1 week down

My first week of being unemployed is officially over, whew, I’m exhausted!  Just the worrying was enough to wear me out!  I’ve poured over the Internet looking for interesting jobs, not really finding much, sent my resume to a couple of places, but so far, nada.  My resume is sorely lacking any “punch”, for one thing I don’t know how to list the multitude of responsibilities or job functions I had without making it look jumbled or “no way she did all that”.  I’ve always been a jack of all trades, master of none, and I realize now that’s not such a good thing, even though I think it helps once I’m in a job and working.  I feel like I’ve felt my whole life, no direction, I have no idea what I want to do next.  I think I will know it when it comes along.

Today Kim was in town and we picked Tammy up at 6am and headed to Little Rock for an 8 mile run, the weather was perfect, around 60 degrees and sunny.  I had gone through this phase a couple of weeks ago where I had no stomach issues, well that’s over, they are back :(.  We started our run from the State Capitol and headed over to the Hillcrest area, we were only about a mile into the run and my stomach was not cooperating.  I told the girls to go ahead and I was going to walk/run until I made it to Kroger’s, another mile ahead.  I guess I ran about 1/2 of it, but thank goodness for the Kroger’s!

Once I got back outside I didn’t see the girls, they were going to go up to the turnaround and come back by and we would meet back up, so I started running up the hill toward Mt. Saint Mary’s, it wasn’t long before I saw two tall girls coming my way.  I felt much better and we ran together back toward the city, once we got back to the Capital we regrouped and headed over to the not so nice area of town, it was now rush hour and the traffic was pretty heavy, but no issues, we stayed on the sidewalk for the most part.

By the time we got back to my vehicle the girls had over 8 miles, I had about a mile less, fine by me.  We dropped Tammy off at her house and headed to mine.  Kim couldn’t stay long so I made my customary coffee and started looking for jobs.

Tammy called about a yard sale a few streets over, they had a ton of mystery books and I made a beeline over there and got some great paperbacks for 50 cents each, it came out of my yard sale money so I didn’t feel to guilty about spending the money.  Did you notice we did not make a Starbuck’s run after our run today?  We are all broke!!

I have been forcing myself to do things around the house, with all this time you would think it would be easy to get up and mop floors, or clean, or paint, but it’s not, I just don’t want to. period.   I did force myself to wash my truck, it took me about 1 1/2 hours, but it looks much better, no I didn’t clean the inside, it needs it though, oh well, baby steps.

Tomorrow since Tammy has headed for the hills Kim and I will be running with the Little Rock Marathon Group at Murray park, yuck, one of my least favorite routes….so boring.


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