Running Clinic

Last night was the weekly Running Clinic, it was in North Little Rock this week, yippee!  I was not pumped about going, just had a crappy day all together, as I said in my previous post, nothing is going in the right direction DAMN IT!!

Anyway, I trudge to the High School and put on my semi Happy Face 🙂 in the 6pm heat and humidity, no not complaining, just bitching, yes there is a difference.  I could see Josh, Melisha, Jeff, the other fast guy already running, these are the ‘advanced’ runners and they were booking it around the track I was wondering why they had already started, it wasn’t 6 yet.  I asked Tambo and she said they were going to watch Leah throw out the first pitch at the Travelers game.  Leah is the ‘superstar’ in Little Rock, she won the Little Rock Marathon this year and has come to the clinic once, needless to say she is SUPER fast.

Close to 6 we finally got our workout, 1 x 1200, 3 x 400 both at Lactate Threshold for me 9:47 and then 2 x 200 and Interval pace, 9:XX something, I don’t know because I didn’t do it!

We started with a 15 minute warm up, Tammy and I started together, but she ended up going ahead of me, I just couldn’t keep up.  After our warm up Coach Dennis took up over to the only hill off track and showed us hill techniques, so we ran up the hill and down the hill about 3 times.  After the hills it was 4 x strides and then the workout.

After I finished my 1200 I noticed my time was slow, about 30 seconds slow, that’s really not like me, I’m usually a little fast, I was faster last week and it was just as hot.  I did a 3 minute jog before my 400’s grabbed some Cytomax and took off, after the first 400 I was off by about 20 seconds, slow again.  What the hell?  I just couldn’t get it and I was not feeling it either, off day.  After a 2 minute walk/jog and water break I started my 2nd 400, halfway around I ditched it, not working.  I was almost in tears I just was not into it at all and I could not make myself finish.

I walked up to Coach Dennis and just told him it was an off day I was making my times at Lactate Threshold, he asked what the times were and told me to go do 4 more strides and blow off the 200’s, fine by me.   I was still close to tears as I started my strides, WTF? Hormones? Stress? No Job??

I finished the strides, did one cool down lap and called it good and still ended up with 4 miles, average pace was 10:09.  Slow for a clinic night, usually in the 9’s.  Tammy talked to Coach for a bit and then we headed out.

I just wanted to get home and hop in the shower if I haven’t mentioned it I have a little poison ivy and it was driving me nuts!  I also broke out in a little heat rash on my arms.  What else?  Oh I do have this huge bite on my neck too.  I look like a freak.

Got my shower, put a Healthy Choice dinner in the microwave and watched a movie “New in Town”.  It made me laugh and I needed a laugh or two, I really liked the movie, I guess it was a romantic comedy, funny and not too romantic, more funny than anything.

I filed a complaint about the scammer, I’ll try and post about it later.


2 Responses

  1. I watched New in Town this weekend. It was very cute.

  2. I watched “Passengers”…it was wierd… I guess it was supposed to be like “sIxth sense”…but at the end, I still didn’t quite “get it”..anyhoo, I didn’t realize you were having sucha bad day on tuesday…my Tuesday sucked too…

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