Pinnacle Mountain – 12 miler

I was not looking forward to our Pinnacle Mountain run today, we ran this same route about 4 weeks ago and I was miserable, just some girl troubles, stomach troubles, just a bad run. And last year Kim and I ran a 20 miler on this same route on the hottest day of the year and it was miserable too, I was just not looking forward to a repeat of runs gone by.

Tammy arrived at my house around 5:15 for our trek over to Little Rock, I was outside when she pulled up, just getting back from a quick sprint down the street, I do this every Saturday morning before a long run, just to get things moving along, it works.

As we are nearing our turn off I feel like I really have got to go to the bathroom again, and from experience I knew there were no bathrooms at the Visitor Center where we were meeting until 8:00am. We stopped at Burger King, not open, we stopped at Kroger, not open, geez…so we headed up the mountain, in the meantime, Tammy’s friend Kelli from her gym was meeting us for the first time and was texting Tammy, we were on our way, I know the group can be a little overwhelming for a new person, but everyone is really nice.

We pulled up close to 6:00am and just sprayed on the bug spray and headed up the hill to where everyone was gathered. Tammy got us signed in and a route sheet, we met up with Kelli and luckily she had run into Marda, who we also knew. We had some discussion about the route sheets and decided not to take one with us, basic out and back from the Visitor’s Center on Pinnacle down to Two Rivers Park and back, ugh, and I mean UGH. There is a monster downhill leaving the Center and some pretty good hills for the first 2.5 miles then it flattens out into nothingness and a road with no shoulder.

We encountered a meanie in a big truck, he slowed and told us we should be on the other side of the road that he could have hit one of us, uh there’s like 50 or 60 of us, Leah one of the girls who has been running with this group forever proceeded to tell him we were where the law stated we should be, facing traffic, and we were all in a line, not spread out, the guy says, and I quote “Why don’t you suck my d**k bitch”, nice. We just kept running.

We ran with Tammy’s friend Kelli and I think we may have been going a tad fast for her, but she kept up, we would slow down a bit, but your momentum on the hills would just make you run faster sometime. We made a pit stop at Maumelle park and much to my surprise I didn’t really need to go, shocking. Quick water break and we were off again, dodging traffic. Luckily the sun was a little shy and the breeze was really nice. When we were on top of the mountain I actually had goosebumps, in JULY! That didn’t last.

Around mile 4 Kelli decided she needed to turn around, we took our fuel break and headed on to the dreaded Two Rivers Park, we could see some construction on the road ahead, what a mess. Huge machines digging a huge hole in the road for some big green pipe, it was laid out along the side. We had to weave our way through that mess and dodge dump trucks and backhoes for about a mile before arriving at the Park. Once inside the park we ran a little past our six mile mark, just to make sure we wouldn’t run short on the way back.

Quick water break and off again. We stopped at Maumelle Park again on the way back, Tammy filled her water bottle and I made a quick pee stop. Only 3 more miles to go, thank goodness, the sun was now out in full force. This route is so tough because of the last three miles. It’s flat for the middle 6 miles, but the first and last 3, oh my.

When you start running up the first hill, it’s this long incline, it’s like holy hell will we ever get to the top? I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did. I was determined today after the last two bad runs on this same course. When you conquer that first hill it’s such a relief and you start looking for the sign that tells you the Visitor’s Center is in 500 yards, but it’s still a good ways away. Keep plugging along cause there is one more short hill before you get to the monster hill to the Center.

Finally we get to the turn in and I have 11.4 on the Garmin, I was hoping for just a little more before we turned in, the climb up is about .75, we wouldn’t have to run the entire hill, but almost. I think Tammy is a HILL MANIAC! She just took off, never looking back and never stopped, I stopped once to catch my breath and then started right back up. I was hollering at Tammy, you’re there, I’m at 11.98, and she was ahead of me, but she just kept on going, crazy I tell you! Finally rolled to 12 miles and I hit stop on the Garmin, YAY!! Done. That last part of the hill is the worst and I don’t know how Tambo did it, I was whipped!

She had gone up and scratched our names off and I was getting our Diet Mt. Dews out of the cooler, yummy! We stretched for a couple of minutes, changed shoes and popped the top, that ice cold beverage hit the spot! We did it, with pretty much no incidents, we did have to stop on the way back for the construction, they actually asked us to stop and wait on some traffic. We ran 12 miles at 10:44 pace, not bad at all. I think our endurance has definitely gotten better, even though my legs felt pretty tired when we were done, how in the heck will I do 14 next week?


No Choice

Yesterday was 2 months to the day of my big “lay off” and what happens?  I get a phone call from my former supervisor telling me that the VP wants to talk to me about a possible position in the LR branch office, she was not certain of the details but wanted me to call the VP on her cell phone to get the info.

I called said VP and got her voice mail, meanwhile I called around trying to find out what was going on in the LR office, it was the office I last converted to the company’s new software before my lay off on May 21 and I knew the people in the branch pretty well after training them all for 2 weeks.  I found out nothing.

When I got the call later in the day she was all bubbly and said they were in dire need of someone to train and help out in the office on a temporary basis, BUT it could lead to say a Staffing position (no thank you) or something else.  I am definitely not interested in a Coordinator position and I know the pay is not that great.  But for now as a temporary employee I would get the same rate of pay as when I left, but in an hourly wage instead of salary, woohoo on that, I guess they won’t be working me like a dog.

Here’s the thing, I don’t really want to work for them again, I don’t like the way I was singled out to be laid off, no sense of loyalty, I was working my ass off for them 12 to 16 hours a day, some Sundays, with no compensation and then “don’t take it personally”, well I did and still do.  But I can’t refuse the job, if I do I will lose my unemployment benefits, there, no choice.  I either work for them and make the best of it or not work for them and have no income.  So, you can see my dilemma.  It kept me awake for most of the night.  I’m back on the Lexapro!

They want me to start tomorrow, I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure I will have to adjust my running times.  I’m hoping I can go in at 8:30 instead of 8:00.

Running – Ran early Monday before I had to leave and meet my brother-in-law to help him with putting a liner in a pool in Maumelle, we got soaked in an unexpected Thundershower, but we stayed cool!

Last night the running clinic was canceled due to the massive amounts of rain we received yesterday so I just made it my rest day, I was all bummed out about the work thing anyway.  I know I should feel happy to have a job, but I do not miss the stress that came with that company!  Maybe it will be different this time, but I know I’m walking into a chaotic situation, they have 2 of their main employees out on unexpected medical leave that leaves a fairly new Branch Manager a new gal and a temp, then me.  Oh boy.

I tried to sleep in since I couldn’t go to sleep at all last night and when I did sleep the dreams were of work!  Which I haven’t even started yet!!  But, Smokey was insistent I get up and feed him, so up and Adam!  It was nice and cool to start my run I decided to add a little extra on today since it was so nice and looped around the lake before heading for the 5 mile loop.  Since I left a little late the traffic was a little heavier, but not too bad.  I ended up with 5.84 miles with an average pace of 10:08.

I haven’t told Stephanie yet, she will have to continue her new running career without me, she can do it, but not sure if she will stick to it.  She will be here this afternoon for her last run with her Mom 🙂

River Market Long Run

Yesterday was our customary Saturday long run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, we were lucky this week to be at the River Market. It’s been awhile since we’ve been downtown and I was grateful for new scenery, at least until around mile 6.

I picked up Tammy at her pad around 5:40 and we made the short trip over the river to the River Market where I had to practice my skills at parallel parking, I think I did okay except for hitting the curb more than once. When we were walking up to the crowd to sign in I heard my name being called and low and behold there was Annette. She had told me her and Michele were going to try and meet us at 6am to finish out their 12 mile run and then they were heading to a 5K over in NLR, but there was no Michele with Annette.

Once Annette caught up to us she explained that Michele couldn’t make it for their long run so her and Elizabeth had decided to come on down to the great fun of the LR Marathon training, it is a sight to behold, probably 75-100 people taking off at 6am in downtown, looks like a race and this is just the maintenance folks the actually training doesn’t even start until mid August.

Our route took us along part of the actual Marathon course and have I mentioned how very cool it was outside? I’m thinking mid 60s, slight breeze, perfect for running, no complaints from me, especially when it is usually at least 80 and humid.

Annette also had 2 more girls show up, Missy and Mindy, I think that was their names, I had to make a quick bathroom stop before we took off so Tammy grabbed us a route sheet and got us signed in. Once I got back outside it was almost time to go. When we took off I was a little confused I couldn’t find Annette, but her and Elizabeth were close behind me and Tammy, I tried to keep my eye on them as much as possible since they did not have a route sheet and were only wanting to run for a few miles before heading to the race that started at 7:30am.

When we were at around mile 2.5 Tammy needed to adjust her shoe and I decided to delete some history from my Garmin, it’s full and keeps bugging the crap out of me to delete old runs, well you can guess what I did, I deleted the run we were running, I was so pissed! I hate that kind of crap, I love my Garmin and I want all that info when I get finished running, how far, pace, time, heart rate, calories burned, etc. Now I had to depend on Tammy to give me her info, I want my own!! 😦

As we were stopped it gave Annette time to get caught up to us, they decided to cut over to Main Street and head over the bridge into NLR for the race, I hate we were not able to run together, but it was still good to see Annette at the Little Rock Marathon Training, brings back a lot of memories from when we did it together in 2007-2008.

Tammy and I kept plugging along, I think the weather really helped, the course was pretty hilly, unlike last week which was pretty flat. But, around mile 4-5, hell I don’t know I didn’t have a GARMIN with the right info, I had a stomach issue, it’s not uncommon for me to have to go at some point on our run, but thank goodness for the LaQuinta on Broadway, right in, right out. I know it’s a pain for my running partner (Tammy), but it’s unavoidable, I try to eat plain food the night before, nothing new, nothing odd, but you just never know and if I could just keep going I would, but I can’t. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I felt much better to say the least and we were off again, it was really nice to be looking at new scenery, we were headed toward the Governor’s Mansion and then the Central High area and unknown to us KAVANAUGH. We had not looked ahead at our route and the last part took us UP Kavanaugh just far enough to where it leveled out and then back down again, ugh. We’ve been up that hill enough lately. I think we ran every hill today, we were awesome.

On the way back, not too far out I all of a sudden got a wave of nausea, I had to completely stop running I was about to hurl. Don’t ask me, just yuck. It passed in just a minute and we were off again about a mile out and right before we were finished the wave of nausea came again, but not as strong.

We finished with 11.8 miles with an average pace of 10:40, good in my book. I was glad it was over though, I always am glad when it’s over, its the best feeling, around mile 5 or 6 I was thinking, man my legs feel heavy, how the hell are you ever going to run another hour? But I did. Don’t have a clue how, I do remember Tambo saying something about auto-pilot and I remember thinking that too at some point, just running and not even thinking about it, don’t get in our way, we will just mow you down!

We went to my vehicle and I had to sit down, still a little nauseated. Finally was able to stretch some and then I had packed a couple of Diet Mt. Dews for us the drink, oh my, ice cold, it was delish, but I could only sip it. We walked around the Farmer’s Market looking at all the fresh fruits and veggies, there was lots I wanted, but didn’t have the energy to buy anything. We headed home.

Dropped Tammy off at her place and I headed home. I was feeling a bit better when I got home, but not completely myself. Made a pot of coffee and put some clothes on the wash, the coffee hit the spot. It was so nice and cool in the house, windows open, cool breeze, cup of coffee, ahhh.

The coffee must have giving me the boost I needed, I ended up cleaning my disgusting oven, the guy who lived here before was a pig and the oven proved it. It’s nice and clean now and that made me want to bake something so I made oat bran muffins with cranberries and walnuts, they really hit the spot.

Took a shower, decided to go to Target to get a couple of things, stopped at Kroger too. Read, relaxed, re-potted a plant.

Today, no running, my mom wanted me to go to an estate sale for her and buy some dishes she looked at yesterday. It was over in Little Rock and I spent quite a bit of time just looking around, a lot of neat stuff. On my way home I stopped at yet another estate sale where I got two really retro round throw pillows for a buck each, everything was half price.

This afternoon I spent most of my time working in the yard, lots of trimming, limbs to pick up, yard to mow, about 3 hours total and now off to the shower. The weather is still super, I wish it would stay this way, but I know by the end of the week it will be steamy hot again.

July Cool Front

I don’t know where it came from but yesterday afternoon the clouds rolled in and we were blessed with rain and then a cool front, in July, in Arkansas!  As I watched the forecast yesterday I was shocked to learn it would be a cool 75 degrees this morning and 65 on Saturday morning, YIPPEE!!

Don’t get the wrong impression, I love summer and wouldn’t trade it for winter, EVER!  But, the humidity has been a bummer the past few days and a nice cool few days will be a treat!

Before Tammy got here this morning I decided to get the trash and recycling out and just stayed outside sweeping the drive, it was so nice and cool.  So much better than yesterday when you couldn’t even breathe!  I didn’t even break a sweat with all the sweeping and hauling of crap to the curb.

When Tammy got here we headed out on our usual Friday loop.  It was just so nice, until we started running, there was no breeze and we heated up pretty quickly, but by the time we got over on the back side of the lake there was a super nice breeze that really helped cool us off.

We got our 5 miles in and had a good stretch before heading inside for coffee and Tammy was ready to antagonize Smokey for awhile.  Smokey was in rare form, maybe he was enjoying the cool air too.  It was actually cooler outside than in my house.  I have since turned OFF my air and opened all my windows.

Stephanie came by for her morning training session with her new shoes, but she was not dressed in running attire, I asked “what’s up?”  She informed me she was injured.  She had somehow turned her ankle and it hurt to stand on it, so no running for her for a few days.  It didn’t look very swollen at all, but I could tell it hurt so I wrapped it in an ACE bandage and told her to prop it up with an ice pack when she got back home.

Tomorrow is our long run at the River Market, we are planning on 11-12 miles, with the cooler weather I hope we can get in 12.  Annette said she might meet us around 6am to run the last half of her run since she will be starting at 5am, I think.

If you are in Arkansas enjoy the cool weather while you can it won’t be here long.

Oops!! Part two.

After our run on Saturday morning we headed to Tammy’s, dropped her off and then I headed to the “yard sale”, I knew they were probably going to need some help.

When I got home they only had a couple of people looking around so I was able to go in and get a big pot of coffee started, couldn’t wait.  Well, the overcast skies that kept us relatively unhot were gone, the carport was heating up quickly, a lot quicker than yesterday.

It was a good day and at noon we had our 1/2 price blowout sale and around 2pm I suggested we start the shut down process, I had volunteered to help at the registration of the Big Dam Bridge Twilight 5k and had to be there at 5:30, Tammy was also going, so we need to get all this crap put away, tables unfolded and stored, signs taken down, yard cleaned up, showered, dressed and on the road by 5pm.

I picked Tammy up and we headed to Murray Park, and it was HOT!  But, we had a breeze for about 30 minutes and then that went away.  This was our first time volunteering at a 5K and didn’t know what to expect, it was CRAZY!  We first sorted the t-shirts into sizes and then dumped sunscreen that was donated by Neutrogena into boxes, by then it was time to start getting people registered who had not done so prior to the race.  We ended up registering about 200 people!

After that chaos we headed down to the start and watched them take off and we realized how hungry we were, since we had volunteered we were privy to the pizza and both chowed down on a slice or two.  It wasn’t long and we were over at the finish line watching the fast ones come in.  It was a lot of fun and I would do it again.

Sunday was a day off from running and so glad, my legs were pretty tired from standing 2-3 hours Saturday night and our long run, not to mention the oh so delightful yard sale (note the sarcasm in my voice).  I did end up getting out to grab some groceries, but that was it for me.

Monday back to normal, Tammy came over and we did our 5 mile loop, searching for jobs for about 4 hours, packing up ebay stuff to mail and a Cardio Strength class that night.

Tuesday Stephanie came over, reluctantly since we had a little storm blow through and I think she thought we wouldn’t run, HA!  little ran never hurt anyone.  We bumped up her training to 45 second run 1:30 walk, we did this for 2.5 miles, she is still in my shoes that are too small for her.  That afternoon I headed to Sports Academy and bought her a pair of Nike Pegasus so she would have them on Wednesday.

Tuesday night was our running clinic and since we had the storm blow through it was a little cooler.  Coach Dennis was out of town which was disappointing, he always has some good tips before we run, but we got our run started a little early and it was tough!  A lot of Interval pace and by the end I was glad it was over.

Wednesday no running, but I did plan to run with Stephanie, but she called off, too much homework, oh well, what’s a mother to do?  I didn’t tell her about the new shoes.

Today I walked outside ready for my solo 5 mile loop and about gagged from the hot humid air that hit me when I walked outside.  Oh well, off I go.  I had a decent run, I wanted to get it done because it was so humid and pushed it a bit.  When I got past the Old Mill coming up the hill, finally a breeze, geez thanks Mother Nature I only have a 1/4 mile left :).

I was wondering if Stephanie would show up today, when I got back to the house I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and waited, a little after 8am I texted her with no reply, hmmm, probably sleeping, she does work at night.  I decided she would call when she got up and went ahead and made some coffee.  While the coffee brewed I cut up boxes left over from the yard sale, oh what fun, but I had to get them in the recycle bin, I hate boxes just sitting on the curb to be thrown away when they can be recycled.

Around 10:15 Stephanie called, she could come over now, well okay.  I knew I had drank 2 big cups of coffee and wasn’t sure how I was going to run 2.5 more miles, at least there was now a breeze blowing!

She loved her new shoes, but they were too small, she works right next to the Sports Academy in Little Rock so she was going to take them back today.  My plan for her today was run 45 seconds walk 1 minute for 2.5 miles and after 17 minutes she started complaining she was tired.  Oh well, keep pushing!  We did and got it done, even though I did have to make a potty stop (all that damned coffee!).

I thought I was going to get to work tomorrow, but we are now have thundershowers, so no work tomorrow, I’ll be running with Tambo at 6:30 and Stephanie at 9:30.  I think I will do the same workout as today for her.

Oops not keeping up!

I was doing great keeping up with my blog and then BAM, life got in the way!  Or should I say the crazy yard sale got in the way?

Thursday last week was a crazy day, got up and did my solo 5 mile loop, it was actually not that bad, it had been a tad bit cooler in the mornings, but the humidity was creeping back up, I think it was around 80.  After my run Stephanie came over and I did her running workout with her, 30 second run and  1 1/2 minute walk for 30 minutes, that added about 2 more miles.  She headed to school and I needed to mow the yard.

Tammy came by and dropped some stuff off for the yard sale and before I even got 1 loop around the yard done here comes my Mom and my Sister with a truckload of crap for the sale.  So needless to say we had to get that unloaded and into the house.  THEN, here comes my Step-Dad with another truckload, boy oh boy!  Once that was done Tammy and I spent a few minutes looking through the stash for anything we might have to have, I think we found a couple of goodies.  I finally got the yard mowed, the driveway cleaned up and ready for some lunch.

Not long after lunch here they come again with another truckload, you just wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff they had!  My entire dining room was full, thank goodness it was empty to begin with.  It was determined they would be back at 4:30 on Friday morning, and lucky them I had already moved all the card tables from the shed to the front of the house.

Later that afternoon here comes some friends of Kim’s to drop off furniture for the yard sale, holy shit, we are going to have one super duper yard sale.

Friday 4:00am came way too early, I was up making coffee putting on my running gear because Tammy and I were still planning our Friday morning run around 6:30.  I was outside by 4:30 setting up the tables and putting together the stubborn clothes rack, I know my neighbors didn’t appreciate my banging, but I really was trying to be quiet.  Still no helpers.  Around 5 am they showed up.  We got all the tables set up, Mom was in charge of putting stuff out while Vanessa and I brought boxes out of the house, it took forever to get them all out there.

We had put the sale in the paper and on Craigslist but had not put our signs out yet, the sale was supposed to start at 7:00 am, Tammy came over a little after 6am, I think, she helped put out stuff and shopped some too.  Not long after she got there Vanessa and I took off to put out the signs, it didn’t take us but about 15 minutes or so, but when we came back there were people all over the place, it was crazy.  Chaotic, it always is in the beginning, stuff is not organized, people are asking questions, boxes are still full of crap, where is the cash box?, just insane.

It finally smoothed out enough around 7:30 and Tammy and I took off for our run, I was glad to get away, I had already been up for 3 1/2 hours, had 1 cup of coffee and was kind of jittery.  OH, I forgot to mention, on Thursday I also went and purchased a new pair of running shoes!  My feet hurt so bad on my Thursday run and I couldn’t find my shoes anywhere, the model is discontinued, Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4, so I just went over to the local running store tried on a Neutral shoe, some sort of Nike, and then the Wave Nirvana 5, they actually felt about the same, but decided to stick with what I know and bought the Mizuno.  I hated forking over 130 bucks in cash, especially now!  But I had to have them, online the shoes are going for about the same price, I might have been able to save $20, but I was happy to have new shoes, NOW.  Back to our run, we decided not to run 5 miles, but cut it to 4, we had 10 miles to run on Saturday and we needed to get back to the yard sale, or at least I did so I could help the fam.

Yes, it was still a madhouse, cars lined up on the street and people in line to pay for the goods.  The weather was decent, hot, but my yard is super shady and it really helps to keep the temperature down, we were busy all day.  Around 2:00 it started heating up and we set up a couple of fans to help circulate some air, people were still coming and really trying to get the best bargain they could, sometimes a little too pushy.

Around 4:00 we decided to start putting stuff up, I think they were both amazed at the amount of crap they sold.  We boxed it up, folded up the tables and stuck everything under the carport and then I backed my truck in to hide it all.  They were due back at 5:00 on Saturday morning, I had already warned them I was leaving at 5:30 to pick up Tammy so we could head out for our 10 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group.

Saturday morning I guess I got ready pretty quick and had time to go outside and start setting up the fiasco again.  A little after 5am here they come and promptly at 5:30 I left.

It only takes about 8 minutes to get to Tambo’s pad and she was ready to go and we headed to dreaded Murray Park for our first 10 miler of our Marathon Training.  I know I was not looking forward to it at all, actually I don’t think I’m ever looking forward to a long run, I just don’t like them, always go out too fast and the end always sucks.

Our route was a little different than I expected which was good and bad, I thought we would run away from the dam toward Cantrell, turnaround and come back that horrible same way, pass our vehicles go over the Big Dam Bridge go over to the River Trail and turnaround again, I was wrong.  We ran directly to the BDB, over to the River Trail all the way to the Boat Ramp, turned around and came back.  Holy Hell.  Well, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I thought we were going to do, still I hate out and back, HATE THEM!  Lucky for us it was a little overcast and we never got the full sun beating down on us, otherwise it would have been misery.  A lot of the River Trail is out in the open with no cover so we were very lucky in that aspect.  We had a good run, we made 3 stops, 2 for my bathroom breaks and one shoe stop for Tammy.  I thought we did excellent, I was so relieved when we were done.

I’ve noticed that I recover pretty quickly from my long runs, I used to just do nothing or couldn’t do anything after a long run, I would be stiff and sore all day, now I just keep going and don’t even realize I did a long run unless I think about it, hey I just ran 10 miles this morning, that’s huge!  But, I still struggle with the last part of the run itself, I feel like my breathing starts to get harder and my legs get heavier, I want that part to get better!

My gosh, this is a long post, I think I will stop here for now, I do have a lot to say, don’t I?

Tuesday Training

I had a couple of trainings on Tuesday.  My first was me training my daughter, imagine my surprise when she wanted to “run”.  She is not that active and doesn’t have a cardio base so I knew we needed to start slow, but really wasn’t sure how slow so I called my buddy Annette and she lined me out on a workout.

Stephanie came over around 8:15 and the first thing I noticed were her shoes, oh no, she had on some sort of New Balance kick around tennies, not running shoes by any means, she actually ended up wearing an old pair of my running shoes even though they were a little small and worn out, but better than the crap she came over in.

According to Annette who trained a beginner running group in the spring, I should start with a 30 second run and a 1:30 minute rest in between for 20 or 30 minutes.  I was shocked really, she assured me this would work and keep her coming back.  I’m glad I took her advice otherwise I might have pushed her too hard, I was thinking 1 minute run 1 minute rest.

I think Stephanie did great, she was in a pretty good sweat about half way through and couldn’t believe it had only been 15 minutes, I remember how tough it was, but I had a cardio base when I started so it was a little easier.  We ended up with about 27 minutes and 1.88 miles of walk/run.  We are scheduled to repeat on Thursday.

Last night was our weekly Running Clinic in Cabot, Tambo and I were raring to go, well, sort of.  Lucky for us the temperature was not nearly as hot as normal (did someone say global warming?), around 85 instead of 95, which is huge when you are out there running your ass off on a track with no shade.

Tammy and I started our warm up together, but there she went, I was determined to keep my warm up slow around 10:30 pace, we were set to run some hard intervals and I didn’t want to burn myself out.  Warmed up for 15 minutes, 2 x strides and then, 1 – 5 minute at Lactate pace, 2 x 200 at Interval Pace, 2 x 400 at Interval, 2 x 200 at Interval, 2 x 400 at Interval, some rest/jogs in between.  It was tough, I stayed on time for most of the runs, 1 or 2 seconds off, except for one of the 400’s I was 6 seconds slow.

Ended up with 5 miles and was glad it was over, Tammy was having a tough time with her knee, Coach Dennis thinks it’s here IT band, not sure she agrees, but I hope it gets better soon, she has been plagued with some pain lately!

Today, rest for the running part, tonight Cardio Strength at the Community Center, thank goodness our instructor is back, Monday I met my friend Sheryl at the Center for an upper body workout and I have to say my triceps are still a little sore, we had a good workout even though for the most part we didn’t have a clue!

Tomorrow back to the loop and then do a 30 minute training with Stephanie and then the dreaded YARD SALE.