Running and other stuff

Let me back up to Saturday, Kim was sick and unable to run with me at Murray park, poor Kim and poor me, I had to run that boring run all by my lonesome and it was more than boring, no one was talking, it was just blah, but the weather was wonderful, 6 miles.

Sunday I got up and did the 5 mile loop it was much warmer than Saturday, I was drenched by the time I got to Blackie the Lab we stop and give treats to on the last little bit of our run, he is so pitiful, about 10-11 years old, skinny and limping up to the fence, but he is so gentle, such a sweet pup.

I decided to finally paint my kitchen, I had being toying with colors for a while, yellow, orange, green and even had samples up on the wall, but just couldn’t make a decision.  I finally decided Sea Foam, I spent most of Sunday just prepping the room, moving stuff, taping, cleaning, I did start doing the trim out but got hardly any done before I decided a shower, food and bed were in order.  Hey I’ve got plenty of time on my hands.

Monday Tammy came by and we ran the loop, she had said on Sunday she wanted 6 miles, but she changed her tune when we got to the alley, I asked if she wanted to make another loop around the lake, no takers.  She had gone to a P90X class prior to our run…and was planning on doing another class sometime during the day, I’ve got to come up with a great nickname for her, I already call her Tambo, you know Rambo Tambo…

I finished painting the kitchen yesterday, I love it!  The color couldn’t be more perfect, it really makes the kitchen look so much better, now I’ve got to get a cabinet to go over the stove, need to brush up my handywoman skills.  I’ll try and get some pics posted.

No running this morning I have the running clinic tonight, it’s pretty warm, 90 I think, but I am not complaining, it’s nice not to worry about what to wear, as little as possible these days.  Tomorrow is the National Running Day and I signed up, guess where the run is?  Oh glory, Murray Park, 6am.  It should be fun though.


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