Finally Summer

Is it a good or bad thing?  For me it’s both.  I love running in the summer, but since I’ve lost my job it makes this particular summer, not so great.

It’s Fourth of July weekend, my plans, nil, nada, nothing, pitiful.  I would love to go somewhere, do something, get out on a boat, go fishing, swimming, I don’t know, just all that 4th of July stuff.   I sort of had some plans to work for a friend, but that fell through, not unusual.  So, running will be the event for the weekend.

Nothing much has been happening, it’s been a while since I posted, last weekend I guess.  No news on the job front, seems like I’m applying for less jobs, or I’ve already applied for them all!  Little Rock is just not that big.  Seems like the same jobs are out there, but no new ones.  I guess I will start resending my resume, which I plan on revamping this weekend.

Running has been decent this week, the humidity has been down which has made for some nice morning runs, unbelievable really, the low humidity, not the runs themselves.  I did run a new loop and got into a little trouble on North Hills Blvd because I ran out of sidewalk and had to dodge some cars to get across the street, I’ll know next time.

Looking for new shoes, what a pain in the ass!!  I know what I want and no one has them.  No one on the internet, no one locally, what’s a girl to do??  My shoes have about 450 miles on them now, noticed my heel was bothering me a bit this morning, yep need new shoes.  My favs are discontinued, haven’t even been out a year, Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4, size 9, just in case anyone sees any out there sees a pair let me know, I can hopefully call and get them shipped to me.

I’m finding the more time I have the less I want to do.  I have a list of crap that I need to do, but it’s taking a while to mark things off, when in actuality it probably could all get done pretty quick if I wanted to do it, HA!!

Jaw is a bit better, down it only 1/2 a pain pill a day, usually at night before I go to bed.  I’m due to go to the Root Canal Dentist next week, they are called something, but I can’t recall.  Do I really need a root canal?  Why?  I guess those questions will be answered next week.  I was able to extend my dental coverage through work, COBRA, so at least it will be partially covered, not much, but some.

Hope everyone has a great 4th, enjoy and be safe!


2 Responses

  1. Hey…did you remember to ask Aunt Martha to look in Memphis?

  2. Great website. Very professional and well thought out! Thanks!

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