or Saturday, drop by.


5 Responses

  1. Cheryl — what can I say. It’s a club I wish I wasn’t welcoming you to. (I’ve been out 3 months after 19 years of loyalty.)

    Best advice I can give you is to file for unemployment immediately. At least in MD, you can’t get retro benefits.

    Oh, one more thing — go for a run. At least you might as well get some mileage in.

    Good luck and I’ll be pulling for you!


  2. I am so sorry, Cheryl. I do know that you will find something even better.

  3. I am really sorry to hear that. I don’t even know what to say but after reading your post I wanted to say something. I will keep you in my prayers, praying something bigger and better comes along and in a hurry. 🙂

  4. OMG I am so sorry. This happened to me too. My last week of work was Wednesday.

    Hang in there…just when you think your life is falling apart…it might just be falling together in exactly the most perfect way.

  5. God they had you working like a dog too… that’s awful.

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