Come on I can take it!

What else do you have out there?  Come on, throw some more crap my way, I can take it!!  I just want a break, a small little break, just a day where I don’t have some sort of drama in my life, every day seems like someone is playing a trick on me, I don’t get it, I’m not a bad person.

This morning Tammy and I headed to Pinnacle Mountain for our run with the Little Rock Marathon Group at 6am.  We were on time, but apparently neither one of us paid great attention to the email and we were the only ones there, the gates were locked to the Arboretum, I was befuddled.  We always meet here, could it have been somewhere else on Pinnacle?  We drove to the Main Park area and the gates were locked there as well.  Hmmm, we decided to drive back over to the Arboretum to make sure the time wasn’t different, No, still no one there, so we decided to check the Visitor’s Center.

Oh, look at all those runners, we found the right spot and of course we were late.  We had to search for parking, spray with bug spray, get our fuel belts on, grab routes, I think we probably headed out about 6:30am.  Did I mention the humongous hill up to the Visitor’s Center, no?  Well, all I could think was “oh shit, we have to run up this in our last mile”.  It rivals the Rahling Road hill.

Tammy and I were lone runners to say the least and after such a good run yesterday it was not starting well for me, I was looking for a bathroom before we even got down the first hill, I was pissed at myself, just because I don’t know what causes these “episodes”.   It didn’t get better as the morning wore on.

We made a pit stop in Maumelle Park, at this point it was only about 2.5 miles in, and the day was getting hotter and the humidity was thick.  We only had a route for 8 miles and decided to add on to Pinnacle Valley Drive, it was a little more crowded (car wise) than we had expected with no shoulder to run on for the most part.  At least at this point it was flat, but we were right out in the sun.

We made our turnaround at 4.7 miles or so and I was already feeling tired, for one I did not fuel up before we headed out, I grabbed some crackers at the house, but  I guess I laid them down right before I locked the door so I was running on no fuel.  Had a few Honey Stingers with me, but I guess it was too little too late.

When we got back to Maumelle Park I was feeling nauseated, I went to the bathroom and found that I was having problems of the female variety and of course I had nothing with me, I had to improvise the best I could and kept my fingers crossed I would make the next three miles.

It was the worst 3 miles, I just had no energy, especially for the hills and that was pretty much all it was the last 2.5 miles.  I would run then walk, run then walk, I just wanted it to be over.  I told Tammy to go ahead, she was a trooper, I know she gets sick of my dilemmas cause you can bet there’s gonna be one.

We finally see the sign for the Visitor’s Center, I thought we would never get there, but it was at least another 3/4 – 1 mile up that damned thing, same thing but this time, it was walk then run some, walk then run some.  My back started hurting around mile 7, just right under my left shoulder blade, I’ve had this same thing happen before, it’s miserable, I don’t know what it is or what causes it, but by the time I got to the end I was ready to throw up.  Tom was talking to me and all I wanted to do was throw up, my mouth was watering like crazy and I just knew it was coming, but it didn’t.  I grabbed a wet cloth and wiped my face, not really helping, I needed to get to a bathroom.  I saw Tammy and told her I wasn’t feeling well, I finally grabbed the goods out of my purse and headed to the facilities.  It was like heaven in there, clean, air conditioned and soap.

I just sat on the toilet and cooled off, still a little shaky, but after a few minutes I started to feel like a whole person again.  Headed back down to my vehicle so we could get to Starbucks.  What a disaster that was, Tammy always gets the same drink no matter what Starbucks we go to, but this Starbucks would NOT fix it for her.  She asks that the water be steamed and they said they weren’t allowed to do that, it was a fiasco!  We left without drinks.  I could have gotten my drink, but had gotten out of line and decided to just wait with Tammy until we got to JFK.

Ahhh, our drinks finally, the best part of the day, besides my shower.  After my shower and my Turkey sandwich I was sitting in the living room and I could hear a bird and chirping, in the stinking wall!!  But every time I got up to try and figure out exactly where it was, it would quit moving around.  I finally just stood perfectly still in the hall until it started chirping and scratching and marked the spot.  What now?

I called a critter removal place and I also looked it up online about how to get it out since I really don’t have any attic access to speak of.  Looks like cutting a hole in my wall was the only alternative, because the critter guy charges $129.00 during the week and $100 more on the weekend, but it was so nice and was going to do it for the weekday rate.  He did give me lots of tips about cutting the hole and getting the bird out.

Unfortunately all I had to cut the hole was an box cutter, that was not really working that well, then I found a Ginsu type knife in the kitchen, that worked a little better.  Still this was a job, sawing this hole hoping I wouldn’t hit electric or the bird!  Once I got the hole cut, 45 minutes later I removed the square and what’s there but loose fill pink insulation, I get a bag and start putting the insulation in the bag thinking where in the world is this bird going to be?  I bet he is burning up if he’s in all this insulation.  I get most of the insulation out of my little hole, and pow, out jumps the bird, scared the shit out of me.  Hopped down on the floor, chirping and running into the spare bedroom, me chasing after.

He couldn’t fly yet, but I’m guessing within a couple of days or so.  When I caught him he was squawking like I was killing him, but he calmed down really quick.  I grabbed an old white trash can and put him in there until I could figure out my next steps.  Thank goodness Smokey was outside on his leash.

I looked online and it said if they were big enough you could put them near the nest (which was in my eaves) and the mom would still tend to them.  So I got a container, put some shredded paper in the bottom and put him in the closest shrub.  I waited a few minutes and he hopped right out onto the ground.  Oh shit, what now?  He scurried right over to this mound of growing unknown scruff and I couldn’t find him, I knew he was in there though, so I just sat.  Not long he started calling him mom I guess, just chirping away, I could hear other birds, but I knew she would never come if I was that close so I went in the house for a bit.

When I came back out I think I saw the mom fly away from the scruff and then I heard the baby squawking again.  I sat there a bit, sweating like a pig and saw the scruff move some.  So, that’s the bird story.  Here are a couple of pics, the hole in my wall and the bird.

New hole

New hole

Baby Bird

Baby Bird

Okay that drama is over, then the last couple of days I’ve been noticing my jaw is starting to hurt again, I don’t know if any of you will remember about a year or so ago I was having horrible jaw pain, went to the dentist and they couldn’t find anything wrong and wanted me to go to a specialist, but I didn’t because it got better.  Well, it’s coming back, this is actually the 3rd time this has happened, it is very hard to explain, at first it feels like a tooth ache and then it starts radiating into my entire jaw.  I guess if it’s not better by Monday this time I will go see my GP.

Next please?

5 Responses

  1. So did the momma bird get the baby? How do you fix the hole in the wall? Geez….I’m glad you saved him!
    Sorry about your being so miserable this morning, I bet you are just glad it’s all over!

    PS Isn’t jaw pain a sign of heart issues in women? Maybe you have angina…

  2. ACK! Hope you feel better! And I tried to log in yesterday. So glad you saw that scam for what it was…

  3. good grief Cheryl…. 😦 sorry about everything!!!

  4. Bless your heart, and that was a tough run Saturday. I didn’t even try to run up that hill. Hope your week gets better.

  5. Hey Cheryl – about your jaw pain… do you notice if you clench it when you’re stressed out? Every now and then I start to notice my jaw gets real sore and sometimes radiates up to my ears. When this happens, I noticed my stress level is high and I’ve been clenching my jaw. May not be your problem… but it’s a thought! Glad to hear you got the little birdy out… he must have been freaked!

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